A Definitive Guide to the 7 Best Latex Mattresses

Summary: This unbiased, in-depth review features the best latex mattress by category our team of Sleeping Ninjas could find across the land (well, Internet). Disclosure: Sleeping Ninjas has an affiliate relationship with some companies where we get a small percentage of sales if you click over from our site.


The average person actually spends around 25 years of their life asleep. That’s a lot of time spent on a mattress. Yet, the average person has to replace their mattress every 5 years.

Given that the average price of a queen size name brand mattress is anywhere from $250-$5000, you could potentially be forking out quite a bit of cash just to have somewhere to sleep.

It makes the most sense to purchase not only a comfortable mattress but a durable one.

So why choose a latex mattress? Is there a best latex mattress available on the market? What’s our favorite latex mattress? We’ve done all the hard work for you in this in-depth review of the best latex mattresses.

How Did The Latex Mattress Happen?

Latex foam was discovered in 1920 when the British scientist, E.A. Murphy, decided to whip up latex in his wife’s cake mixer, causing the latex to become far more malleable, giving it a cushion-like texture, and allowing the latex to be formed and shaped far more easily.

It didn’t take long at all for this whipped latex to be used for cushioning in vehicles and even cockpit seats in airplanes. It took a few more years to get all the kinks worked out, and the first latex mattress was released in 1931.

Below, you can learn about the different types of latex mattresses, manufacturing processes, best qualities, and concerns. But first, let’s just right into our picks for the best latex mattresses.

What is the Best Latex Mattress?

We cover all of the major bases of latex mattresses below, from the manufacturing process to the different types of latex available, and what to look out for when making a purchase. You’ll know everything to make an informed decision on which is the best latex mattress to suit your needs.

But now, we’ll highlight seven of the best latex mattresses available on the market today, and give them a “best of” category, for your convenience.

best latex mattress dreamcloud

DreamCloud Luxury Firm Mattress – Best Latex Mattress in Overall Comfort

The DreamCloud mattress is top on our list for overall comfort. It’s described as a luxury hybrid featuring 8 layers of a super-soft hand-tufted cashmere blend, high-density foams, and encased coils.

The spring coils and foam layers are equipped with a cooling system to ensure that their hybrid latex mattress never causes a hot nights sleep, and the high-density foam construction offers gentle pushback support and contouring of pressure points. The Luxury Firm comes highly recommended for stomach and side sleepers.

The DreamCloud is also CertiPUR-US certified, ensuring that it is made without harsh toxic chemicals and has low VOC emissions for the best air quality and safest for your family and the environment.


  • DreamCloud offers an Everlong limited warranty for as long as you own the mattress
  • The 8-layer construction of the Luxury Firm offers the highest level of comfort within every layer of the mattress
  • With their white glove service, DreamCloud will deliver and set up your new mattress, removing all packaging and your old mattress
  • DreamCloud offers a 365-night sleep trial, 3x’s longer than any other company, allowing you to return your mattress at no cost to you and their company will retrieve the mattress


  • The hybrid mattress is not an all-natural organic product
  • The cashmere covering is not removable or replaceable and should only be cleaned by DreamCloud’s professional cleaning service
  • A faint “gassing off” has been noticed by some consumers upon breaking the plastic seal around the mattress

Bottom Line

The DreamCloud Luxury mattress is constructed with the most layers of varying materials to ensure a comfortable, cool sleep, and comes with the best warranty and trial period available on the market.

best latex mattress plush bliss

Plushbeds Natural Bliss – Best Latex Mattress For Allergy Sufferers And Vegans

All mattresses sold at Plushbeds are Greenguard Gold Certified. The Greenguard certification ensures that the product has little to no chemical emissions. Less than 1% of mattresses are awarded this certification.

The Natural Bliss mattress is made entirely of 100% all-natural latex and certified organic products. It is 100% wool and animal product free, making it 100% vegan. It features an organic cotton covering, an “Eco Fire Barrier” constructed of flame resistant plant fibers, a natural Talalay latex layer, a 100% natural Dunlop latex core, and an orthopedic foundation made with chemical-free spruce.

This mattress is specifically built for optimal comfort and support while still remaining entirely natural and organic. It has also been subjected to demanding testing to ensure that it’s one of the safest mattresses available on the market for sensitive individuals such as children and the elderly.

The Natural Bliss is also available in 6”, 8”, and 10” thickness.


  • 100% natural, organic latex
  • Comes with several warranties including a 100-night comfort exchange, a 100-night money back guarantee, and a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Meets the most demanding chemical emission standards, making them the safest option for individuals with sensitivities such as children or the elderly
  • Selection of thicknesses available


  • “Gassing off” is common with their latex mattresses and require an adequate amount of ventilation
  • It is recommended that you separately purchase a mattress protector
  • The mattress will usually arrive in a vacuum sealed roll and can take up to a few days for the mattress to fully expand and “relax”

Bottom Line

Plubshbeds Natural Bliss mattress offers comfort, support and a variety of thicknesses while still remaining completely natural, organic, and vegan.


best latex mattress winkbed

WinkBeds Luxury Hybrid – Best Latex Mattress For Heavier Sleepers

All mattresses available at WinkBeds are handmade to order in Wisconsin using only high quality, American-sourced materials.

The Luxury Hybrid is constructed with a supportive spring system and a plush luxury foam layer, with an inner latex layer to provide superior bounce back and responsiveness.

This mattress is specially designed for sleepers of a heftier size, with high-density foam, enhanced edge support, and pocketed support coil system that guarantees maximum pressure relief, support, and durability to avoid premature breakdown of the materials.


  • Specifically constructed for sleepers of a heavier weight to ensure that the mattress will hold up and provide superior comfort and support through years of use
  • Adjustable firmness levels to meet your specific needs
  • Specially designed edge support system to make even the edges of the mattress a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface
  • Optimal pressure relief system to make the mattress an ideal surface for all sleeping positions


  • Only offers a 101-night risk-free trial
  • Only contains one inner layer of latex, so the mattress is not an all-natural organic option
  • A cool control base option is available to help guarantee a cool sleeping surface, but it is a separate purchase

Bottom Line

The WinkBeds Luxury Hybrid is the best option available for sleepers of a larger build looking for optimal support and comfort while still offering the highest level of durability.

best latex mattress roma

SleepEZ Roma Latex Mattress – Best Overall Bang For Your Buck

The Roma Latex Mattress is constructed of 100% natural Dunlop latex, making it complete non-toxic and organic. All of their latex is sourced and harvested sustainably.

They use high-quality latex to ensure that each Roma mattress offers the highest durability, resilience, and temperature control while still remaining the most affordable option.

The Roma latex mattress is also 2-in-1, with a firm side and a medium side, allowing you to choose the best level of comfort for your sleeping needs with a simple flip of the mattress.

Both sides of the Roma is quilted to ensure the best level of comfort on both the medium and firm side. SleepEZ also offers a optional organic wool or organic cotton covering at an additional cost to help ensure the best support, comfort, and microbial and dust mite resistance.


  • The 2-in-1 mattress ensure that you can find the most comfortable set up without the need to return the mattress
  • SleepEZ is a factory direct company, which allows them to eliminate the middle-man costs and offer their products to you at a significantly lower price
  • SleepEZ mattresses are adjustable and customizable, allowing you to change or replace individual layers of your mattress as needed, eliminating the need to purchase a new mattress
  • Meets several certifications for organic products, latex standards, and rainforest alliances
  • Features an open-celled foam construction that allows for cooler sleeping in the summer and warmer sleeping in the winter


  • The covers that provide additional comfort and anti-microbial protection are only available as a separate purchase
  • The Roma latex, as well as all other mattresses offered by SleepEZ, are only available through online purchase
  • They only offer a 90-day money back guarantee and a 10-year limited warranty

Bottom Line

The SleepEZ Roma latex mattress offers a 100% natural, organic Dunlop latex option, complete with 2 firmness options and adjustable layers without breaking the bank.

best latex mattress nest

Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex – Best Latex Mattress For Partners

All components of the Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex mattress are CertiPUR-US certified and made in the USA. It is constructed with four layers including 3 inches of Talalay latex, 8 inches of pocketed support coils, 1 inch of transitional foam, and a wool/cotton blend quilted zip top to help ensure coolness and comfort.

The Nest Bedding Hybrid allows you to choose your level of firmness and even has a split top option, allowing you to divide the firmness of your mattress if your partner prefers a more firm or soft mattress than you. The split is available within the inner layer of latex, permitting a seamless, smooth, comfortable sleeping surface.

The mattress is also equipped with four strong handles sewn into the mattress sides to allow for easier handling and adjusting of the mattress.


  • The mattress is available is a 100% organic Dunlop latex version
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty and an industry first comfort guarantee
  • The firmness level and split latex layers allow for the most customization available for sleeping partners
  • The wool and cotton blend sleeping surface creates breathability and comfort


  • Because the company doesn’t outsource their products or labor, the mattresses are a bit more on the expensive side
  • Due to the layers and construction of the mattress, it is not considered a 100% natural latex product
  • The mattress must be used on a non-flexible bed frame, box springs with an inner wire spring system will allow the mattress to sag in the middle

Bottom Line

Nest Bedding offers the best customization for couples and sleeping partners while still offering a cool and comfortable sleep.

best latex mattress eluxury

eLuxury Hybrid Mattress – Best Latex Mattress for Relieving Pressure Points

The eLuxury Hybrid Mattress combines 12 inches of gel memory firm and a latex innerspring construction to provide the best support and pressure relief available.

The individually enclosed micro coils allow for specific pinpointed pressure relief and gently assuage fatigued muscles all-naturally. The 2-inch layer of gel infused memory foam provides a comforting cradle to all body types, while the 1-inch layer of gel-infused latex provides unprecedented support and stability.

The eLuxury hybrid is ideal for active people or those with shoulder, hip or lower back pain. All of their products are made in the USA and are certified eco-conscious.


  • The eLuxury Hybrid is exceptionally easy to set up and expands quickly to allow a comfortable sleep on the very first night
  • Provides unparalleled for those with active lifestyles or chronic pain issues
  • Free returns with free pickup


  • Only offers a 120-night money back guarantee and a 10-year warranty
  • Their products are only sold online
  • eLuxury does provide international shipping, but not on their large products such as mattresses

Bottom Line

The eLuxury hybrid offers the best level of comfort, support and pressure relief for those needing an extra level of pain relief from their mattress.

best latex mattress ecoterra

Eco Terra Latex Mattress – Best Latex Mattress For Firm Support

The Eco Terra Latex Mattress combines hand-crafted high-quality latex with a coil support system that provides the best in comfort and firm support. It rates at a 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, making it ideal for all sleeping positions.

The top layer of latex provides a soft feel with gentle support for the sleeping surface while the individual fabric encased ensure the best support and incredible responsiveness to avoid any movement disturbance throughout the night.

The Eco Terra mattress is equipped with a coil system edge to edge, providing comfort through every inch of sleeping surface and is constructed to be breathable and 28% cooler than foam.


  • The Eco Terra is specifically constructed to ensure optimal deep REM sleep
  • Provides a comfortable level of firmness and the coil system allows for a minimal level of disruption with movement
  • The combination of high-quality latex and breathable coils allow for the perfect level of support
  • Works well with adjustable beds


  • Only comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, which is less than most others listed here
  • The Eco Terra is a hybrid mattress, so it is not 100% all-natural or organic
  • Only offers a 15-year warranty, which is considered decent, but less than some of its counterparts we’ve listed

Bottom Line

The Eco Terra Hybrid offers the firmest support and minimal disturbances to ensure the deepest REM sleep possible.

What Do You Need To Know About the Best Latex Mattresses?

When looking to purchase a latex mattress there are a lot of things to consider before you’ve made your final decision. There are different types of latex and even different manufacturing processes that can affect your decision.

Synthetic vs. Natural Latex

All the best latex mattresses are either made from 100% natural latex, 100% synthetic latex, or a blend of both.

100% Natural Latex

Natural latex comes from the milk or sap of the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis, which only thrives in tropical climates. It can be found in several tropical climate countries such as South America and Asia. But today, plantations in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand produce nearly 75% of the worlds natural latex.

Natural latex is a 100% organic, natural product, known for its durability. But it is expensive to produce. Mattresses made with 100% natural latex are known to last upwards of 15 years, making them the most expensive type of latex mattress, and more difficult to come by.

If you’re looking for an almost completely sustainable, organic, and eco-friendly product, then you’ll want to ensure that your mattress is made of 100% natural latex.

100% Synthetic Latex

Synthetic latex is a compound produced from petrochemicals, most commonly SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber), and made to imitate the qualities of all natural.

While synthetic latex is certainly far cheaper to produce, it is not nearly as spongy as natural latex and is far less durable leaving it susceptible to quick wear and tear.

Synthetic is also known to have a much stronger “rubbery” smell than its natural counterpart and often doesn’t meet emission standards.

If you’re looking to gain some of the durability of the all-natural latex, without the price tag, then a synthetic mattress could be a good option for you. Just be sure to double check their emission standards and certifications.

Blended Latex

A blended latex foam is generally the most common in latex mattresses as it “combines the best qualities of both products.”

Blended latex mattresses are usually made with a literal blend of both natural and synthetic latex, or they are formed with a core of synthetic latex and a two- to three-inch covering of natural latex.

It is the cheapest way for manufacturers to produce a latex mattress that is durable, affordable, and still contains, and can be marketed as, a natural product.

In a lot of ways, blended latex really does offer the best of both latex worlds.

Manufacturing Processes of Latex Mattresses

Now that you’re familiar with the different kinds of latex available, you’ll need to settle on a manufacturing process for your latex mattress.


The Talalay manufacturing process adds synthetics and air bubbles, and flash freezes the molded latex with chemicals before baking to stabilize the material. This process produces a softer feeling latex foam.

It is important to note that a Talalay mattress is almost always produced with synthetic products, resulting in either a heavily blended latex, or 100% synthetic. It is rare to find a 100% natural Talalay latex mattress. So, if you’re looking for a 100% natural product, keep in mind that the Talalay process will most likely not be an option.


The Dunlop process is fairly straightforward and takes fewer steps than its Talalay counterpart. The rubber sap is whipped, poured into a mold, and baked. The natural sediments in the sap settle to the bottom during the baking process, leaving the bottom layers of a Dunlop mattress somewhat firmer than the top.

The Dunlop process makes for a heavier, denser, firmer, and more durable mattress. They are commonly used as a core for a Talalay top cushion.

A Dunlop processed mattress does not require any synthetic additives. So, if you’re on the lookout for a firm, dense mattress that is 100% organic and natural, then the Dunlop process is the way you’ll need to go.

Best Qualities of Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattress Durability

When it comes to lasting power, the latex mattress simply cannot be beaten. Where most common mattresses like the coil springs will only last you around 5-7 years, a completely natural latex mattress can last well over 20 years.

Synthetic and blended versions have slightly shorter lifespans but will still last you around 8-10 years. Which still surpasses the average 5 years you can expect to get out of other mattress types.

The best latex mattresses also stand up against wear and tear far better than any other mattresses on the market. While synthetic and blended products are more easily torn than the all-natural version, they still outdo other common mattress types.


100% all-natural latex mattresses are biodegradable, making them an extremely green product. However, 100% natural latex mattresses are expensive and can be difficult to come by. But even synthetic and blended versions are considered eco-friendly products due to their durability.

Because latex mattresses last so long, people aren’t forced to replace their mattress nearly as often, leading to far fewer mattresses piling up in landfills.


More often than not, purchasing a latex mattress is a customization process. With most conventional mattresses from big box stores, you’re left simply walking into the store and trying to pick the mattress that best suits you.

With a latex mattress, you’re allowed to choose most of your options. Everything from natural vs. synthetic, Dunlop vs. Talalay, and the level of firmness and density that you want in your mattress. With some companies, you can even customize the firmness on each side of the mattress.

Hefty Warranties

The best latex mattresses are well known for their durability, and most companies are more than happy to back that up with a hardy warranty.

It’s not uncommon to find latex mattresses with upwards of 20-year warranties. Occasionally, you’ll even come across a company that will offer a lifetime warranty on their latex mattresses, simply because they know they’re built to last.

Naturally Resistant

If you’re an allergy sufferer, a latex mattress may be the answer to all your stuffy-nosed prayers. Latex mattresses are naturally resistant to dust mites, bacteria, mildew, and mold.

They are also naturally resistant to bed bugs, which can be a huge, expensive hassle to get rid of. Especially in your standard mattress.

Latex Mattress Comfort

Latex mattresses are naturally firmer than most mattresses on the market. This is due mostly to the material that they’re made of and the process in which they’re made.  Latex, both natural and synthetic, is firm and dense. Which makes them perfect for sleepers who need pressure reduction.

If you’re a side sleeper or stomach sleeper, a latex mattress relieves pressure on your hips and shoulders, while providing the necessary support for your lower back and legs.

The best latex mattresses also react to your body heat while you’re sleeping, allowing the latex to literally mold and conform to cradle your body. Yet it still comes back to its original shape.

Major Concerns with a Latex Mattress

Extremely Heavy

Because they’re so dense and made completely of rubber essentially, latex mattresses are usually extremely heavy. There’s really no way around that.

If you’re one to rearrange your furniture often, this may cause a few issues if you’re not equipped with plenty of help.

Unpleasant Odor

100% natural latex should not have any smell upon opening the mattress. However, due to the chemicals used in the manufacturing process, synthetic and blended products usually do. It’s generally the worst when you first remove any plastic covering on the mattress. This is referred to as “gassing off”.

In most cases, the rubbery, chemical-like odor dissipates with 48 hours of opening the mattress. But some users have reported a faint, lingering odor long after the protective covering has been removed.

What To Look Out For When Purchasing the Best Latex Mattress

While shopping around for the best latex mattress to fulfill your needs, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Again, most latex mattresses come with an astonishing warranty. Simply because they’re made to be so durable and long-lasting. Most companies are proud to stand by these promises in their products.

If a company is trying to sell you a latex mattress with little to no warranty, be leery. It may mean that the mattress isn’t up to standards.

Check The “All Natural” Labels

Be leery of marketing tactics and labels that say, “mostly natural” or “made with natural latex.” Sometimes, companies will market blended or mostly synthetic mattresses with these labels in an attempt to raise the price. When, in actuality, they’re made with very little natural latex, or only have a few inches of natural latex covering.

Occasionally, fully synthetic latex mattresses have been marketed as all natural. So, be sure to check your labels properly and ask appropriate questions to ensure that you’re not being bamboozled.


If you’re buying your mattress outright without any customizations, be sure to thoroughly check the firmness of the mattress before making any final purchases. Latex mattresses are known for being firmer than the average mattress, but even they have different levels of firmness available.

What is the Best Latex Mattress For You?

Everyone sleeps differently, in differing positions, with different needs. While one person may require optimal firmness and support, others may be looking for a softer sleeping surface.

Some may be on the lookout for an all-natural, organic or vegan option while others may be searching for the best hybrid mattress that combines the best of all mattress designs.

Keep in mind that the best latex mattresses are all generally known for their firmness. So, if you’re looking for an extremely soft mattress, latex may not be the best choice for you.

But if you’re searching for a firm yet comfortable sleeping surface to alleviate pressure points and a mattress that will literally last you a lifetime, and often backed by a warranty to prove it, then latex is a fantastic option to meet your slumbering needs.