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How Do We Analyze and Compare Mattresses?

Each mattress brand offers strengths and weakness. To determine which one we believe is "better," Sleeping Ninjas compares popular mattress brands based on a specific set of criteria.

Key Features

Construction: Construction is the type of mattress and the materials used in how it's manufactured, including:

Firmness: Firmness is generally measured on a "comfort scale" from 0 to 10 where 1 is the softest and 10 is extra firm. (See best extra firm mattresses.)

Cooling: Cooling refers to how well the mattress distributes heat and prevents "hot spots." (See best cooling mattresses.)

Motion Transfer: How well does the bed perform with a couple moving around on it?

Off-Gassing: How much does the mattress smell from toxic chemicals used in the production of synthetic latex and memory foam?

Sleep Trial: The length of time each mattress brand allows you to test out the mattress before making a decision.

Warranty: How long the mattress is covered in case something goes wrong.

Customer Reviews: What's the overall market sentiment of those who own each mattress.

Value: Based on the construction and materials used, how does the mattress size up against its competitors.

Mattress Showdowns

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