Ghostbed vs Nectar: A Complete Comparison Buyer’s Guide to the Best Mattress in 2019

This in-depth, unbiased guide is a Sleeping Ninjas showdown between Ghostbed vs Nectar to help you select the best mattress. DisclosureSleeping Ninjas has an affiliate relationship with some companies where we get a small percentage of sales if you click over from our site.


Ghostbed vs Nectar Highlights

The Ghostbed mattress offers:

  • The company protects your purchase with a 20-year limited warranty
  • The Ghostbed mattress is compatible with nearly any flat surface, including the floor
  • A high-grade, three-layer hybrid construction with a plush cover
  • The title of the coolest mattress on the market with industry-leading cooling technology
  • Proper support and alignment guaranteed with their high-density foam foundation layer

The Nectar mattress offers:

  • Proprietary materials exclusive to the Nectar brand
  • Individual layers of primarily memory foam to guarantee comfort
  • Every layer of their mattress is equipped with cooling technology
  • An unsurpassed 365-night sleep trial and forever warranty
  • A high-quality base layer that provides both support and breathability

Buying a new mattress is a big purchase. Sometimes, it can be difficult to even know where to start. To help in your decision, we’ve compiled a complete comparison review of Ghostbed vs Nectar, two popular mattress options available on the market.

Let’s dive in!

Construction: What’s It Made Out Of?

In the very first category of our Nectar vs Ghostbed review, we’ll be comparing every layer of construction in both mattresses.

ghostbed vs nectar

Ghostbed Construction

The creators of the Ghostbed mattress spent several years attempting to perfect their product. Ultimately, they’ve combined the very best qualities of high-density foundation foam, memory foam, and latex and wrapped it all up in an ultra-plush, soft cover – Creating what they believe to be the best mattress on the market.

Latex Foam

Ghostbed tops their mattresses with a 3 ½ pound, 1 ½ inch thick layer of aerated latex foam. This topmost layer of the Ghostbed mattress actually serves a few different purposes.

For one, it’s designed to provide all the qualities that consumers have come to expect from latex material. It guarantees that you’re always getting crucial bounce-back and responsiveness to ensure ideal support, comfort, and minimalized motion transference.

Then Ghostbed perfectly perforates this layer throughout its surface. These punctures allow the layer to aerate properly – drawing in fresh air and releasing it against the body upon movement, helping to keep you cool and comfortable.

Lastly, the Ghostbed creators know that latex is durable and long-lasting – therefore, lending an extra-long lifespan to the mattress and guaranteeing that it can properly withstand regular use.

Gel Memory Foam

Up next is 4 pounds, 2 inches of Ghostbed’s proprietary gel memory foam. Ghostbed’s gel memory foam is special in the fact that’s it’s been constructed with a patented open-cell formula. This special design allows this layer to provide customers with all of the fantastic joint cradling and pressure relieving properties they’ve come to expect from memory foam – without all the common downfalls such as heat retention or a sinking sensation.

High-Density Base Layer

Lastly, the Ghostbed mattress features a 2 pound, 7 ½ inch foundation layer of high-density foam. This layer, like most all mattress base layers, has been designed to provide all the necessary support, stability, and firmness while reinforcing the entire mattress and enhancing the performance of the above layers.

Plush Cover

To top things off, Ghostbed encases their entire mattress in a super-plush, luxurious cover. Their cover is made with a blend of high-quality, Certi-PUR US Certified polyester and viscose blend.

This unique blend of materials allows the Ghostbed cover to remain super-stretchy, luxuriously soft, and extremely breathable – ensuring that the cover is cool, comfortable, and responsive.

nectar vs ghostbed mattress

Nectar Construction

Nectar has constructed their mattress with four individual layers, consisting mainly of memory foam, and wrapped it all up in a super-cool cover to provide their users with the best in comfort, relief, and cooling.

Tencel Cooling Cover

Nectar encases their entire mattress with a custom-milled, ultra-breathable Tencel cooling cover. This cover has been specifically designed to quickly wick away sweat, heat, and moisture to keep you cool and dry no matter the conditions. As an added bonus, their Tencel cover is bed-bug resistant – making it far healthier and more cost-effective option in the long run.

Quilted Gel Memory Foam

The top layer of the actual Nectar mattress features luxurious quilted gel memory foam. The process necessary to quilt this gel memory foam is tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. However, it lends an unsurpassed level of loftiness, comfort, and breathability. Therefore, Nectar insists on its use to provide their customers with the very best.

Gel Memory Foam

Up next is a layer of Nectar’s proprietary gel memory foam. In fact, the Nectar company actually holds five different patents on this material and it holds the title of the most premium gel memory foam available on the market today. Because of its unmatched cooling properties, luxurious comfort, and top-notch responsiveness, recovery time, and bounce-back, this exclusive material is usually reserved for medical use.

Adaptive Hi-Core Memory Foam

Nectar utilizes the next layer of their mattress to ensure that you never experience any sinking sensation by equipping this layer with their adaptive hi-core memory foam. Currently, this specific material is not available in any other mattress on the market -as it’s density and weight can make it difficult and expensive to ship. However, once again, Nectar insists on its use as they feel it provides a level of joint cradling and pressure point relief that you simply cannot find in any other material.

Breathable Base Layer

It pretty clear to see that the Nectar mattress boasts a lot of great titles. Their foundation layer is no exception. According to their website, the Nectar mattress features the densest yet most breathable baselayer available on the market.

Like most other mattress base layers, Nectar’s provides necessary support, reinforcement, and stability as well as enhancing the above layers. But, Nectar sets themselves apart by including molded channels throughout the base layer that lends an extra level of breathability and airflow through the mattress.

Nectar also guarantees that all the materials used in the construction of their mattress are Certi-PUR US Certified against emissions and for high indoor air quality.

Who Wins?

Both mattresses are truly made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship and both options are hybrid, featuring a few different materials. Ultimately, between Ghostbed vs Nectar, Nectar takes the win in this category.

They feature several more exclusive materials, hold several titles and patents, and even feature an additional layer compared to Ghostbed.

Temperature Control

In the next category of our review, we’ll be taking a look at the cooling technology offered by Nectar vs Ghostbed.

ghostbed vs nectar

Ghostbed Temperature Control

Just a quick glance at the Ghostbed website and you’ll notice that the Ghostbed currently holds the title of the coolest mattress on the market. After getting into a few of the details, it’s pretty easy to see why.

Science has proven the necessity of a cool surface to achieve the best night’s sleep. Ghostbed knows and understands this need and has designed their mattress accordingly – equipping every last inch of their product with cooling technology to help ensure that you can sleep cool and comfortably every night.

First off, the top layer of their mattress features aerated latex foam. While latex isn’t usually known for sleeping very cool, Ghostbed has placed perfectly spaced perforations throughout this layer’s surface to ensure that it can efficiently draw in fresh air. Then, when you move over the mattress during the night, the fresh air is released against the body, proving a cooling sensation with every turn.

Up next is their proprietary gel memory foam – formulated with an open-cell construction allowing for larger, more adaptive cells. This guarantees that, unlike conventional memory foam, their formula never retains heat. Ultimately allowing for a real-time temperature regulation exclusive to the Ghostbed brand.

Lastly, they encase their entire mattress in a hand-crafted Micron fiber cover. This cover has been specifically designed to always remain breathable and promote adequate airflow to ensure that the material against your skin is not only plush and soft but cool and comfortable as well.

nectar vs ghostbed mattress review

Nectar Temperature Control

After looking over all the details, it seems that the adaptive hi-core memory foam is the only layer of the Nectar mattress that’s not specifically designed with cooling properties. Every other inch of the mattress is working to keep you cool and dry.

Their Tencel cooling cover is designed with motion activated breathability. It draws in fresh, cool air and releases it against the body upon movement as well as quickly and efficiently wicks away any sweat or heat against the skin.

Their layer of quilted memory foam is also designed with optimal breathability and airflow while their layer of gel memory foam is designed to absorb body heat and direct it away from the body. To top things off, their bottom base layer features perfectly molded channels that constantly draw in fresh air as well as absorb heat from the above layers and distribute it evenly through the bottom of the mattress.

Who Wins?

Once again, both mattresses fair well in this category. They both equip nearly every layer with cooling properties and promise their consumers a cool, dry, and comfortable sleep. However, when it comes down to Ghostbed vs Nectar, Ghostbed takes the win in the end.

After all, they weren’t named the coolest mattress on the market for nothing!

Overall Comfort: Softness vs Firmness

Here, we’ll be taking a good look at the overall comfort as well as the firmness to softness ratio offered by the Nectar vs Ghostbed mattresses.

ghostbed vs nectar comparison mattress review

Ghostbed Comfort

The creators of the Ghostbed truly went all out when designing their mattress. They wanted to create something that was perfectly comfortable while still remaining supportive and providing proper alignment for the healthiest sleep. As a matter of fact, their team spent literal years testing and researching to come up with the perfect balance.

Finally, the Ghostbed folks settled on a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. According to their research, this is the perfect level of firmness to achieve ideal comfort and adequate support.

To achieve this seamless harmony, they combine scientifically-engineered gel memory foam with a high-density foam base layer. Their memory foam layers provide all the joint cradling and pressure relief you’ve come to expect from the material while the firm base layer guarantees that you’re never left skimping on support or stability. It also absorbs and distributes weight evenly to avoid any pressure spots and ultimately increases the durability and longevity of the mattress.

nectar vs ghostbed mattress

Nectar Comfort

The Nectar mattress is described as a medium-firm option, landing somewhere between a 5.5 and a 7.5 on the firmness scale. The creators of the Nectar mattress are confident that they’ve designed a mattress with that “just right” feel and the perfect level of softness to firmness.

Nectar has utilized every inch of their mattress with comfort and support measures. Users will find optimal comfort, loft, and joint cradling in their top layer of quilted memory foam. Underneath this layer is their gel memory foam which absorbs and distributes weight properly to relieve any pressure or discomfort.

Their adaptive hi-core memory foam layer guarantees that you’ll never be left sinking down into the mattress’s surface while enhancing the contouring properties of the layer above as well as adding its own level of responsiveness, stability, and bounce-back. They wrap up their mattress with their breathable base layer that provides support and stability, temperature regulation, and overall reinforcement of the entire mattress to ensure that it literally lasts forever.

Who Wins?

Both companies worked long and hard to perfect the performance of their mattress. But, in Ghostbed vs Nectar, Nectar takes the win in this category.

We appreciate the efforts of Ghostbed, but you’ll notice in our review section below that many Ghostbed users have still found that the mattress is too firm for their needs.

Price: Nectar vs Ghostbed

Below, we’ll take a look at the price tag that comes with Nectar vs Ghostbed to see which mattress gives you the best bang for your buck.

ghostbed vs nectar


Ghostbed Price

When it comes to the average mattress prices, Ghostbed is pretty neutral. Their queen-size option comes in at just under the $1000 mark, while their larger sizes come in at just over.

The Ghostbed prices are as follows:

  • Twin – $495
  • Twin XL – $650
  • Full – $845
  • Queen – $895
  • King – $1075
  • California King – $1095

Of course, Ghostbed isn’t the cheapest option on the market, but they certainly aren’t the most expensive either. They offer high-quality construction and craftsmanship as well as boasting the title of the coolest mattress on the market – making their price point pretty fair in the scheme of things.

Nectar Price

Somehow or another, Nectar manages to offer their customers fantastic qualities with exclusive materials and top-notch craftsmanship, all at a price you simply can’t beat.

All of their mattresses, no matter the size, are well under the $1000 mark, making them an extremely budget-friendly option.

The prices of the Nectar mattress are as follows:

  • Twin – $425
  • Twin XL – $475
  • Full – $595
  • Queen – $725
  • King – $825
  • California King – $825

When it comes to quality, Nectar can’t be beaten. They use materials that can’t be found in any other mattress on the market, they offer unsurpassed comfort, and they’ve ensured that your mattress will always stay cool – at a price that the average family can afford.

Plus, you can upgrade from a king to a California king-size for the same price!

Who Wins?

When comparing the prices of Ghostbed vs Nectar, it’s pretty clear that Nectar wins by a mile.

They offer just as many fantastic qualities and benefits as their Ghostbed counterpart with a price tag that stays well under $1000 no matter the size.

Pros & Cons Of Ghostbed vs Nectar

Here, we’ll go over a few of the great reviews of Ghostbed vs Nectar as well as cover a few of their common problems.

ghostbed vs nectar mattress

What Do Users Love About Ghostbed?

According to real-life reviewers, it’s no wonder that the Ghostbed holds the title of the coolest mattress on the market. Customers absolutely raved that no matter the conditions, their Ghostbed mattress made good on its promise to keep them cool, comfortable, and dry all throughout the night. As a matter of fact, some customers even noted that the Ghostbed is perhaps a bit too cool!


  • Some customers have noted that the pressure relieving properties are so spot on that they get a floating sensation when lying on their Ghostbed
  • Several reviews have noticed a significant decrease in neck and back pain thanks to the proper alignment they get on their Ghostbed mattress
  • According to real-life customers, the Ghostbed mattress ships to your door fast and free with no hassle
  • Thanks to the Ghostbed’s hybrid construction, customers experience top-notch responsiveness with little to no motion transference

What Are The Downfalls Of Ghostbed?

It’s easy to see in our above “Comfort” section that the Ghostbed creators put a lot of time and work into perfecting the firmness level of their mattress. Unfortunately, several customers find that the mattress is still far too firm for them. Some noted that the addition of a mattress topper helped them achieve proper comfort and support. But, others did note that they were simply left with no other choice than to return the product.


  • Customers of a larger size have noticed an unpleasant sinking sensation and find it difficult to move around on the mattress
  • Because the Ghostbed is specifically designed for proper alignment, it’s fantastic for side and back sleepers but leaves a lot to be desired for those that sleep on their stomach
  • The Ghostbed company does not offer any sort of white glove service, leaving customers to their own devices when it comes to getting the mattress in their home and set up properly

What Do Users Love About Nectar?

Above all else, Nectar users rave that the mattress makes good on its promise to provide that “just right” feel. Evidently, their perfect balance of firmness to softness has allowed Nectar users to achieve the best night’s sleep of their lives.

In fact, many Nectar users have noted in their review that they suffer from pain-inducing ailments such as fibromyalgia or arthritis. According to them, their Nectar mattress has greatly reduced or even eliminated their pain and stiffness throughout the night as well as upon waking.


  • Nectar equips their mattress with adequate edge support to reduce the chance of causing premature wear or rolling off the edge during the night
  • Nectar’s soft, luxurious cover is completely removable and washable
  • The Nectar mattress will remain comfortable and supportive no matter your preferred sleeping position
  • The Nectar mattress does not emit any off-gassing odors which can be common in foam products that have been compressed for shipment
  • The Nectar company protects your purchase with an unsurpassed year-long sleep trial and forever warranty

What Are The Downfalls Of Nectar?

The biggest complaint about the Nectar mattress has nothing to do with the performance of the product and everything to do with the shipping process. Based on real-life experiences, it can take upwards of weeks for your Nectar purchase to actually arrive. We even saw a few reviews claiming that their order was pushed back repeatedly and took months to actually deliver.


  • While you can remove and wash your Nectar cover, it is not currently replaceable
  • The Nectar company does offer to finance your purchase, however, it does come with additional fees
  • The Nectar mattress features a unique construction with exclusive materials only found in the Nectar brand – Therefor, it can take several weeks for your body to adjust to the mattress

Warranty: Nectar vs Ghostbed

Here, we’ll compare all the fine details of the warranties offered by the Ghostbed vs Nectar companies.

ghostbed vs nectar review

Ghostbed Warranty

The Ghostbed company stands behind their product and proves that will a decent sleep trial and warranty.

Upon receiving your Ghostbed mattress, you’ll have a full 101 nights to try the product in your home and determine if it truly is the best fit for you. If you decided that it’s not the best option, after all, Ghostbed will happily offer a full refund of your purchase price. Though, it is worth noting that the sleep trial period is not valid if you purchase your mattress through an online voucher such as Groupon.

If you decide to keep the mattress, then your purchase will remain protected by a 20-year limited warranty backed by Ghostbed’s mother company, Nature’s Sleep. At first, that sounds pretty sweet! 20 years is almost double what most companies offer these days. But, don’t get too excited just yet.

The first 10 years of the Ghostbed warranty is fairly standard. The company will repair or replace your mattress at no cost to you if the damage is found to meet the terms of their warranty. However, things get less exciting after that typical 10-year mark.

Beginning in the 11th year of your warranty, Ghostbed will begin prorating your original purchase price. In year 11, you’ll be responsible for 50%. This percentage goes up by 5 with every passing year. By year 20, you’ll be responsible for 95% of the original cost of your mattress.

nectar vs ghostbed comparison

Nectar Warranty

Most commonly, companies will offer their customers somewhere around 100 nights to try their new mattress in their home and then follow that up with a 10-year limited warranty. All in all, it’s pretty good protection of your purchase. But, Nectar has truly pushed that envelope.

For starters, they offer their customers a 365-night sleep trial. That’s a full year to try your mattress in your home, through all four seasons, to truly determine if it’s going to perform up to par. That’s 3x longer than the standard sleep trial offered.

Nectar noted that only 3% of their customers actually return the mattress during this period. If you’re one of the 97% that loves your Nectar mattress, then your protection doesn’t stop at the sleep trial. Nectar actually warranties their mattresses for as long as you own them.

You read that correctly. If you keep your Nectar mattress forever, the Nectar company will warranty it forever. During the first 10 years, Nectar will repair or replace your mattress at no cost to you, so long as the damage meets the terms of their warranty.

Now, this is where their Ghostbed competitor gets a little hairy. But, Nectar promises to never prorate your cost. After the 10-year mark, for as long as you own the mattress, you’ll only be financially responsible for a $50 transportation fee both ways. However, if your mattress is found to actually be defective, this fee is waived.

Of course, the Nectar warranty is not transferable, they do not cover damage resulting from improper use or abuse, and personal comfort preferences or sensitivities, or any mattress that has been purchased “as is” or from an unauthorized dealer.

Who Wins?

When it comes to the warranties offered by Ghostbed vs Nectar, Nectar takes the win by a mile.

We appreciate the efforts of Ghostbed, but ultimately their warranty loses a lot of its appeal after the standard 10-year mark. Nectar, however, offers 3x the sleep trial and protects your purchase forever.

About The Companies

In the last category of our review, we’ll take a look at a few of the important details surrounding the companies of Ghostbed vs Nectar.

ghostbed vs nectar mattress review

Ghostbed Company

The creator of the Ghostbed mattress company has a lot of history with invention. In the early 1900’s his family invented the first fiberglass and aluminum ladder, founded the Werner Ladder Company, and still to this day holds the title of the best ladder company in the world.

It wasn’t until 2001 one that Ghostbed’s founder, Mac Werner, found himself in a difficult position. After a series of neck surgeries, he discovered that no matter how many mattresses he tried, he couldn’t find one that alleviated his pain enough to allow him a peaceful night’s rest. On top of that, like many online mattress company founders, he found the whole mattress buying process to be a huge, unnecessary hassle.

In 2015, Werner set out to create a solution to his problems by creating his own pillow and mattress. Marc invented a high-quality mattress that would provide consumers with unsurpassed cooling technology, proper neck and spine alignment, and optimal comfort and support – without the bog box hassle or price tag.

nectar vs ghostbed mattress

Nectar Company

We were unable to find any details concerning the actual startup of the Nectar mattress company. However, the website does feature their Better Sleep Blog, as well as a complete FAQ section that has to answer to virtually any questions you may have.

It’s also pretty easy to see that Nectar has set out to create a high-quality, luxurious mattress as a price that friendly to every family. Plus, just based on their forever warranty, we can deduce that they care about the environment and don’t want to see their mattresses decaying away in a landfill.

Who Comes Out On Top In Ghostbed vs Nectar?

Both of the mattresses we’ve covered here have their own lists of fantastic qualities and benefits. The Ghostbed mattress offers customers literally unsurpassed cooling technology and healthy, proper spine and neck alignment.

But, when it comes down to Nectar vs Ghostbed, we think that Nectar ultimately takes the win here. They equip their products with exclusive materials that simply cannot be found anywhere else, top-notch comfort and support, as well as high-quality temperature control – all at a price point well under $1000.

In the end, we think that Nectar is a pretty sweet deal.


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