Helix vs Purple: A Complete Comparison Buyer’s Guide to the Best Mattress in 2019

This in-depth, unbiased guide is a Sleeping Ninjas showdown between Helix vs Purple to help you select the best mattress. DisclosureSleeping Ninjas has an affiliate relationship with some companies where we get a small percentage of sales if you click over from our site.


Helix vs Purple Highlights

The Helix mattress offers:

  • High-grade, personalized temperature regulation
  • An average price tag with available financing through Klarna
  • Helix will remove your mattress and donate or recycle it if you decide to return it during the sleep trial period
  • Customization down to the T to guarantee that the mattress fits all your individual needs
  • Helix keeps your purchase protected with an industry-standard sleep trial period and warranty

The Purple mattress offers:

  • Purple’s proprietary Smart Comfort Grid exclusive to the company
  • A thick base layer that promises crucial firmness, support, and stability
  • Breathable materials and open design in the Smart Comfort Grid guarantees breathability and airflow
  • Scientifically-engineered construction to guarantee high-quality and performance

Let’s take a look at our comprehensive comparison review of Purple vs Helix to see which mattress will offer you the best of the best.

Construction: What’s It Made Out Of?

In the first category of out Helix vs Purple comparison review, we’ll go through the fine details surrounding the construction of both mattresses.

helix vs purple

Helix Construction

Helix constructs their mattress with three individual layers of high-grade materials including patented foam and an innerspring system specifically designed to harness the best qualities of each material and offer their customers the very best in both comfort and support. And the best part of it all is – The Helix mattress is completely customizable to allows you to personalize your mattress to fit all your individual needs!

Helix Dynamic Foam

To start things off right, Helix tops their mattress with a layer of their patented Helix Dynamic Foam. They’ve designed this proprietary foam material to perform much like memory foam without all of the common downfalls of its conventional counterpart. This layer is specially constructed to offer unrivaled contouring, joint cradling, and pressure point relief. However, they’ve ensured that their dynamic foam never sleeps hot or allows for that terrible sinking feeling by formulating the material to be hyper-reactive and ultra-breathable.

Pocketed Micro Coils

Serving as the core of the Helix mattress is a layer of perfectly spaced, individually pocketed micro coils. This layer is specifically designed to enhance the pressure relieving properties of the above layer – making for an almost floating-like feeling. It also reduces the motion transference to nearly zero – allowing for a completely peaceful and undisturbed sleep. Lastly, this integrated innerspring system is designed high-quality, breathable fabric encasing each coil that allows for adequate airflow and breathability throughout the mattress.

High-Grade Polyfoam

Helix brings up the bottom of every mattress with a layer of high-grade polyfoam. However, the firmness of this layer varies with every mattress, thanks to Helix’s customization option. If you’re the type that prefers a firmer, more stable sleeping surface, then your base layer of polyfoam will be denser. On the other hand, if you prefer a softer, plusher surface, then the base layer will reflect those desires. But, no matter the firmness level that you prefer, Helix promises that every mattress will provide all the necessary support and stability.

purple vs helix mattress

Purple Construction

The Original Purple Bed is a hybrid mattress option that combines the best qualities of a few different high-grade materials in four, individual layers.

Purple Smart Comfort Grid

The first layer of the Purple mattress features their innovative Purple Smart Comfort Grid. This proprietary grid, exclusive to the Purple mattress, promises unequaled comfort, joint cradling, and support in a way that their competitors simply cannot. Their special grid covers the entire surface of their mattress. It’s been specifically designed to fold in upon itself under pressure, perfectly contouring to each curve and shape of every individual body. Unlike many other mattress options that only offer zoned support in specific areas of the mattress, the Purple mattress offers these benefits no matter which area of the mattress you lie on or your preferred sleeping position.

Soft, High-Density Polyurethane Foam

The core of the Purple mattress, directly underneath the Smart Comfort Grid, is a layer of super-soft, high-density polyurethane foam – certified by Certi-PUR US against harmful emissions and for high indoor air quality. This layer is specifically designed to enhance the overall performance of the grid above. They’ve designed their foam with top-notch responsiveness and bounce back to create a perfect soft place for joints and pressure points to rest against through the grid.

Medium-Firm, High-Density Polyurethane Foam

The last layer of the Purple, serving as the mattress’s base, is a thick layer of medium-firm, high-density polyurethane foam – also certified by Certi-PUR US to guarantee your safety. This polyurethane foam, much like most base layers, serves to guarantee all of the crucial support and stability you look for in a mattress. It also provides stability and reinforcement for the entire mattress as well as enhances the performance of all the above layers.

Stretch Knit Cover

To wrap things up, Purple encases their entire mattress with a breathable stretch knit cover. Their cover provides their mattress with a touchably soft feel and adequate airflow while the super-stretchy design allows the cover to work in perfect unison with the Smart Comfort Grid – enhancing its performance and guaranteeing that you get the very best out of the joint cradling and pressure point relieving properties.

Who Wins?

When comparing the overall construction of the Helix vs Purple mattresses, it certainly is a close race. However, we think that Helix has the slightest edge simply because they allow you to customize the individual layers of your mattress to best suit your needs.

Temperature Control

Up next, we’ll be comparing the temperature control offered in Purple vs Helix to see which mattress is guaranteed to keep you cool and dry night after night.

helix vs purple mattress

Helix Temperature Control

Helix certainly doesn’t skimp when it comes to the temperature control of their mattress. Virtually every inch of their product is designed to keep you cool and comfortable.

Their topmost layer of Helix Dynamic Foam is specially formulated to always remain cool against the skin. Underneath this layer is their individually pocketed system of micro coils. These coils are perfectly spaced and individually encased in a breathable material to allow for adequate airflow and breathability through the mattress.

To sweeten the deal even further, Helix allows you to customize the level of temperature control in your mattress. If you’re one to sleep overly hot anyway, Helix can perfectly design your mattress to maximize the temperature regulating qualities.

Purple Temperature Control

Purple utilizes 2 of their 4 layers to safeguard their mattress against heat retention. First and foremost, their Smart comfort Grid is designed with temperature control in mind. Their grid has been scientifically-engineered to always remain neutral in temperature no matter the conditions. It also features an open design that allows air to travel through the grid freely, increasing overall airflow and breathability. Lastly, their grid has been designed to wick away heat quickly and effectively to ensure that you never experience hot spots on your mattress.

In addition to their Smart Comfort Grid, Purple equips their mattress with an ultra-breathable cover. Their cover is specifically designed to provide touchable softness while remaining super-stretchy and breathable to promote sufficient airflow.

Who Wins?

When comparing the overall temperature regulation of Purple vs Helix, Helix takes the win. They equip more layers of their mattress with heat retention safeguards as well as allow you to customize your temperature control to fit your specific needs.

Overall Comfort: Softness vs Firmness

In this category of our review, we’ll take a look at the overall comfort as well as the firmness to softness ratio of the Helix vs Purple mattresses.

helix vs purple mattress review

Helix Comfort

Helix is able to offer virtually unsurpassed comfort in their mattress thanks to their ability to completely customize their product. Each and every Helix mattress is equipped with comfortable and supportive materials.

They have designed their Helix Dynamic Foam to perform much the same way as memory foam – high-grade joint cradling and pressure point relief without the downfalls such as heat retention and that dreadful sinking sensation.

They’ve also formulated this foam layer with hyper-reactivity and adequate bounce-back to truly ensure optimal comfort. Then they bring up the bottom of each mattress with high-quality polyfoam to ensure firmness, support, and stability.

But, what allows Helix to truly stand out is their ability to customize your mattress to meet all of your personal preferences. You’ll notice on their official website that they offer a comprehensive quiz. This quick test will ask you about everything from your pain levels to your typical sleeping position. From there, they will design your Helix mattress to specifically fit all of your needs.

purple mattress vs helix

Purple Comfort

Purple markets their mattress as a medium-firm option – making it an ideal choice for most consumers or even those that are unsure of their desired firmness level. Plus, thanks to the innovative Smart Comfort Grid, Purple can offer a level of support and pressure relief that others cannot.

It’s fairly common for mattress companies to equip their products with zoned support – adding firmer materials in certain areas of the mattress and softer in others. This isn’t a bad approach, but it leaves users limited to a certain area of the mattress to reap the full benefits. Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid avoids this problem altogether.

The Comfort Grid in combination with their layer of soft polyurethane foam ensures that users will get unsurpassed comfort and pressure relief no matter where they lay on the mattress’s surface. The medium-firm, high-density polyurethane foam bringing up the bottom of the Purple mattress guarantees that you’re never skimping on firmness, support, or stability.

Who Wins?

Ultimately, when it comes down to the comfort between Helix vs Purple, Helix takes the win in this category as well. Purple offers their proprietary Smart Comfort Grid. But, we did note in the review section that some users found that it didn’t perform well based on their weight. Plus, Helix offers a level of personalization that Purple does not.

Price: Helix vs Purple

Up next, we’ll compare the price tags that come with Helix vs Purple to see which mattress offers you the best bang for your buck.

helix vs purple mattress review

Helix Price

It’s no secret that a new mattress is a pretty big purchase. No matter how long you shop, it’s going to cost you a bit. But, when it comes to the Helix mattress, their mattress is pretty fairly priced considering all the great benefits it has to offer. Their queen-size option comes in at just a hair under $1000, while their larger sizes still don’t break the $1500 mark.

The prices of the Helix mattress are as follows:

  • Twin – $600
  • Twin XL – $700
  • Full – $850
  • Queen – $995
  • King – $1245
  • California King – $1245

The Helix mattress features a 3-layer hybrid construction, customizable temperature control, personalized comfort, and an industry-standard warranty and sleep trial period. All things considered, the price tag isn’t bad.

The customization aspect is no additional cost and you can also upgrade from a king to a California king-size for the same price. Plus, Helix does offer to finance your purchase through Klarna to help ensure that everyone can afford their product.

purple vs helix

Purple Price

Purple also offers their mattress at a fairly neutral price point. The queen-size option comes in at just a literal dollar under $1000. But, their larger sizes also ring in well under the $1500 price point.

The prices of The Original Purple Bed are as follows:

  • Twin XL – $699
  • Full – $899
  • Queen – $999
  • King – $1299
  • California King – $1299

Purple certainly isn’t the cheapest option available on the market. But, it definitely isn’t the most expensive either. Plus, they offer their proprietary Smart Comfort Grid that can provide users with unmatched joint cradling and pressure point relief that simply isn’t available in any other mattress. Plus, like their Helix counterpart, Purple offers their king and California king-size options for the same price.

Who Wins?

When we compare the prices of Helix vs Purple, Helix actually takes the win in this category as well, by just a hair. Down the board, Helix is just a few dollars than their Purple counterpart.

Pros & Cons Of Helix vs Purple

In this category, we’ll take a look at a few of the great reviews of Helix vs Purple as well as a few of the common issues.

helix vs purple mattress

What Do Users Love About Helix?

The Helix mattress certainly isn’t short on fantastic reviews. However, as we expected, the biggest praise lies in the personalization that Helix allows in their mattresses. Users are highly impressed with the way that their Helix mattress perfectly fits all of their individual needs.

If you answer all the questions on their sleep quiz truthfully, it’s nearly impossible to get a Helix mattress that is too firm or too soft, or simply not the right fit for you.


  • Helix mattresses are available in a split or blended surface – making sure that even couples can get the very best out of their purchase
  • According to real-life reviews, the Helix mattress is always delivered fast and free
  • Helix helps to guarantee that most anyone can afford their mattress by offering to finance your purchase through Klarna
  • Helix proudly owns and operates their company entirely in the US
  • You Helix purchase is protected by an industry-standard sleep trial and warranty

What Are The Downfalls Of Helix?

The majority of Helix users love their mattress – after they’ve used it a while. The biggest downfall we noticed in Helix reviews was the adjustment period. Helix does their very best to personalize your mattress to fit your every need and preference.

However, if you’ve spent the last several years on an insufficient, worn down, or sagging mattress, then it can take a few weeks to adjust to one that provides proper alignment and support. During this adjustment period, it’s not uncommon to notice some new discomfort or aches and pains while your body acclimates to the new surface.


  • Helix does include detailed setup instructions in their packaging, but they do not currently offer any white gloves service to assist
  • Of course, the Helix company recommends that you use their mattress in conjunction with their foundation – but if you choose to use your own, it’s important to use a base with slats no more than 5 inches apart to ensure the validity of your warranty
  • Helix recommends that you set up your mattress quickly and do not leave the mattress compressed in the box for more than two weeks tops
  • If you choose to take advantage of Helix’s financing option, any promo codes or sales will not be valid with your purchase

purple vs helix

What Do Users Love About Purple?

Purple mattress owners love their purchase. That’s no secret. But, their biggest praise seems to be the unsurpassed joint pain and pressure point relief that customers have noticed from their Purple mattress. According to a large percentage of reviewers,

Purple makes good on its promise to contour and cradle your body in a way that no other mattress can. And most users brag that the Comfort Grid performs just exactly as it should – relaxing under joints and problem areas while simultaneously supporting the rest of your body.

Some have even noted that they suffer from chronic pain and their Purple mattress has greatly reduced or even eliminated some of their symptoms.


  • Purple’s cooling technology really works – keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable all throughout the night
  • The Purple mattress is compatible with every sleeping position
  • Purple keeps your purchase protected with an industry-standard sleep trial and warranty
  • Purple has designed their mattress to be durable and withstand regular use – guaranteeing that it will last you a long while
  • Thanks to the combination of high-quality polyurethane foam and the Smart Comfort Grid, the Purple mattress is highly-responsive with top-notch bounce back

What Are The Downfalls Of Purple?

It seems that Purple’s biggest praise is also their biggest downfall. We noted above that most reviewers love the performance of the Smart Comfort Grid. However, when we looked through their review section, it seems that it’s also their largest complaint.

Users that are on the petite size have noticed that the grid doesn’t collapse at all under their weight – leaving them to sleep on a too-firm surface with no pressure relief. While, on the other hand, larger customers have noticed that the entire grid seems to collapse under their weight and the foam layer beneath doesn’t provide adequate support.


  • You must use your Purple mattress in conjunction with a supportive base to guarantee the validity of your warranty as well as proper performance
  • Due to the innovative design of the Comfort Grid, it can take up to 30 days to adjust to your Purple mattress
  • Purple does not recommend the use of a conventional box spring with their mattress as it can cause premature wear and sagging
  • The Purple mattress is not equipped with adequate edge support – leaving you susceptible to rolling off or causing premature wear

Warranty: Helix vs Purple

Here, we’ll go over the fine details of the warranties offered by the Helix vs Purple companies.

helix vs purple

Helix Warranty

Helix proudly protects your purchase with an industry-standard sleep trial period and limited warranty. Starting the day your mattress arrives, you have 100 nights to use it in your home to determine if it truly is the very best fit for you or your family.

If by chance, you decide that it’s not for you, after all, Helix will happily refund your full purchase price and remove the mattress from your home. If possible, Helix will arrange to have the mattress donated to a local charity or homeless shelter. If state regulations prohibit that then they will send a trusted recycling partner to pick up the mattress and have it properly recycled.

The terms of Helix’s 10-limited warranty are fairly standard. They will repair or replace your mattress if it’s found to have a lasting indention greater than one inch – provided that it’s not the result of an improper foundation, any defects in the mattress cover, or any faults or malfunctions that cause splits, cracks, or tears in the foam material.

Like most warranties, there are a few things that Helix does not cover: Any damages resulting from improper use or abuse, any personal comfort discrepancies outside of the sleep trial period, any normal increase in softness that does not affect the pressure-relieving abilities, or any mattress purchased from an unauthorized dealer or “as is”.

purple mattress vs helix

Purple Warranty

Like their Helix counterpart, Purple offers an industry-standard sleep trial period and limited warranty. Upon purchase, you have 100 nights to use your new Purple mattress in your home. This allows you sufficient time to acclimate to the new surface and determine if it’s the best fit for you. If you decide that it’s not, Purple will issue a full refund and arrange to pick the mattress up from your home.

If you decide to keep the mattress, your purchase remains protected for the next 10 years of ownership. Purple will repair or replace your mattress, at their discretion, if it’s found to have an indentation of greater than 1” or any cracks, splits, or defaults in the material.

They do not cover damages incurred from improper use or abuse or any Purple mattress that’s been purchased from an unauthorized dealer or bought “as is.”

Who Wins?

Truthfully, when we compare the warranties offered by Purple vs Helix, both companies offer pretty much the same things. We’re giving Helix just the slightest edge in this category simply because they arrange to have your used mattress donated or properly recycled.

About The Companies

In the last category of our Helix vs Purple comparison review, we’ll be taking a look at a few of the important details surrounding the mattress companies.

helix vs purple

Helix Company

Jerry, Kristian, and Adam found inspiration out of their trouble when it came to buying a new mattress. Like many founders these days, they found that the mattress buying process was chock full of hassle – pushy salesmen, bright lights, too-high prices, and insufficient time to test the mattress.

So, they found inspiration out of their troubles. The created an online, direct-to-consumer mattress company that allowed customers to purchase a high-quality product, test it adequately, and at an affordable cost.

Helix firmly believes that no two people are the same, so no two mattresses should be the same. They base their company off of feedback and the belief that customization is key. They’ve compiled a comprehensive quiz that allows you to personalize your mattress down to the very T, ensuring that it’s truly the best option for you and you alone.

They also work hard to ensure that their products are environmentally friendly – arranging for the proper recycling of used mattresses or donating them when able.

purple vs helix

Purple Company

Tony Pearce, a real-life rocket scientist, and Terry Pearce, and comfort tech genius founded the Purple mattress company in 2013. The brothers were no stranger to invention.

They created a material called Floam that’s been used in everything from preemie nests to wheelchair padding. Eventually, they took everything they know about invention and comfort and combined their knowledge to create the Purple mattress.

It did take them a few years to iron out all the kinks and invent a mass production machine called the Mad Max. They finally started producing and selling Purple mattresses in 2016.

What’s The Conclusion Of Our Helix vs Purple Comparison Review?

When it comes down between Helix vs Purple, Helix ultimately takes the win in this comparison review. Don’t get us wrong, we’re highly impressed with the innovation of the Smart Comfort Grid in the Purple mattress. They offer top-notch support, comfort, and cooling technology in a way that no other mattress company can.

But, Helix allows for a level of personalization that Purple does not. They allow for completely customized comfort, temperature control, and support – all for a fairly neutral price and even allow financing.


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