9 Best Natural Latex Mattresses on the Market

Summary: This unbiased, in-depth review features the best natural latex mattresses our team of Sleeping Ninjas could find. Disclosure: Sleeping Ninjas has an affiliate relationship with some companies where we get a small percentage of sales if you click over from our site.


If you’re considering natural latex for the next mattress to adorn your bed, you’re in for a treat! Natural latex is rising in popularity, and with several good reasons.

Not only are natural latex mattresses made of more hygienic and environmentally-friendly materials, they’re also excellent for your health. The customer satisfaction of a natural latex mattress is also extremely high. Plus, you can be more confident of a latex mattress seller having a reliable record. This could be hard to find with any other kind of mattress!

Before you hunt for a perfectly designed natural latex mattress, you should know the basics of natural latex, which brand to look out for, and how to make the right purchase.

Let’s dig deeper!

The Best Natural Latex Mattress: Our Top Nine Picks

Here’s a preview of the best natural latex mattresses we review below:

  1. Pure Green
  2. Eco Terra mattress
  3. Latex for Less mattress
  4. Plush Beds Botanical Bliss
  5. Lucid Latex Hybrid
  6. Sleep EZ Lifetime Dreams
  7. Spindle mattress
  8. Nest Bedding mattress
  9. Roma mattress

What Exactly Is Natural Latex And Why Should You Care?

Natural latex is made by extracting the sap from the rubber tree. One kind of natural latex is organic latex, which is naturally sourced as well as free from inorganic pesticides and chemicals.

Along with being better for the environment, a natural latex mattress will give you great value for its money. Right at the beginning, many new mattress owners tend to get disturbed by the heavy outgassing from synthetic materials. With a 100% natural latex, and no glues or flame retardants present, a mattress would have almost no off-gassing at all. Finally, the chances of sleeping hot are very low if you sleep on a natural latex mattress.

Difference between Standard Latex And Natural Latex

While natural latex is made from natural sources like rubber trees, synthetic or regular latex is made from petroleum. The extraction of the sap does not harm the trees, which actually heal quickly afterward. On the other hand, standard latex uses up petroleum, which is a non-renewable source of energy and an air pollutant to boot.

The production of natural latex is not as harmful to the environment as that of synthetic latex. In fact, since natural latex promotes the maintenance of rubber trees, it’s probably best to have natural latex produced more than regular. There’s no drilling or refining involved with natural latex, nor are there any pesky petroleum products left over to dispose of. This results in a relatively small carbon footprint.

The more synthetic materials a latex mattress has, the more off-gassing it would produce. This could be uncomfortable and even harmful to the owner. People with kids and pets should be especially wary of this. Therefore, a mattress should have ‘natural’ latex.

Types Of Latex Materials Used In A Mattress

When extracted, the sap or milk is only 40% latex. The latex needs to be extracted before the curing and pouring processes could be started. Depending on the company, some brands of latex mattresses may have more latex in them than others.

The label “Talalay Latex” usually means that the synthetic-natural ratio is around 70%/30%. This is the most highly preferred option for durability and firmness levels.

100% Natural Dunlop and blended Dunlop are two other materials that may be used in natural latex mattresses. This also includes blended Talalay latex. 100% natural Talalay is quite rare and only contains about 2% synthetic materials as essential bonding agents.

Points to Consider When Purchasing the Best Natural Latex Mattress

Buying a latex mattress may seem like a no-brainer but there are certain factors to consider. Mattresses are something we spend a lot of time with, so we need to make sure that the comfort and suitability are appropriate for us.

Below are just a few factors to check off before you reach a final decision about natural latex mattresses:

1. The ILD Factor

The ILD is the softness range of a mattress. For instance, the number 12 would signify an extremely soft mattress. 40 and above would be quite firm. For medium firmness, aim for a 25-31 ILD range.

2. Trial Periods

The really good natural latex mattress companies would let you have a trial session in which you can easily return the product. This is essential in order to make sure you can actually adjust to a mattress. Latex mattresses should have trial periods of around 100-200 nights.

3. Convenience

Many natural latex mattresses actually have comfort layers within them. Check to see if you can unzip the cover and change up the layers. This will mean your mattress lasting you a very long time, as latex mattresses should.

4. Temperature Regulation

Over 90% of latex mattress users do not get heated up during sleep. This leads to a peaceful and uninterrupted rest. Check this factor during the trial period.

Not sure which natural latex mattress to buy?

The Best Natural Latex Mattresses

We’ve compiled the 9 best natural latex mattresses to launch you off into your mattress shopping!

natural latex mattress pure green

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress

Pure Green may be the closest you’ve ever been to a completely natural latex offering! Even the cover consists of organic wool and cotton. Along with being the healthy choice, this mattress is also easy to set up. No need to assemble the layers; it all comes packed together, ready to spring into place the second you open it.

Technical Specs

There is a six-inch layer of 34-ILD foam that’s natural latex. The next layer is 2 inches and is a much softer ILD of 20. After that, there’s a one-inch comfort layer of natural wool. There are no barrier cloths or fire-retardant chemicals included.


  • 100% natural latex
  • No harsh chemicals, so minimal off-gassing
  • Easy to set up
  • Natural and organic components
  • Elastic support and adaptability
  • Firmness levels for every sleeping style


The Bottom Line

We absolutely love the organic touch of this mattress. With organic cotton, organic New Zealand Wool, and natural latex inside, you can sleep in the healthiest and most environmentally-friendly way. This Pure Green mattress is excellent for sleeping in any position provided you choose the correct firmness level. Providing both comfort and support, it’s one of our top picks for the best natural latex mattresses.

best natural latex mattress ecoterra

Eco Terra Natural Latex and Coil Spring Luxury Hybrid Mattress

This Eco Terra mattress is also a hybrid of latex and coiled springs. There are no fillers to distribute the experience that comes with the softness and comfort of latex along with the support of those springs. Trust us when we say that this mattress was made especially with your comfort in mind; even the cover has a foam backing!

Technical Specs

This mattress included 100% natural latex, coils encased in fabric, and is rolled into a box when delivered. It’s comprised of three layers and is covered with an organic hypoallergenic cotton cover.


  • No fillers or additives that could contribute to off-gassing
  • No heating up
  • Motion transfer is minimal
  • Striking pinstripe cover made of organic cotton; foam backing for more comfort


  • Has a high price
  • Could have sizing issues

The Bottom Line

The perfect blend of support and springiness is what makes this mattress worth considering. You can get cradled just the right amount, but not completely sink inside—an amazing balance! If you hate the sinking of memory foam but want softness and comfort, this is one of the best natural latex mattresses available on the market.

This Eco Terra mattress is also one of Sleeping Ninjas’ top picks for the best organic mattress.

natural latex mattress latex for less

Latex for Less 9″ Natural Latex Mattress

This Latex for Less mattress comprises completely natural latex with natural wool in order to achieve the perfect mix of safety and comfort. It’s two-sided, so you can flip it over for a change in the firmness level. It’s comprised of clean ingredients for the cleanest, healthiest sleep ever.

Technical Specs

This mattress contains a whole six inches of a 100% Dunlop latex at an 85-density range. The next two inches consists of medium-density 100% natural Talalay latex, with a half-inch of natural wool on top. This acts as the fire barrier instead of those nasty fire retardant chemicals.


  • Double-sided for comfort variation
  • Uses organic cotton, natural wool, and natural latex
  • Direct shipment from the manufacturers; no markup price
  • Hypoallergenic and free from dangerous chemicals
  • 20-year warranty


  • Very thin cover; may tear easily
  • Comfort layer potentially too thin for heavier users

The Bottom Line

With the different softness on both sides, this is like having two mattresses for the price of one. We greatly appreciate this convenience and cost-effectiveness. If you’re not sure which firmness level you may prefer, this Latex for Less mattress is a safe option for a natural latex mattress.

best natural latex mattress plushbed

Botanical Bliss Natural Latex and Organic Mattress

This Botanical Bliss mattress by Plush Beds is a hundred percent natural latex and organic to boot. Organic latex is an even healthier and environmentally-safe choice. It’s free from nasty synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and all those elements that could riddle our body with toxins.

Technical Specs

This certified organic natural latex mattress has a comfort layer of 100% Natural Talalay Latex. Above that is an organic cotton cover, which also contains pure wool with no chemicals as flame retardants. The mattress itself is GreenGuard certified.


  • Made of organically-sourced latex
  • Offers comfort readjustment right at home
  • 25-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Comes with several certifications
  • resistant to dust mites


  • Can be too heavy to set up easily

The Bottom Line

We just love the fact that this Botanical Bliss mattress is organic latex as well as being natural. This gives us great confidence that your sleeping experience will be as clean and safe as possible, with as little a carbon footprint as possible. If you suffer from hip, shoulder, or back pain, this mattress can be the answer to your problems. It’s recommended by several experts for the amazing support it gives.

natural latex mattress review

SPINDLE Natural Latex Mattress with Zipper Cover

This natural latex mattress consists of natural latex almost all the way through. It’s a cost-effective choice and lets you have the real natural latex mattress experience. We’d like to see anyone try and match this Spindle mattress’s trial period along with the amazing price.

Technical Specs

The Dunlop natural latex layer is ten inches thick and has a zipped cover made of organic cotton and wool. The latex is TFI-certified and contains no brominated or antimony compounds. The packaging comes as three layers of three-inch-thick layers of natural Dunlop latex.


  • 10-year warranty
  • 365-day adjustment trial period
  • Much more affordable than other natural latex mattresses
  • Cover made of wool and organic cotton
  • Detailed guidelines from manufacturer to make the setup easy
  • High level of comfort without anything getting in the way


  • Requires some assembly upon arrival
  • Very heavy; could be difficult to handle and support

The Bottom Line

We adore the fact that this Spindle mattress doesn’t have any bells and whistles, just natural latex for that pure, springy experience.

natural latex mattress review lucid

LUCID Latex Hybrid Mattress

This is a hybrid latex mattress, which means it has the durability of synthetic materials as well as the comfort of natural ones. It’s equipped with a responsive layer of latex, while coils of premium steel provide the much-needed support at the bottom. This Lucid mattress is sure to give you the positive aspects of its components and an overall excellent sleeping experience.

Technical Specs

The steel coils measure 6.5 inches in height and are wrapped individually. There’s a layer of plush memory foam that’s topped with natural latex.


  • Coils assure good airflow, ensuring temperature regulation
  • Motion transfer isolated
  • Can cater to varying sleeping styles
  • Gives the sink of memory foam with the spring of latex
  • Minimal off-gassing


  • Not a 100% natural latex
  • Return policy has a short duration (only 30 days)

The Bottom Line

We adore the combination of coils, memory foam, and latex here. The best of three worlds in one mattressIf you love the contouring of memory foam but are afraid of the sinking and heating up, this mattress is an excellent way to cancel out these native aspects of memory foam.

See Sleeping Ninjas’ in-depth Lucid Mattress Review.

best natural latex mattress sleep ez

Sleep EZ Lifetime Dreams Natural Latex Mattress

This Sleep EZ mattress is one that has several decades of research and knowledge about mattress crafting behind it. You can choose whether to get completely natural latex or a blended version. This way, you can choose which benefits to get and be satisfied with the same high quality. It’s always good to have a choice when it comes to natural latex mattresses.

Technical Specs

You have a choice here between a 100% Natural Dunlop and a Blended Talalay mattress. The cover is naturally sourced cotton and wool knit, and is zippered for easy removal. The wool serves as a safe and natural way of fire protection. Configurations can be personalized.


  • Comes with free shipping, pillows, and sheets
  • Cotton and wool cover for extra cooling effect
  • 100% natural latex option available
  • Wool as fire barrier instead of chemicals
  • Plush feel
  • Can be personalized according to height and weight


  • Guarantee period is a little shorter than others

The Bottom Line

The soft, plush, yet supportive feel is what makes us vouch for this mattress several times over. If you’ve been having trouble finding just the right mattress for your required specifications, this one can be made according to your wishes.

best natural latex mattress nest

Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex Mattress

This mattress is a hybrid blend of natural and synthetic latex. This way, we can be sure of getting durability along with the natural support and bounce of latex. For the first time in the natural latex mattress industry, the company also offers a Comfort Guarantee.

Technical Specs

This mattress has a cover of cotton and wool, both naturally sourced and organically made. The layers comprise of a 3-inch Certified Talalay Latex at 28 ILD. Then come 8 inches of pocketed coils providing Quantum Edge Support. Finally, there’s a one-inch transitional foam layer that weighs only 1.8 pounds.


  • Comes with a Lifetime Warranty and Comfort Guarantee
  • Cotton and wool cover guarantee a cool sleeping experience
  • Edge support with coils
  • All layers are CertiPUR-US certified
  • All components are durable and long-lasting


  • Not 100% natural latex
  • Latex layer deemed too firm by some customers

The Bottom Line

Our favorite thing about this Nest Bedding mattress is that the layers are perfectly balanced for maximum comfort and support. You can sleep in whatever position you want on this one. If you have specific comfort preferences, this mattress is the one to get! It even features a split top so that you and your partner can have different firmness levels according to your preferences.

best natural latex mattress roma

The Roma Latex Mattress

This Roma mattress was made based on several years of research and analysis of customer feedback. It’s constructed with an eye to ergonomics, toxin-free organic components, and the very best value for the price. You’d be able to sleep, better, breathe better, and live better with this purchase.

Technical Specs

There are two support levels in this mattress. The medium and the firm sides can be achieved by flipping the mattress over. It consists of a Natural Dunlop Latex layer, with cotton knit and cotton/wool covers as optional. There is also channel quilting featured.


  • Made from sustainable sources
  • 100% Natural Dunlop Latex
  • Organic components and materials used
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Free from harmful chemicals such as flame retardants
  • Temperature regulation for cool sleeping experience


  • Only available in limited options. Soft side not available

The Bottom Line

We’re very heartened by the fact that this company takes care to use materials from sustainable sources and is careful about their carbon footprint. If you have a different sleeping preference from one season to the other, this flappable mattress will save you loads of cash and time.

What is the Best Natural Latex Mattress for you?

The key is finding a natural latex mattress that feels right to you. Almost all of the mattresses we review at Sleeping Ninjas have a trial period.

If you’re specifically searching for a natural latex mattress, be sure to select one that’s 100% natural latex and not one that’s blended with synthetics. Even better: choose one with a 100% natural organic cover.

Our top favorites are Eco Terra, Botanical Bliss by Plushbeds, and Pure Green.

And if a 100% natural latex isn’t your chief concern, be sure to check out our review of the best latex mattresses.