Leesa vs Brooklyn Bedding: A Complete Comparison Buyer’s Guide to the Best Mattress in 2019

This in-depth, unbiased guide is a Sleeping Ninjas showdown between Leesa vs Brooklyn Bedding to help you select the best mattress. DisclosureSleeping Ninjas has an affiliate relationship with some companies where we get a small percentage of sales if you click over from our site.


Leesa vs Brooklyn Bedding Highlights

The Leesa mattress offers:

  • Guaranteed temperature control with aerated foam and lightweight materials
  • High-quality, three-layer hybrid construction
  • 1 in every 10 mattresses sold are donated to a local charity or homeless shelter
  • A family-friendly price tag with their queen-size option under $1000
  • Firm base layer guarantees necessary support and stability

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Series mattress offers:

  • A high-quality, 3-layer hybrid construction
  • Budget-friendly price point
  • A variety of series and firmness levels available
  • Proprietary cooling technology infusions
  • Patented TitanFlex foam to guarantee comfort and support

Construction: What’s It Made Out Of?

In this category of our comparison review, we’ll be going over the fine details of the construction of Leesa vs Brooklyn Bedding.

leesa vs brooklyn bedding mattress review

Leesa Construction

The makers of the Leesa constructed their mattress with a high-quality, three-layer construction to ensure comfort, temperature control, and support.

Aerated Aveena Foam

Leesa tops their mattress with a 2-inch layer of aerated Aveena foam to ensure top-notch comfort directly against the body. This foam has been specifically designed to be plush and luxurious. It also features perforations throughout the entire surface that allows the mattress to constantly draw in fresh air – helping to keep you as cool as you are comfortable.

Memory Foam

The core layer of the Leesa mattress is constructed with 2-inches of high-quality memory foam. This second layer is designed to provide all the best benefits that memory foam has to offer. Leesa guarantees that their users will get all of the joint cradling and pressure relieving properties they’ve come to expect from memory foam materials. Leesa also guarantees that customers won’t experience any lasting indentations or sagging as they’ve designed this layer of their mattress to provide crucial bounce-back and responsiveness.

Core Support Foam

Leesa equips the bottom of their mattress with a 6-inch core support foam foundation. This bottom layer ensures that customers will reap all of the comfort and pressure relieving benefits that their Leesa mattress has to offer without skimping on support or stability. It also serves as fortification of the entire mattress, boosts the performance of the above foam layers, and helps to avoid that dreadful sinking feeling.

The Leesa company has expertly combined these materials to create what they believe to be the perfect mattress that provides both optimal comfort and support.

brooklyn bedding vs leesa

Brooklyn Bedding Construction

The creators of the Brooklyn Bedding mattress constructed their mattress with a high-quality, 3-layer hybrid design to provide the best in both comfort and support.

TitanFlex Comfort

The top layer of the Brooklyn Bedding mattress features 2 inches of patented TitanFlex foam, exclusive to the Brooklyn Bedding mattress. This foam has been engineered with special technology that instantly reacts and adjusts with every movement of your body. It also features an infusion of Brooklyn Bedding’s proprietary Titanium Gel that helps to keep you cool throughout the night as well as promotes a healthy, anti-bacterial surface.

TitanFlex Support

Up next is another 2” layer of Brooklyn Bedding’s TitanFlex foam. This layer of exclusive foam is designed with a higher-density than the above layer allowing for a transitional layer with a firmer feel. It allows for perfect contouring around each individual body and provides deep compression support.

Ascension Pocketed Coils

Bringing up the bottom of the mattress is a 6” layer of ascension pocketed coils. Depending on the size of the mattress, this foundation layer can consist of up to 1,024 coils. Each coil has been specially engineered and individually pocketed to perfect responsiveness as well as reinforcing the overall structure of the mattress.

Who Wins?

Both mattresses offer a three-layer hybrid construction made with high-quality materials. But, when comparing Brooklyn Bedding vs Leesa, we have to ultimately give the win to Brooklyn Bedding. They use patented, proprietary materials that have been specifically designed to provide the absolute best in comfort and support.

Temperature Control

Up next, we’ll be comparing the temperature control offered in the Brooklyn Bedding vs Leesa mattresses.

leesa vs brooklyn bedding signature series

Leesa Temperature Control

The creators of the Leesa mattress control the temperature of their product in a couple of different ways. To start, they construct their entire mattress with only high-quality, lightweight foam materials. They avoid the use of any thick, dense foams or materials that can potentially trap body heat and cause the mattress to remain hot against the skin. Leesa guarantees that all of their foams are extremely breathable and promote optimal airflow throughout the mattress.

Leesa also equips the top layer of their mattress with safeguards against heat retention. Their layer of Aveena foam features aerated perforations throughout its surface that draw in fresh air. As you move against the mattress, this fresh air is then released against your body. This guarantees that the Leesa mattress allows for optimal breathability and overall airflow.

Brooklyn Bedding Temperature Control

The Brooklyn Bedding company equips both layers of their TitanFlex foam with cooling technology. The actually infuse the foam material with their patented Titanium Gel. This specially formulated gel is designed to regulate your body temperature throughout the night – helping to keep you at a neutral temperature, avoiding sweaty nights or hot spots in the mattress.

Who Wins?

Honestly, neither mattress really goes above and beyond on their cooling properties. But, when it comes to the overall temperature regulation of Leesa vs Brooklyn Bedding, we think that Brooklyn Bedding has a slight edge. They actually infuse two layers with a specially formulated ingredient. Whereas, Leesa only perforates their top layer and avoids the use of dense materials.

Overall Comfort: Firmness vs Softness

Below, we’ll take a look at the firmness to softness ratio as well as the overall comfort offered by the Leesa vs Brooklyn Bedding mattresses.

leesa vs brooklyn bedding

Leesa Comfort

With 10 being the firmest, 1 the softest, the Leesa mattress rates at a 6 on the firmness scale. This medium-firm construction ensures that customers and get the best in support and firmness as well as comfort. It’s the most popular firmness option among consumers and is also a great place to start for customers that aren’t necessarily sure what level of firmness they prefer.

As we noted in the above construction section, the Leesa mattress is primarily constructed with memory foam and other foam-like materials. It’s certainly well known that these materials provide top-notch molding, cradling, and pressure relieving properties. But, they’re not usually known for their firmness or support. The creators of the Leesa mattress made sure to combat this problem with the addition of their core support foam layer. This foundation allows users to still get all of the support and firmness that they need out of their mattress while still reaping the comforting benefits of memory foam.

The combination of high-quality memory foam, supportive base foam, and excellent construction allows the Leesa mattress to provide its users with the perfect harmony of comfort and support.

brooklyn bedding vs leesa mattress comparison review

Brooklyn Bedding Comfort

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress company takes the comfort of their customers very seriously. Their top two layers of patented TitanFlex foam have been specially designed to provide users with top-notch comfort – combining the best qualities of memory foam and latex, such as responsiveness and cradling abilities.

Their topmost layer is designed to perfectly react to each movement throughout the night to ensure optimal comfort while the transitional layer beneath provides the necessary deep compression support and the base layer coil system provides stability.

Brooklyn Bedding also stands out in another way. Unlike many online mattress retailers, the Brooklyn Bedding company offers a pretty wide variety of options. They carry an Aurora Series, a Signature Series, and a Bowery Series that all offer a slightly different set of benefits and amenities.

Though, of course, the prices do vary between the series as well. But, they also offer three different firmness levels for every mattress option they have available. You can choose soft if you’re primarily a side sleeper and preferred that hugged feeling from your mattress, medium (their most popular option) if you’re one to sleep in a combination of all positions and require a balance of support and comfort, or firm if you primarily sleep on your stomach/back and require exceptional lumbar support.

Who Wins?

When comparing the firmness level and overall comfort of Leesa vs Brooklyn Bedding, Brooklyn Bedding takes the win. They equip all their mattresses with proprietary materials designed specifically with optimal comfort in mind. And, unlike their Leesa counterpart, they have a wide variety of different series options available as well as different levels of firmness to best suit every individual need.

Price: Brooklyn Bedding vs Leesa

In this section of our Brooklyn Bedding vs Leesa review, we’ll be taking a look at the price tags on both mattresses to see which offers the best bang for your buck.

leesa vs brooklyn bedding

Leesa Price

Buying a new mattress isn’t a cheap purchase. But, Leesa keeps their prices pretty average for the market and fairly budget-friendly. Their queen-size option comes in at just under $1000 and their larger sizes just over. Making it a plausible, high-quality option for the average family.

The prices of the Leesa mattress are as follows:

  • Twin – $375
  • Twin XL – $625
  • Full – $730
  • Queen – $845
  • King – $1045
  • California King – $1045

The Leesa mattress has been specifically constructed with comfort, support, and cooling technology in mind. They build each mattress with high-quality, lightweight materials. Considering the benefits, you can expect from the Leesa mattress, the price is pretty sweet. Plus, you can upgrade from a king-size to a California king for no additional cost.

brooklyn bedding vs leesa

Brooklyn Bedding Price

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress offers a high-quality hybrid construction at a price point that’s pretty easy to swallow for their Signature Series, which seems to be their most popular option. Their queen-size mattress is available at just under $1000 and their larger sizes are just over.

The prices of the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Series mattress are as follows:

  • Twin – $599
  • Twin XL – $649
  • Full – $799
  • Queen – $949
  • King – $1149
  • California King – $1149

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress isn’t necessarily the cheapest option on the market. But, it’s certainly not the most expensive either. Plus, you can choose the firmness level of your mattress and even upgrade from a king to a California king-size at no additional cost.

Who Wins?

In the price category of Brooklyn Bedding vs Leesa, Leesa takes the win by a couple hundred buck. They both offer their queen-size option at just a bit under a grand and their larger sizes at a bit over. And they both allow you to upgrade to size from a king to a CA king at no additional cost. But, ultimately, Leesa is a bit cheaper than their Brooklyn Bedding competitor.

Pros & Cons Of Leesa vs Brooklyn Bedding

Here, we’ll take a look at the real-life customer reviews of Brooklyn Bedding vs Leesa to see what users love and what could use improvements.

leesa vs brooklyn bedding mattress review

What Do Reviewers Love About Leesa?

Just a quick scroll through the review section shows that customers really love their Leesa mattress. But, above all else, users really seem to rave about the astounding comfort and perfect ratio of softness to firmness. Tons of reviewers have claimed that the Leesa has given them a new lease on life. They’ve found that they’re getting the best sleep of their life, no matter their preferred sleeping position. A large handful of Leesa users have even noted that they suffer from ailments that cause chronic pain and their mattress has all but completely alleviated their symptoms upon waking.


  • The Leesa company has specifically designed their mattress to adapt to every shape and size and rebound quickly, making it a perfect option for couples
  • Leesa donates 1 mattress for every 10 sold to a local homeless shelter or charity
  • You purchase remains protected by an industry-standard warranty and sleep trial period
  • The Leesa mattress offers high-quality at an attainable price point
  • Leesa proudly manufactures their mattresses as well as owns and operates their company completely within the US

What Are The Disadvantages Of Leesa?

As we noted above, nearly every Leesa user is absolutely satisfied with the comfort they get out of their mattress. However, a percentage of reviewers have noted that the temperature controlling properties do not perform well. We did not in the “Temperature Control” section of our Leesa vs Brooklyn Bedding review that the Leesa mattress is equipped with a couple of different heat retention safeguards.

But, according to real-life customers, it simply doesn’t accomplish actual temperature regulation very well. A lot of users have complained that they still end up tossing and turning through the night, waking up sweaty and groggy.


  • We were unable to determine if you’re responsible for return shipping or mattress removal if you decide to return the product during the sleep trial period
  • Several users did notice an off-gassing odor that took several weeks to fully dissipate
  • The Leesa mattress lacks adequate edge support leaving to susceptible to rolling off the edge or causing premature wear if you tend to sleep or sit on the edge of the mattress
  • A small percentage of customers have claimed that they required an additional mattress topper to achieve top-notch comfort

What Do Reviewers Love About Brooklyn Bedding?

The Brooklyn Bedding mattress certainly isn’t short on 5-star reviews. But, the biggest praise seems to hail from the cloud-like pressure relieving properties. Customers have noted that thanks to the hybrid construction, their pressure points, joints, and problem areas are perfectly cradled yet supported – allowing for an almost floating-like sensation against the mattress. And relieving numbness and pain that they’d been experiencing before.


  • Several customers note that the mattress sets up quickly and easily
  • Brooklyn Bedding ships their products quickly and they arrive in a timely manner
  • The mattress is equipped with sufficient edge support to avoid rolling or sagging
  • The Brooklyn Bedding company offers discounts for military personnel as well as first responders
  • Brooklyn Bedding offers a few different mattress options and their official website features a convenient sleep profile tool to help determine which is the best option to fit your needs

What Are The Disadvantages Of Brooklyn Bedding?

The biggest complaint we found about the Brooklyn Bedding mattress was customers noticing that it breaks down prematurely. Most of these reviewers were highly satisfied with their purchase for the first several months, or even the first couple of years.

But, a larger percentage has claimed that the mattress only performs so well for a limited amount of time. Many customers complain that their mattress soon started sagging and the foam compressed past the point of use.


  • Some customers have noticed that the cooling properties do not perform well in warm weather or under warm conditions
  • Users have noted that it’s difficult to find sheets that fit the mattress properly
  • Couples have noticed that after extended use they tend to roll into the middle of the mattress
  • Several reviewers have noted that they’re not satisfied with the firmness level of the mattress

Warranty: Leesa vs Brooklyn Bedding

In this section of our comparison review, we’ll take a look at the fine details of the warranties offered by the Leesa vs Brooklyn Bedding companies.

leesa vs brooklyn bedding

Leesa Warranty

The Leesa company backs their product with an industry-standard sleep trial period and limited warranty. When you buy your Leesa mattress, you’ll get 100-nights to use the mattress in your home to determine if it really is the best option for you. If you find that it’s simply not the right fit for you or your family, Leesa will happily issue a full refund of your purchase price.

If it turns out that you love your Leesa and decide to keep it after the sleep trial period is over, you’ll remain protected by a 10-year limited warranty. The terms of their warranty are pretty standard. They’ll repair or replace your mattress at no cost to you if it’s found to have an indention of greater than 1-inch, any failures in the included cover, o any faults or defects that directly affect the performance of the memory foam material.

Leesa’s website does note that they do reserve the right to replace your mattress cover with the current one in use – which may differ in color or design. It is also noted that the Leesa mattress is specifically made to be used in combination with a supportive frame or base. If your mattress is found to be damaged as a result of an improper frame, improper use, or extraordinary abuse, your warranty is no longer valid. They also do not cover and Leesa mattress that has been purchased from an unauthorized dealer or bought “as is”.

brooklyn bedding vs leesa

Brooklyn Bedding Warranty

Brooklyn Bedding is proud of their product and happily backs it with a 120-night sleep trial period as well as a full 10-year warranty. Starting the day of your purchase, you get to take your new Brooklyn Bedding mattress and use it in your home for a full 120 nights to guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied. They do ask that you use the mattress for at least 30 full nights to allow sufficient time for your body to adjust to the new mattress. If you find that the Brooklyn Bedding mattress isn’t for you, then the company will issue a full refund, less any shipping or processing costs. However, it does look like you’ll be responsible for returning or donating the mattress.

In addition to the 120-night sleep trial period, your purchase will remain protected by a 10-year limited warranty. The warranty offered by Brooklyn Bedding is fairly standard for the industry. The promise to repair or replace your mattress within a reasonable time frame if the damage meets the terms of their warranty. Any defects in the cell structure, splitting or cracking of materials, indentions of greater than 1″, or sagging will be covered provided that the mattress was used properly.

Brooklyn Bedding is not responsible for and will not cover any damages that result from improper use, an improper foundation, base, or frame, any normal increase in softness during the breaking in period, or any stains or normal wear and tear. They also only cover the original purchaser of the mattress and do not cover any mattresses bought “as is”.

Who Wins?

When it comes to the warranties offered by Leesa vs Brooklyn Bedding, they’re both pretty standard for the industry. Brooklyn Bedding has the slightest leg up in this category, simply because their sleep trial period is a few days longer than that offered by Leesa.

About The Companies

In the last section of our Brooklyn Bedding vs Leesa comparison review, we’ll be covering a few of the important details about the companies.

leesa vs brooklyn

Leesa Company

The founders of the Leesa mattress company found themselves in much the same position as many other mattress company founders these days. The felt that the current mattress buying process was troubling. The pushy salesmen and super quick “sleep trials” under bright fluorescent lights were an ineffective hassle and the prices that came with big box stores definitely weren’t considered family-friendly. So, to combat this common problem, they founded an online, direct-to-consumer company that cut out the middleman process as well as the big box cost and set out to provide consumers with a high-quality, comfortable mattress with a budget-friendly price tag.

The Leesa founders have also made it very clear that they care about their social and environmental impacts. As a matter of fact, they even noted that they care just as much about these aspects of their business as they do their profits and revenue. The Leesa company holds regular school fundraisers, plants trees to reduce their carbon footprint, and donates one mattress for every 10 sold to a local homeless shelter or charity.

Brooklyn Bedding Company

The Brooklyn Bedding company was founded by two brothers, John and Rob Merwin. They both started as liquidators. But, in 1995, they started learning the ropes of the mattress business and even deconstructed a few mattresses in the process to determine what would make a better mattress. They got their hands on a refurbished bread truck and a Motorola brick phone and began to try their luck in the mattress industry. It didn’t take long for the brothers to begin selling their product on Amazon and in 2008 they were among some of the first in the industry to utilize the “bed in a box” concept.

Years later, Brooklyn Bedding remains one of a few companies that still actually manufactures their own product, building and selling direct. In 2018, Brooklyn Bedding opened their first permanent showroom at the Las Vegas Market showroom.

What’s The Final Conclusion Of Our Leesa vs Brooklyn Bedding Review?

Both mattresses we’ve covered in this comprehensive review are great options. They both offer a high-quality hybrid construction featuring three individual layers and they both guarantee a level of temperature regulation in one way or another. But, when it comes down between Brooklyn Bedding vs Leesa, we’re ultimately giving the win to Brooklyn Bedding.

While many of their qualities and attributes are similar, Brooklyn Bedding consistently held a bit of an edge. They construct their mattress with exclusive materials and offer their customers a wide variety of options to ensure that they’re getting the best mattress for their specific needs. Their price is just a tad higher than their Leesa counterpart, but only by a couple hundred bucks. Making it well worth the upgrade.


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