Ghostbed Mattress Review: Is It A Spiritual Sleeping Experience?

This unbiased Ghostbed review features our team of Sleeping Ninjas’ analysis and in-depth look at this popular mattress. DisclosureSleeping Ninjas has an affiliate relationship with some companies where we get a small percentage of sales if you click over from our site.


Ghostbed Highlights

  • World-renowned cooling properties
  • 4 layer hybrid construction
  • 20-year limited warranty
  • High-density support
  • Compatibility with nearly any flat surface

We’ve compiled a comprehensive Ghostbed mattress review, one of the popular mattresses available on the market today, complete with convenient categories, to help ensure that you have all the information you need to determine if the Ghostbed is a perfect fit for you.

Ghostbed Review: Key Features

The Ghostbed mattress truly has a lot to offer its users. Let’s dive into our Ghostbed review and take a look at the key features this mattress has to offer.

Four Layer Construction

The Ghostbed is a hybrid mattress option, constructed with four individual layers of varying materials, harnessing the very best qualities that each has to offer and coming together into one great mattress.

1 ½ Inch Latex Foam – The very top layer of the Ghostbed mattress 1 ½ inches of aerated latex foam, coming in at a 3 ½ pound density. This layer is specially designed with perfectly spaced punctures to allow for optimal breathability and airflow, making it just one of the safeguards against heat retention in the Ghostbed mattress. The latex material is also naturally responsive to pressure and has been specially designed to serve as the first layer of plush comfort.

ghostbed mattress review

2 Inch Gel Memory Foam – Underneath the layer of latex foam, and serving as the core of the Ghostbed mattress, is a 2-inch, 4-pound layer of patent-pending gel memory foam. Ghostbed’s memory foam is constructed with a special formula, giving it much larger cells than ordinary memory foam. This allows Ghostbed’s memory foam layer to be even more reactive than conventional memory foam, leaving you far cooler and more comfortable.

7 ½ Inch High-Density Base –  Bringing up the bottom of the Ghostbed mattress is a 7 ½ inch, 2-pound density layer of high-density base material. This bottom layer has been specially designed to provide total support and sturdy reinforcement of the entire Ghostbed mattress. It enhances the overall performance of the top layers and increases the durability of the Ghostbed while simultaneously increasing the comfort and firm support that consumers desire.

Plush Cover – These 3 unique layers are then encased in a deluxe, comfortable, plush cover. This luxury cover is created with a viscose and polyester blend, lending it super stretchy and extravagantly comfortable against the skin. It is also Certi-PUR US Certified against emissions and for indoor air quality.

Now that we’re familiar with what’s inside the Ghostbed, let’s have a closer look at our Ghostbed review and see how those 4 layers translate into a scary good mattress.

Advanced Cooling Technology

Ghostbed actually boasts the title of the industry’s leader in advanced cooling technologies. They believe that science has proven the need for optimal temperature regulation and control to get the bests nights sleep possible. Therefore, Ghostbed has utilized nearly every single inch of their mattress to do just that; avoid heat retention, control the mattress temperature, and leave consumers cool, comfortable, and dry.

ghostbed mattress review

Cooling Cover – The cooling properties of the Ghostbed begin at the very top with their plush cover. While their cover has been designed to provide the utmost in plush comfort, Ghostbed has made sure that doesn’t translate to a hot surface. They understand that the cover of their mattress is the closest thing to your skin and their design team ensured that the cover not only had a luxurious feel, but it performed perfectly as well.

So, each cover that goes around each Ghostbed mattress is hand-crafted by experts in the US with micron fabric, specially designed to quickly and efficiently wick away body heat with perfect breathability, allowing for ideal, natural body cooling.

Aerated Latex Foam – Directly under their breathable cover is the latex foam layer that has been specifically designed with science in mind. This aerated layer is equipped with cool bust technology. Due to the perforations in the latex foam, the layer is able to “breathe” in fresh air and react to your body movements, actually making this level of temperature control motion activated. As you move around throughout the night on the Ghostbed mattress, these perforations release the fresh air against the skin to help keep you as cool and dry as possible. This revolutionary technology actually allows the mattress to adapt to the cooling needs of every individual’s body heat, shape, size, and sleeping position.

Proprietary Patent-Pending Cool Gel Memory Foam – Underneath the cooling cover and aerated latex foam layer is a layer of Ghostbed’s specially formulated cool gel memory foam. This memory foam is made of a special formula, exclusive to Ghostbed, that gives the memory foam much larger cells than normal. Because of these larger cells, Ghostbed can offer sleepers adaptive, real-time temperature control and constant adequate airflow.

As a matter of fact, our Ghostbed review has noted that the Ghostbed mattress is the only gel foam mattress in the world to scientifically improve and optimize REM sleep.

According to our Ghostbed mattress review, the Ghostbed is pretty much guaranteed to keep you cool, but will it keep you comfortable?

High-Density Support For All Body Shapes And Sizes

The Ghostbed employs their high-density base layer to provide its users with ideal support. It has been specially designed to adapt and respond to each individual’s natural sleep cycles. The creators of the Ghostbed applied their years of experience in design innovation to guarantee that the bottom layer of their mattress would give users a soft feel while still providing them with unparalleled, high-density support. This layer is constructed to absorb and evenly distribute any and all body weight, to ensure support, pressure relief, and provide added durability and life-span.

Neutral Firmness Level For Optimal Comfort And Pressure Relief

The guys at Ghostbed really do take their mattress making quite seriously. In fact, they spent years researching, testing, and developing to come up with a mattress that they believe meets the perfect ratio of firmness vs softness. The Ghostbed mattress scores at a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest and 1 being the softest. Their sleep experts feel that this ratio creates the perfect balance of soft, plush comfort and firm, continuous support – allowing users to wake up refreshed and free of any pain and stiffness.

ghostbed review

They seem to achieve this perfect harmony with the use of their gel memory foam in conjunction with their supportive base layer. The gel memory foam cradles around joints and pressure points such as the hips and shoulders to relieve pain and stiffness while the thick, high-density base layers ensure that your entire body remains supported and your weight is evenly distributed. This also helps to guarantee the longevity of the mattress by avoiding sagging or body indentions.

The Ghostbed promises to keep you cool and comfortable, but let’s dig a little deeper into our Ghostbed review and see what surfaces the mattress is most compatible with.

Compatible With Most Any Surface

Naturally, the Ghostbed company highly recommends using their mattress with their matching foundation/box spring or their adjustable base. However, their website does point out that, while you’ll most likely get the best performance if you use your Ghostbed mattress in conjunction with one of the Ghostbed foundations or bases, the Ghostbed mattress is actually compatible with several different foundations and surfaces.

The most important thing is that your Ghostbed remains supported against a flat surface. So, you can use it on your existing box spring/foundation, so long as it’s still in good condition, any box spring/foundation with slats no further than 4” apart, a platform bed, or even on the floor.

Just do note in out Ghostbed review that the mattress must be used on a flat, sturdy surface to perform properly and avoid premature deterioration of the mattress.

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Ghostbed Review: Customer Service Incentives

Now that we’ve covered the construction and comfort aspects of the Ghostbed mattress, let’s dive into the customer service categories of our Ghostbed mattress review.

101-Night Sleep Trial

One of the biggest complaints that the founder of Ghostbed has was the 10-second “sleep tests” you’d experience when attempting to buy a new mattress from a big box store. Like most people, he knew that a few seconds of lying on a new mattress in a showroom just wasn’t a sufficient amount of time to determine if the mattress would actually satisfy your needs after you take it home and sleep on it night after night. So, to avoid that problem altogether, Ghostbed offers its customers a 101-night sleep trial.

This means that you get to set your Ghostbed mattress up in your home and use it for 101 nights before you have to make any final decisions. Ghostbed’s website does specify that it can take a few weeks for your body to acclimate to your new mattress. Their sleep trial allows you sufficient time to adjust to the new feel of the mattress and truly determine whether it is the best choice for you.

If you decide that you don’t absolutely love your Ghostbed purchase, you can return the mattress within the 101-night time frame for a full refund. However, do note in our Ghostbed review that Ghostbed mattresses purchased with a Groupon or any other online voucher are not eligible to receive the 101-night sleep trial.

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20-Year Warranty

Your Ghostbed purchase will be backed with a 20-year limited warranty by Ghostbed’s mother company, Nature’s Sleep. At first glance, the Ghostbed warranty is a pretty sweet deal. For the first 10 years that you own your Ghostbed, the company will repair or replace the mattress if there is a noticeable, lasting impression of greater than 1” that is not a result of an improper foundation, or if there is any split or cracks in the latex or memory foam provided that it’s been used normally.

However, after the first 10 years, Ghostbed’s warranty gets a little less fancy. For years 11 through 20, Ghostbed will replace or repair your mattress for the malfunctions as above. However, after the 10-year mark, the owner will be responsible for handling charges if the mattress is repaired, or a prorated charge as well as transportation costs if the mattress is replaced. If the replacement takes place in the 11th year of the warranty, the owner will be responsible for 50% of their original purchase price. Each subsequent year, the owner’s responsibility goes up by an additional 5%.

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Now, considering that the standard mattress warranty is usually only around 10 years, we certainly can’t say in our Ghostbed review that the Ghostbed mattress warranty isn’t good. However, it does seem like their 20-year warranty does come with some pretty serious stipulations after you reach that standard 10-year mark. Perhaps making the 20-year warranty a little less alluring.

Free Shipping

One of the major perks to note in our Ghostbed mattress review is the free shipping. So long as your Ghostbed mattress is going somewhere within the continental US, your Ghostbed mattress will be shipped to your doorstep at no additional cost to you. If you’re purchasing from Alaska or Hawaii, you will be charged an additional$600 for freight. Also, Ghostbed does not currently ship outside of the US.

Available Financing

Perhaps one of the best things we discovered in our Ghostbed review, is the fact that Ghostbed offers financing on your purchase. Actually, Ghostbed offers financing from three different companies: Affirm, Klarna, and Zibby. Each financing company offers its own advantages. Affirm offers instant financing, allowing you to spread your payments over 3, 6, or 12 months and serving as a great alternative to high-interest credit card purchases. Klarna offers an open-end line of credit that also allows you to spread your payments out over 6 or twelve months. Zibby is unique in the fact that it does not require any credit and is available to anyone – even if you have bad credit or have filed bankruptcy. This allows customers to stretch out their payments even if they find that they’re not approved by other financing companies.

Ghostbed Frequently Runs Sales

Below we’ll be covering the price of the Ghostbed mattress in our Ghostbed review. For a mattress like the Ghostbed, the prices aren’t astronomical. But, it’s still a pretty big purchase. Thankfully, Ghostbed frequently run fantastic sales. For example, they’re currently running a Memorial Day sale that allows you to take off up to a hundred on your mattress purchase and even receive a couple of free pillows. They also frequently have online vouchers with websites like Groupon. However, do note that an online voucher use disqualifies your purchase from the 101-night sleep trial.

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Ghostbed Mattress Review: Pricing

Considering the astonishing amenities that you’ll be getting with your Ghostbed purchase, such as industry-leading cooling technology and scientifically-researched firmness, the price of the Ghostbed mattress certainly isn’t anything to scream about. With their king and California king-size options coming in at just over $1000, the Ghostbed price tag is scary good.

Of course, the Ghostbed Luxe, which we’ll cover a bit more in depth later in out Ghostbed mattress review, is a bit more expensive than the original Ghostbed, as it offers additional features.

The Ghostbed and Ghostbed Luxe prices are as follows:


  • Twin – $495
  • Twin XL – $650
  • Full – $845
  • Queen – $895
  • King – $1075
  • California King – $1095

Ghostbed Luxe

  • Twin – $995
  • Twin XL – $1175
  • Full – $1350
  • Queen – $1475
  • King – $1785
  • California King – $1825

When it comes down to it, the Ghostbed isn’t the cheapest option available on the market, especially not the Ghostbed Luxe. With options like the Tuft and Needle coming in at around $500, the Ghostbed mattress is on the higher end. However, the Ghostbed really does offer a lot of fantastic qualities that you simply won’t find in other competitors.

We’ve covered the construction, the key features, and even the price of the Ghostbed. So, let’s move on to the review section of out Ghostbed review and see what current Ghostbed consumers have to say about their purchase.

What Do Reviewers Love About The Ghostbed?

Reviews are always an important thing to take into consideration any time you’re making a big purchase such as a new mattress. By skimming through the reviews you can get a feel for what users love about the mattress, as well as the areas it can use some work in, and all without ever having to spend a dime.

ghostbed mattress review

In our Ghostbed mattress review, we’ll be covering a few of the fantastic as well as a handful of the not-so-great reviews of the Ghostbed mattress.

Relieves Back Pain – According to a large percentage of Ghostbed reviewers, the creator of the mattress really did well when he set out to create a mattress that would alleviate neck and back pain and allow for the proper neck and spine alignment during sleep. Users have raved that the Ghostbed has either greatly reduced or completely eliminated their neck and back pain, with many of them being recent converts from TempurPedic.

It Actually Keeps You Cool – Ghostbed users boast that the Ghostbed definitely makes good on its promise to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable throughout the entire night. While some mattresses are technically equipped with cooling properties, users still end up finding themselves sweaty and restless due to the temperature controlling measures simply not performing well. Based on the reviews, this is not a problem with the Ghostbed. In fact, some have reviewers have even noted that the Ghostbed is a bit on the cold side!

Very Minimal Motion Transference – Due to the combination of latex, proprietary memory foam, and a thick, dense base layer, the Ghostbed allows for ultra-responsiveness with very little to no motion transference. Users brag that this combination makes the mattress a great option for couples, as they can move around on the mattress, or even get up and down, with very minimal disturbances to their partner.

Fast And Hassle Free Shipping – According to those that have already purchased their Ghostbed, the company ships their Ghostbed mattresses completely free within the continental US, and the product shows up on the customer’s doorstep promptly and without any hassle.

Pressure Relief Makes You Feel Like You’re Floating – Evidently, sleeping on the Ghostbed mattress really is a ghostly experience. According to several reviewers, the memory foam gel and soft, aerated latex allow for such proficient pressure point relief, that you actually feel a bit like you’re floating when lying on the Ghostbed mattress.

Ghostbed Review: Where Does The Ghostbed Fall Short?

In much the same way that we covered the praises of the Ghostbed mattress, our Ghostbed review will cover the complaints made by users as well. This helps to ensure that you’re well-informed on your decision.

The Ghostbed Mattress May Be A Bit Too Firm For Some – The creators of the Ghostbed spent several years perfecting their firmness level in an attempt to create a mattress that would meet the needs of almost everyone. But, of course, it’s nearly impossible to satisfy every individual, as everybody has different needs as preferences. Some users of the Ghostbed have noted that the 6.5 firmness level of the Ghostbed is actually a bit too firm for them. Some reviewers weren’t even able to continue using their mattress because they found it to be far too hard, while others found that the addition of a separate mattress topper allowed them to keep their mattress and remain comfortable.

Ghostbed Doesn’t Offer White Glove Service – The Ghostbed company does offer some really great customer service perks, but a white glove service is not one of them. The Ghostbed is delivered to the customer’s doorstep and no further. Many reviewers have complained that the Ghostbed is quite heavy, coming in at around 80 pounds or so, and it can be difficult to maneuver and set up without any help. Plus, Ghostbed does not offer any assistance with the removal of your old mattress.

Larger-Sized Sleepers Have Noted That It’s Difficult To Move Around On The Mattress – The Ghostbed company boasts that their mattress is ideal for all shapes and sizes. However, some consumers that are of a heavier size have noticed that the Ghostbed doesn’t perform so well under their weight. They have noted a sinking feeling and find It difficult to adjust their position or move around while lying on the Ghostbed mattress.

Not Compatible With All Sleeping Positions – The Ghostbed is equipped with pressure-relieving properties that are specifically designed to allow for proper spine and neck alignment. However, some users have noted that while they’re comfortable on their back or stomach, they experience numbness and discomfort in places such as the shoulders and hips when lying on their side.

ghostbed luxe review

What’s The Difference In The Ghostbed And Ghostbed Luxe?

The Ghostbed company offers two different mattress options; the Ghostbed and the Ghostbed Luxe. In this section of our Ghostbed mattress review, we’ll be covering the differences in the two options.

As reflected in the price section of our Ghostbed review, the Ghostbed Luxe offers more amenities and qualities than the original Ghostbed. The Luxe version of the Ghostbed has a 2” taller profile than the original, with a 13” height, where the Ghostbed is only 11”. The Luxe version is also equipped with 7 layers and offers even more cooling properties than the original version. The cover of the Ghostbed Luxe contains cooling properties woven directly into the fabric, and the remaining layers of the mattress are also infused with additional heat retention safeguards, making the Ghostbed Luxe the coolest mattress in the world.

The Ghostbed Luxe is also compatible with nearly every surface, comes with a 25-year limited warranty, and rates at a 5.5-6 on the firmness scale, lending it a bit softer and plusher than the original version.

ghostbed review

About The Ghostbed Company

The Werner family is not new to innovations and inventions. They are the founders of the Werner Ladder Company, inventing the first aluminum and fiberglass ladders in the 1900’s and still hold the title of the best ladder company in the world. In 2001, Marc Werner found himself in a troubling and difficult position. He underwent 3 neck surgeries that caused him terrible pain and made it extremely difficult for him to sleep comfortably. He found that no matter he seemed to turn, he was always unable to find a mattress that allowed him to sleep through the night comfortably. Like many other mattress company founders, he also found himself frustrated with the entire mattress shopping experience. Pushy salesmen and 10-second “sleep tests” under bright lights simply didn’t scream comfort to him.

So, in 2015, Marc Werner set out to solve both of the problems he’d experienced when trying to purchase a new mattress. He invented his own pillow and mattress that would provide sleepers with proper neck and spine alignment to alleviate pain and set up a direct-to-customer online company that skipped the showroom experience, as well as the showroom price, and offered consumers one great mattress at a fantastic price, that can be shipped directly to your doorstep, in lieu of the dreadful mattress shopping experience.

Conclusion Of Our Ghostbed Review: Does The Ghostbed Offer A Scary Good Sleep?

Based on all the categories of our Ghostbed review, we’re pretty impressed. The Ghostbed company has been around since 2015. So, it’s relatively new but has been around long enough to give us some overall faith in the company and their promises. Not to mention, the Werner family has been involved in the mattress business for years before that.

Customers seem to be overall satisfied with the comfort and performance of their Ghostbed purchase and actually rave about the cooling properties you can expect from the mattress, even in the original version. The price is a bit on the steep side, especially for the Luxe version, but you have to take into consideration all of the great amenities you’ll be getting out of your Ghostbed.

If you’re someone who prefers a soft, plush sleeping surface, then the Ghostbed may not be the best option for you, or you may want to consider upgrading to the Ghostbed Luxe that offers a few additional layers and a lower rating on the firmness scale. And definitely don’t get too wonder-struck by that 20-year warranty.

But, all in all, we think that the Ghostbed is a scarily fantastic option for those looking for a firm, supportive, and extremely cool mattress.