A Definitive Guide to the 7 Best Mattresses Under $1000

Summary: This unbiased, in-depth review features the top picks for the best mattress under $1000 by our team of Sleeping Ninjas. (Yes, ninjas are price conscious too.) DisclosureSleeping Ninjas has an affiliate relationship with some companies where we get a small percentage of sales if you click over from our site.


Healthy adults needs at least somewhere between 7-9 hours of sleep per night to stay sharp and ready to take on the day. So, it’s obviously pretty important to have something comfortable and supportive to get your 7-9 hours on every night. An uncomfortable sleeping surface leads to a restless night’s sleep. Leaving you groggy and unfocused throughout the day.

But mattresses can be expensive. And considering that, on average, you replace your mattress every 5 years or so, you can potentially be looking at a lot of dough. But, it doesn’t necessarily have to be such a huge hit on your wallet to find a comfortable, supportive, and durable mattress.

We’ve done the research for you right here and compiled a thorough review, complete with convenient “best of” categories, to help you find the best mattress under $1000.

Our Top Picks for the Best Mattress Under $1000

Here’s a quick rundown of the best mattresses under $1000 reviewed below:

  1. Eco Terra Luxury Latex
  2. Latex For Less Mattress
  3. The Nectar Mattress
  4. Original Purple Bed
  5. Ghostbed Cool Gel Mattress
  6. Keetsa Cloud mattress
  7. Morphiis Mattress

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these mattresses.

The Best Mattress Under $1000 by Category

best mattress under 1000 eco terra

Eco Terra Luxury Latex – Best Organic Option under $1000

The Eco Terra Luxury Latex is constructed with a combination of natural latex and encased coils to provide the best in support and comfort. Their coils are individually wrapped to ensure that there is absolutely no motion transference, meaning even if you’re up and down through the night, or a bit of a “wild” sleeper, you’re guaranteed to never disturb your sleeping partner.

The coil system is specifically constructed to provide even and optimal support from edge to edge. No matter what area of the mattress you end up on, you’ll be comfortably supported. The coils also provide optimal airflow and breathability, allowing the Eco Terra to sleep 28% cooler than foam options.

The innerspring system is then covered by a thick layer of all-natural organic latex that is bought from a single source to guarantee consistency throughout every mattress and provide a gentle, cradling feel. The surface of the mattress is covered in 100% stretched organic cotton, promising a soft, luxurious sleeping surface.


  • The Eco Terra is rated at a 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, making it a happy medium to provide optimal support without sacrificing comfort
  • This mattress is compatible with almost every bed frame, including adjustable frames
  • Eco Terra offers a 100-night sleep trial and 15-year limited warranty
  • Latex layer is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified against harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and irritants


  • The mattress is a bit low-profile, at only 11” tall
  • If you’re of a larger body frame, you can potentially “bottom out” and feel the springs through the latex layer
  • The combination of springs and latex give this mattress a bouncy feel, which can be uncomfortable for some sleepers

Bottom Line

The Eco Terra Luxury Latex combines the best qualities of coils, natural latex, and all-organic cotton to provide a comfortable sleeping surface with edge to edge support, making it a great option for those looking for natural, organic materials without sacrificing comfort and support.

Eco Terra is also one of our top picks for the best organic mattress.

best mattress under 1000 latex for less

Latex For Less Latex Mattress – Best Latex Option Under $1000

The Latex For Less Mattress is a 100% all-natural, organic option. It is constructed with 100% pure latex, economically sourced for Sri Lanka, and each mattress is hand-crafted in the US.

The Latex For Less is unique in the fact that it’s a 2-in-1 mattress, featuring a medium side made with all-natural Talalay latex for responsiveness and gentle support. While the other side is constructed with a layer of 100% natural Dunlop latex for those looking for firmer support without slacking on comfort and still molding to your body for an extra supportive sleep.

The latex layer is then covered with a 100% natural wool fire barrier that meets all standards and regulations for flammability without using any harsh chemicals or additives. It is then covered in organic stretched cotton to provide a soft, plush sleeping surface.


  • Both sides of the Latex For Less Mattress features the wool and cotton layer, so you’re not foregoing any comfort measures no matter which side of the mattress you choose to use
  • Latex For Less offers a 120-night sleep trial and 20-year warranty
  • Constructed with GOTS certified organic cotton and OEKO-TEX certified latex, so you can rest assured that your mattress is certified organic and all-natural
  • The medium and firm side of the mattress are labeled, so you’re never left wondering which side you’re on
  • Because this mattress is completely constructed of all-natural materials, it is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial


  • Latex is a potential allergen, so ensure that you and your family are allergy-free before settling on a latex mattress
  • Due to the natural latex, the mattress is a bit on the heavier side and can be difficult to flip alone
  • Due to the difference in firmness, the mattress cannot be flipped for longevity

Bottom Line

The Latex For Less Latex mattress is a perfect option for shoppers looking for an all-natural organic option that ensures optimal comfort. It’s especially ideal for those that don’t know their specific firmness needs yet, as the firmness can be adjusted by simply flipping the mattress.

best mattress under 1000 nectar

The Nectar Mattress – Best Memory Foam Option Under $1000

When searching for the best mattress under $1000, the Nectar Mattress is a great place to start.

The Nectar is a memory foam mattress constructed with 5 different layers in total to guarantee the best level of comfort and bounce available.

The topmost layer of the mattress features a Tencel cooling cover that helps draw away body heat, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night, and is also bedbug resistant! The core of the mattress features 3 different layers of memory foam, all providing unique qualities.

Under the cooling cover is a layer of quilted gel memory foam that provides a cradling feel and the quilted construction offers another layer of breathability and airflow. Up next is a layer of gel memory that offers ideal weight distribution and pressure point relief. The third memory foam layer is made of an adaptive Hi Core memory foam. This layer is there to give you that crucial support and bounce-back.

To wrap things up, The Nectar Mattress features a bottom breathable base layer that lends reinforcing support to the layers above and ensure the stability and overall breathability of the mattress.


  • The Nectar Mattress is constructed with Certi-PUR US Certified Foam, safeguarding against harsh chemicals, mercury, and lead
  • Nectar offers a 365-night sleep trial as well as a lifetime warranty
  • The mattress works with all styles of bed frames


  • The Nectar Mattress is bouncier than most memory foam options, which could be unsatisfactory to some consumers
  • It does have a faint “new foam” smell upon opening but does dissipate quickly and is not from any harmful chemicals
  • Nectar does not currently offer replacement covers for their mattresses

Bottom Line

The Nectar Mattress combines the best qualities of several different types of memory foam to provide you with the ideal sleeping surface that is comfortable and cradling while remaining supportive from one edge to the other.

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best mattresses under 1000 purple

The Original Purple Bed – Best In Pressure Relief under $1000

The Original Purple Bed is a scientifically-engineered mattress made with 4 different layers that come together to give you the best in comfort and unbeatable support.

The top surface of the mattress features a breathable, soft, flexible knit cover that promotes airflow and stretches with the mattress during movement. Directly under the knit cover is the Purple Smart Comfort Grid that is specifically designed to adapt around your body, softening in the place where you need it, such as shoulders and hips, while remaining firm and supportive under your back and knees. This special grid allows the Purple Bed to provide amazing pressure point relief without compromising support where you need it.

Under the Comfort Grid is a layer of responsive, high-density polyurethane foam that helps to reinforce the flexible grid layer. The bottom layer is constructed of medium-firm high-density polyurethane foam to provide overall structural support to the entire mattress.


  • The Purple Smart Comfort Grid provides ideal airflow and prevents any motion disturbance
  • All foam used in The Original Purple Bed is Certi-PUR US Certified
  • The mattress is backed with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty


  • This mattress is a bit on the thin side compared to others
  • Can be a bit firm, especially for side sleepers
  • Some consumers have reported the Comfort Grid breaking down prematurely, causing divots and an uneven surface

Bottom Line

If you suffer from pressure point pain and looking for a mattress to gently relieve pressure and pain while remaining comfortable, flexible, and supportive, then the Original Purple Mattress is a good option for you.

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best mattresses under 1000 ghostbed

Ghostbed Cooling Gel Mattress – Best In Temperature Control Under $1000

If you’re on the lookout for the best mattress under $1000 that guarantees to still keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the night, then look no further than the Ghostbed Cool Gel Mattress.

The Ghostbed combines the best qualities of memory foam and latex to provide you with a supportive, comfortable, and unequivocally cool mattress. The top layer features 1.5″ of latex to absorb the pressure off of pressure points such as the hips and shoulders while cradling the rest of the body comfortably.

Underneath the layer of soft, yet supportive latex is a 2″ layer of gel memory foam that promises to keep you cooler through the night than any other mattress in America. Gel beads are infused throughout the gel memory foam layer that is designed to wick away and absorb heat quickly and efficiently, so you’ll never be left tossing and turning through a sweaty night. This layer of memory foam is also equipped with pressure relieving properties to help reinforce the latex layer above.

The bottom of the mattress is constructed with a high-density foam to reinforce the entire mattress, encourage correct spinal alignment, and lend support in even the craziest of sleeping positions.


  • The Ghostbed comes with a removable, washable cover made of a blend of different fabrics that provides another layer of temperature control and helps ensure a sanitary mattress
  • Ghostbed company offers a 100-night sleep trial as well as a 20-year warranty backed by Amazon
  • The reinforcing, high-density bottom layer helps to ensure durability and longer lifespan


  • The Ghostbed Cool Gel Mattress does not feature any sort of reinforced edge support, so you’re susceptible to sliding off or extra wear if you sit on the edge of the bed regularly
  • Consumers report quite a bit of motion transference with this mattress
  • The Ghostbed Cool Gel is not a very firm mattress to start with, and many consumers have reported that is becomes even softer with use

Bottom Line

If you’re a particularly hot sleeper and find yourself waking up often with night sweats and hot spells, then the Ghostbed Cool Gel Mattress is a great option. Just keep in mind that it is on the softer side and does not necessarily lend the firm support that some sleepers may be looking for.

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best mattress under 1000

The Keetsa Cloud – Best Extra-Firm Option Under $1000

The Keetsa Cloud mattress utilizes a combination of two types of memory foam to provide a firm, supportive memory foam option.

The top one and a half inch of the Keetsa mattress features a soft Bio-Foam, that contours around the body to cradle you comfortably and relieve pressure point pain in the shoulders, hips, and head. Underneath the softer memory foam layer is a layer of extra-firm, supportive memory foam. This layer provides strong support and ensures that there is zero movement disturbance throughout the night.

While the Keetsa mattress is an extremely firm option, it has been specifically constructed with a softer feel and a 100% unbleached cotton fabric cover to give it a soft feel to the touch and allow it to sleep more like a softer mattress.


  • The mattress is constructed with Certi-PUR US Certified foam and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified cotton
  • The Keetsa is free from any metal hardware or coil springs
  • The firm base foam construction means there is absolutely no movement transference.


  • This mattress is extremely firm and can be uncomfortable for those that prefer a softer sleep
  • The Bio-Foam is made with a portion of synthetic chemicals
  • Consumers have reported some strong odors upon unboxing the Keetsa Cloud, and it can take up to 48-72 hours for the smell to dissipate

Bottom Line

If you’re searching for the best mattress under $1000 that will offer the firmest support available while still providing a cradling feel and comfort, then the Keetsa Cloud is a great option. However, this mattress is very firm and only recommended for back and stomach sleepers.

best mattress under 1000 morphiis

The Morphiis Mattress – Best Customizable Option under $1000

The Morphiis Mattress is the best mattress under $1000 that allows you to customize your options from top to bottom. Morphiis uses a construction of Ultra Foam, which they deem superior to memory foam as it moves more freely, sleeps cooler, and doesn’t leave body impressions.

The entire Morphiis Mattress is completely customizable and can even be customized differently on each side of your partner has different preferences than you. Making it the ideal mattress for couples as the needs of both people can be met in the same mattress.

The Morphiis Mattress is available in 64 different firmness configurations and allows you to customize where you need the most firmness and support, and where you need the softest comfort. With individual insert areas under the head, hips, and legs, you can pick and choose where you want your support and how much to leave you with a bed that is literally all your own and conforms to every need you may have.


  • The Morphiis is completely constructed with the same Ultra Foam throughout the whole mattress, only varying the firmness and softness in specific areas, so there are no individual layers to break down prematurely
  • The flexible Ultra Foam is ideal for adjustable bed frames, allowing for optimal use
  • The Ultra Foam construction moves freely under your body and springs back quickly to leave no indents or body impressions
  • Morphiis offers a 25-year limited warranty


  • It is recommended that you try each firmness configuration for at least 3-4 nights to determine your best fit, which can lead to a few weeks of trial and error before you find your mattress optimally comfortable
  • To extend the life of your mattress, it is recommended that you keep the extra inserts and replace the old ones periodically
  • The extra-comfortable Morphiis topper that ensures a plush surface is a separate purchase

Bottom Line

The Morphiis Mattress is the best option for those that need specific levels of support and comfort in different areas of the body, or partners that desire different levels of firmness in their mattress.

What To Consider When Purchasing The Best Mattress Under $1000

When you find yourself shopping around for the best mattress under $1000 there are a few things you’ll want to consider when doing your research and before making your decision, to ensure that you’re making the smartest decision possible. After all, you don’t want to be left returning or replacing your mattress any sooner than you have to.


A good support system is an important component of any mattress. From crib mattresses to toddler beds, to mattresses for adults, you want to make sure that whatever mattress you ultimately settle on will provide you with sturdy, durable support.

Mattresses without some sort of support system or supportive core will break down and become susceptible to normal wear and use quickly. This will leave them lumpy, uneven, and cause sagging. Which, in turn, will lead to uncomfortable sleeping, tossing and turning, and potentially cause or worsen neck and back issues. Not to mention, you’ll be stuck replacing your mattress a lot sooner.


You’ll want to consider what type of warranty is offered with each mattress you look at for a couple of reasons. Most importantly, a warranty usually equals quality. If a company is confident in their product and proud of their work, then usually they will happily back that up with a hefty warranty – because they don’t believe that many people are going to have to use it. They trust that their product will perform to its standards and will gladly replace it if it doesn’t. If a company isn’t offering a warranty of any sort, then there’s a good chance that their mattress is made with low-quality materials, and put together shoddily, meaning you’ll be left to replace it all on your own in a year or two.

A good, long-term warranty will also help guarantee that you won’t be left replacing your mattress out of your own pocket if it breaks or wears down too quickly. A mattress is a large purchase and, as a consumer, you should expect to get your money’s worth out of it. A warranty helps to ensure that you do.

Just make sure that you read through all the fine print on the warranty when purchasing the best mattress under $1000, so you’re familiar with what kind of damage or malfunction is and isn’t covered by your warranty. You don’t want to be left expecting something to be covered when it isn’t.


An appropriate level of firmness is important in any mattress, but make sure you know what you’re looking for.

Everyone’s body differs, from its shape and size to the level of firmness that they need from their mattress. If you have a larger body frame, or chronic issues with your back, neck, or hips, then you’ll want to lean towards a firmer mattress to help reduce pain, provide optimal support, relieve pressure points, and avoid any “sinking” into the mattress.

However, if you’re of a smaller frame or prefer a more plush, bouncy mattress, then a lower level of firmness may be more suitable for you. A softer mattress will provide a more comfortable, cradling sleep.

So, before making any final purchases, do a bit of research to determine what level of firmness would best suit your body type and individual needs. It’s not a bad idea to even do a bit of “window shopping” and actually lay on a few mattresses in store to determine what is most comfortable and supportive for you.


An uncomfortable mattress makes for a grouchy person in the morning. No one can get a good night’s rest on a mattress that they can’t get comfortable on. So, comfort is the most important consideration when you’re searching for the best mattress under $1000. If you’re not comfortable on your mattress, then it’s not worth anything.

Whether you’re the firm type, the soft, plushy type, or somewhere in between, you want to make sure that the mattress you’re purchasing will provide you with night after night of pure comfort.

Check out what materials the mattress is made of, what kind of covering it has, and take a look at the reviews to see what other buyers have had to say about the product. Again, everyone is different. So, what may be comfortable to someone else may be dreadful to you.

Do your research and figure out what sort of mattress will provide you with optimal, long-lasting comfort, so you can guarantee that you’ll be happy with your new mattress purchase.


Nowadays, there are so many different types of materials available in a mattress. Years ago, a mattress was usually just filled with some sort of foam and spring base and that was about it. But those days are over. Mattresses are now constructed with everything from latex to coconut husk, memory foam to soybean foam, and even offer organic and all-natural options.

Sifting through all of the options that are available now can be a bit overwhelming. So, we’ve done a bit of the footwork for you here, and laid out a few of the different, most popular materials available.

  • LatexLatex mattresses are available in a few different options. There is all-natural latex, made from sap from the Rubber Tree, or a synthetic version that is man-made, most commonly with SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber). Natural latex is also available in a Dunlop process or the Talalay process. Dunlop latex is generally in its most pure form, leaving it organic and providing a firmer surface. While the Talalay process provides a softer, bouncier surface, but is often mixed with man-made synthetics. Latex is known for its durability, with latex mattresses lasting upwards of 20+ years.
  • Memory Foam – Memory foam is made from polyurethane foam that has been mixed with other chemicals to increase its density and viscosity. Memory foam is specifically formulated to react to weight and temperature, causing it to mold to the body and create a cradle-like effect for the sleeper. While memory foam mattresses are known for its soft comfort, it can be hot to sleep on, wear down more quickly, and does not offer the same level of firmness as other options.
  • Innerspring System – Innerspring mattresses are constructed of a system of steel coils that help evenly support the weight of the sleeper. The number of coils, the gauge of steel used, and the layout of the innerspring system varies from one mattress to a. The innerspring core is then covered by some sort of comfort layer – usually memory foam, latex, polyurethane foam, or a combination of a few different materials. They are known for being supportive but can potentially wear down quickly leading to sagging and an uneven surface.

So, Which Is The Best Mattress Under $1000 For You?

Every person is different. While some may love the cradling effect of a memory foam mattress, others may find it too soft and unsupportive. One person may love the durability and lifespan of a latex mattress, while another may prefer the even support of an innerspring. Perhaps you’re looking for an all-natural organic version, while another shopper is more concerned with optimal comfort.

Everyone’s needs are different all across the board. But using our complete guide, you can confidently choose the best mattress under $1000 for you.

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