Leesa vs Ghostbed: A Complete Comparison Buyer’s Guide to the Best Mattress in 2019

This in-depth, unbiased guide is a Sleeping Ninjas showdown between Leesa vs Ghostbed to help you select the best mattress. DisclosureSleeping Ninjas has an affiliate relationship with some companies where we get a small percentage of sales if you click over from our site.


Leesa vs Ghostbed Highlights

The Ghostbed mattress offers:

  • A high-quality 3-layer construction with a plush cover
  • The title of the coolest mattress on the market with industry-leading cooling technology
  • Guaranteed support and stability thanks to their high-density foam base layer
  • Compatibility with every flat surface from platform beds to the floor
  • A 20-year limited warranty to guarantee that your purchase is protected

The Leesa mattress offers:

  • Their queen-size option under $1000
  • A firm base layer foundation to guarantee firmness and support
  • 3-layer hybrid construction with high-quality materials
  • 1 mattress is donated to a local charity or homeless shelter for every 10 mattresses sold
  • The use of lightweight materials and a layer of aerated foam guarantees temperature control

Let’s dive into our complete comparison review of Ghostbed vs Leesa, two popular mattress options on the market today, to see which mattress comes out on top.

Construction: What’s It Made Out Of?

In the first category of our comparison review, we’ll be taking a look at the construction of the Leesa vs Ghostbed mattresses.

ghostbed vs leesa

Ghostbed Construction

The Ghostbed mattress is a hybrid option featuring 3-layers of high-quality materials, wrapped in an ultra-plush cover. It’s been specifically designed to combine the best qualities of latex and memory foam as well as a high-density base layer to provide customers with a top-notch mattress.

Latex Foam

The first level of the Ghostbed mattress features 1 ½ inches, 3 ½lbs of latex foam. The use of latex provides Ghostbed users with crucial responsiveness and bounce-back in a way that only latex can. This top layer has also been perforated all throughout its surface to allow for optimal breathability and airflow directly against your body. Ghostbed also utilizes latex in their construction as an added layer of durability. Latex is known for its sturdiness, allowing the mattress to last even longer than conventional options made solely of foam materials.

Gel Memory Foam

Underneath the layer of aerated latex foam is 2 inches, 4lbs of gel memory foam. This specific formula of gel memory foam features a special open-cell construction that’s exclusive to the Ghostbed mattress. They’ve specifically designed their gel memory foam to provide all of the joint cradling and pressure point relief that users have come to expect from the material, while still remaining cool and holding its shape better than its original counterpart. This allows the Ghostbed mattress to offer its consumers high-quality comfort and relief without the risk of heat retention.

High-Density Base Layer

Bringing up the very bottom of the Ghostbed mattress is a 2lbs, 7 ½ inch layer of high-density foam material. This base layer guarantees that consumers are getting all of the necessary firmness and support they require as well as reinforces the entire mattress and enhances the overall performance of the above layers.

Plush Cover

Ghostbed then wraps their mattress with an ultra-plush and breathable cover made with a blend of high-quality viscose and polyester, all of which is Certi-PUR US Certified. This unique blend allows the cover to lend a super-soft, comfortable feel to the touch while remaining cool and breathable.

leesa vs loom and ghostbed

Leesa Construction

Like their Ghostbed counterpart, the Leesa mattress is also constructed with 3 individual layers. Their hybrid construction has been specifically designed to provide unsurpassed comfort, support, and temperature control.

Aerated Aveena Foam

The topmost layer of the Leesa mattress is made with aerated Aveena foam. Like the Ghostbed, this top layer features perfectly spaced perforations all throughout the surface to allow for ideal breathability and airflow right underneath the skin. It’s also been designed with plushness and luxury in mind – guaranteeing to keep you cool and comfortable night after night.

Memory Foam

The middle of the Leesa mattress is equipped with a 2-inch layer of high-quality memory foam. The makers of Leesa specially designed this layer to provide top-notch cradling abilities – allowing it to mold to joints and problem areas, relieving pressure points and alleviating pain and stiffness. But, Leesa also made sure that their memory foam was equipped with sufficient bounce-back and responsiveness to avoid any sagging or indentations.

Core Support Foam

The foundation of the Leesa mattress is made with 6 inches of core support foam. This layer guarantees that you’ll get all the comfort and cradling abilities from the Leesa mattress without sacrificing necessary support. Plus, like most mattress bases, Leesa’s foundation layer provides reinforcement to the entire mattress and boosts the performance of the above layers.

Who Wins?

Both mattresses are comprised of three individual layers. However, when we compare the overall construction of Ghostbed vs Leesa, the win ultimately goes to Ghostbed. While they have the same number of layers as their Leesa counterpart, Ghostbed utilizes the great qualities that latex has to offer and also wraps their mattress in an ultra-plush, breathable cover.

Temperature Control

Up next, we’ll be comparing the temperature control offered by Leesa vs Ghostbed.

ghostbed vs leesa

Ghostbed Temperature Control

The makers of the Ghostbed mattress worked very hard to ear the title of the coolest mattress available on the market. They understand that science has proven the absolute need for a cool, temperature regulated mattress to achieve the best level of REM sleep possible. Therefore, they’ve equipped their mattress with unsurpassed cooling technology in nearly every layer.

As we noted above, the top layer of the Ghostbed mattress features perfectly perforated latex foam. These punctures allow the mattress to draw in fresh air that’s released against the body upon movement and also increases the layer’s overall breathability and airflow. This guarantees a refreshing cooling sensation with every movement against the mattress.

Below the aerated latex is Ghostbed’s proprietary gel memory foam. Ghostbed uses a specific formula that gives their gel memory foam an open-cell construction – allowing for larger, adaptive cells. This patented formula guarantees that Ghostbed’s memory foam will never retain any heat and allows for unsurpassed, real-time temperature regulation that’s exclusive to the Ghostbed mattress.

Their final level of temperature control is featured within their cover. Their entire mattress is wrapped in a Micron fiber cover that’s been hand-crafted to always remain exceptionally breathable and provide adequate airflow – guaranteeing that you always stay cool and dry.

leesa vs ghostbed review

Leesa Temperature Control

The makers of the Leesa mattress keep their product cool in a couple of different ways. Firstly, their topmost layer is equipped with aerated Aveena foam. This layer features perfectly spaced perforations throughout its surface to help draw in fresh air and increase overall breathability and airflow directly against the body.

Leesa also guarantees that they only build their mattresses with lightweight, breathable materials. By avoiding the use of thick, dense materials Leesa is able to guarantee an extra level of breathability and airflow throughout the entire mattress as well as guarantee that it never traps or retains heat while you sleep.

Who Wins?

We do applaud the efforts that Leesa took to keep their mattress cool. But, in the temperature control section of Ghostbed vs Leesa, Ghostbed takes the win by a mile. After all, they have been named the coolest mattress on the market. Plus, you’ll notice in our review section that many customers found their Leesa mattress to be severely lacking in the temperature control aspect.

Overall Comfort: Softness vs Firmness

In this section, we’ll take a look at the overall comfort as well as the level of firmness in the Leesa vs Ghostbed mattresses.

ghostbed vs leesa comparison mattress review

Ghostbed Comfort

The makers of the Ghostbed made sure that their mattress certainly wouldn’t skimp on comfort or support. In fact, a team spent literal years researching and testing in an attempt to perfect the level of firmness in their mattress. Ultimately, they settled on a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. According to the great minds at Ghostbed, this level is perfect for top-notch comfort without sacrificing crucial support.

They achieve this harmony through their combination of durable latex, comfortable memory foam, and their supportive base layer. Their memory foam has been specifically designed to remain cool and breathable while still providing all of the joint cradling and pressure point relief that you’ve come to expect from the material. Their latex and base layer ensure that you’re still getting all of the necessary firmness, support, and stability that you require from a high-quality mattress.

leesa vs ghostbed

Leesa Comfort

The Leesa mattress is marketed as a medium-firm option, rating a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale – the most popular option on the market and a great starting place for customers that aren’t quite sure on their desired firmness level as of yet.

As you’ll notice in the construction section above, the Leesa mattress is primarily made of memory foam and other foam materials. While these materials are definitely known for their ability to provide unsurpassed joints cradling and pressure point relief, they’re not commonly known for their firmness, stability, or support.

But, Leesa makes sure that they combat this common issue. Their core support foam layer guarantees that Leesa consumers will still get all of the support and stability that they need without sacrificing their comfort.

Who Wins?

When it comes to the comfort offered by Ghostbed vs Leesa, we think that Leesa has the leg up in this category. While it’s true that Ghostbed feels that they’ve perfected the firmness level, you’ll notice below in our review section that many consumers find that it’s too firm and doesn’t suit all sleeping positions while Leesa customers rave on the comfort of their mattress.

Price: Ghostbed vs Leesa

Below we’ll compare the price tags that come with Leesa vs Ghostbed.

ghostbed vs leesa

Ghostbed Price

The Ghostbed mattress holds the title of the coolest mattress available on the market. This, in combination with all the other great amenities that the Ghostbed has to offer, makes this mattress a great deal for the price. Their queen-size mattress rings in at just under $1000 and their larger sizes still come nowhere near breaking the $1500 point.

The Ghostbed prices are as follows:

  • Twin – $495
  • Twin XL – $650
  • Full – $845
  • Queen – $895
  • King – $1075
  • California King – $1095

We all know that a new mattress simply isn’t a small purchase. And, we know that that the Ghostbed isn’t the cheapest option available on the market. But, considering all the great benefits you’ll be getting from the Ghostbed mattress, we feel that it definitely gives you plenty of bang for your buck.

leesa vs ghostbed mattress review

Leesa Price

The Leesa mattress is available at a fairly average price point for the market. Like their Ghostbed counterpart, they’re not the cheapest option available on the market. But, their queen-size is still under a grand and their larger sizes are just over.

The prices of the Leesa mattress are as follows:

  • Twin – $375
  • Twin XL – $625
  • Full – $730
  • Queen – $845
  • King – $1045
  • California King – $1045

The Leesa mattress offers plenty of great benefits such as high-quality construction, comfort and support, and cooling properties. Considering all of the conveniences you can expect from the Leesa, the price tag is pretty budget-friendly. Plus, you can upgrade from a king to a California king-size for no additional cost.

Who Wins?

When comparing the price tag that comes with Leesa vs Ghostbed, Leesa narrowly takes the win. Both companies offer their queen-size option for under $1000. But, the Leesa comes in at just under $100 cheaper.

Pros & Cons Of Leesa vs Ghostbed

Up next we’ll take a look at a few of the best reviews of Ghostbed vs Leesa as well as a few of their most common issues.

ghostbed vs leesa mattress

What Do Reviewers Love About Ghostbed?

According to the review section on the Ghostbed website, the company makes good on their promise to provide the coolest mattress available on the market. Tons of customers rave that the Ghostbed mattress keeps them completely cool and dry night after night, no matter the conditions – allowing them to wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the day. As a matter of fact, some reviewers have even gone so far as to claim that the Ghostbed mattress sleeps a bit too cool!

Ghostbed Pros

  • Some reviewers have noted that the Ghostbed mattress provides a floating-like sensation due to the stellar performance of its pressure relieving properties
  • The combination of high-quality latex and memory foam allows for optimal responsiveness and little to no motion transference
  • According to reviews from real-life users, the Ghostbed mattress ships to your door fast and free
  • A large percentage of customers have noticed that their neck and back pain has been greatly reduced or eliminated as the Ghostbed mattress allows for proper alignment

What Are the Drawbacks Of Ghostbed?

The makers of the Ghostbed spent a lot of time researching and developing their mattress to perfect the optimal level of firmness. For the most part, the majority of reviewers are satisfied with the softness to firmness ratio that they settled on. However, some users feel that the mattress is still too firm for their desires.

The majority of those with this particular complaint was able to achieve sufficient comfort with the addition of a mattress topper. However, a small percentage did claim that they had to return the mattress.

Ghostbed Cons

  • The designer of the Ghostbed created his mattress specifically to provide proper alignment, which makes it a great option for side and back sleepers but not so comfortable for stomach sleepers
  • Unfortunately, Ghostbed customers are left to their own devices when it comes to setting up their mattress, as the Ghostbed company doesn’t offer a white glove service
  • Users of a larger size or heavier weight have noticed that they experience a sinking feeling and find it difficult to move around on the mattress

leesa vs ghostbed mattress review

What Do Reviewers Love About Leesa?

It’s very easy to see that Leesa customers love their purchase. Just a quick skim through the review section and you’ll find all sorts of praises. But, the biggest one seems to lie in the overall comfort and perfect harmony of softness and firmness they’ve found in the Leesa. Reviewers note that no matter what their preferred sleeping position is, they’re getting comfort, pain and stiffness relief, and adequate support – lending them the greatest night’s sleep of their life.

Leesa Pros

  • The Leesa company donates 1 mattress to a homeless shelter or charity for every 10 mattresses sold
  • The Leesa mattress is a great option for couples as it’s specifically designed to mold to every body shape and rebound quickly
  • The company keeps your purchase protected with an industry-standard sleep trial period and limited warranty
  • Their mattress offers high-quality benefits and amenities at a budget-friendly price
  • Leesa owns and operates their company as well as builds all of their products completely in the USA

What Are The Drawbacks Of Leesa?

It was very rare to see a review that complained about the comfort of the Leesa mattress. However, a larger handful of customers did note that the cooling properties of the Leesa simply didn’t perform up to par. In the above “Temperature Control” section of our comparison review, we did note that Leesa does equip their mattress with some sort of temperature regulation in a couple of different ways. But, reviewers have noted that is just doesn’t seem to keep them cool the way that it promised. Instead, users find that they’re left tossing and turning, restless, and groggy.

Leesa Cons

  • A lot of customers complained of an off-gassing, chemical-like odor that took several weeks to fully dissipate
  • A very few Leesa reviewers claim that they required the addition of a mattress topper to achieve the very best comfort possible
  • We couldn’t verify for certain if Leesa will pick up your mattress if you decide to return it during the sleep trial period
  • The lack of adequate edge support in the Leesa mattress leaves users susceptible to rolling off the edge or causing premature wear as a result of sitting on the edge often

Warranty: Ghostbed vs Leesa

In this section of our comparison review, we’ll take a look at the fine details of the warranties offered by the Leesa vs Ghostbed companies.

ghostbed vs leesa review

Ghostbed Warranty

The Ghostbed company makes sure that they keep their customers well protected. They offer a 101-night sleep trial period as well as a 20-year limited warranty that’s backed by their mother company, Nature’s Sleep. Their sleep trial allows customers to use their mattress in their own home for a full 101 nights.

This gives you sufficient time to determine if the Ghostbed mattress truly is the very best option for you and your family. If by chance, you decide that it’s not for you, the Ghostbed company will issue you a full refund. But, do note that their sleep trial period is not valid if you purchase your mattress with an online voucher such as Groupon.

Upon your purchase and if you decide to keep your Ghostbed mattress, you’ll remain protected by a 20-year limited warranty. At first glance, this sounds fantastic. It’s double the average 10-year warranty offered by most mattress companies. But, once you get into the fine print of the Ghostbed warranty, it’s not as amazing as it sounds. The first 10 years of the warranty are fairly standard.

The company will repair or replace your mattress so long as the damage or failures meet the terms of their warranty. But, things get a little less appealing after the 10-year mark.

Beginning in the 11th year of your warranty, the Ghostbed company will prorate your original purchase price – leaving you responsible for 50%. For each year after, up until the 20th year, your monetary responsibility will increase by 5%. By the time you hit the last year of your warranty, you will be responsible for 95% of your original purchase price.

leesa vs ghostbed

Leesa Warranty

The Leesa mattress company backs their product with a fairly standard sleep trial period and warranty for the industry. Upon purchasing your Leesa mattress, you’ll get a full 100 nights to try the product in your own home to determine if it truly is the best option for your or your family. If it turns out that the Leesa isn’t for you, after all, the company will happily refund your full purchase price.

If you find that you absolutely love your Leesa mattress and decide to keep it once your trial period is up, your purchase will remain protected for the next 10 years.

Leesa will repair or replace your mattress at no cost to you, for 10 years, if it’s found to have an indentation of greater than one inch, any failures or faults that directly affect the performance of the memory foam materials or any damages in the included cover. These terms are fairly standard for most mattress warranties.

Leesa does note on their official website that they reserve the right to replace your existing cover, if needed, with the one that is currently in use. Meaning that the replacement can potentially differ in style, color, or design. But, Leesa does promise that it will perform the same.

They also make it very clear that they do not take responsibility for any damage resulting from improper use or abuse or in the event that the mattress has been used on an improper frame. They also note that they do not cover Leesa mattresses that are bought from an unauthorized dealer or purchased “as is”.

Who Wins?

When it comes to the warranties offered by Leesa vs Ghostbed, ultimately, Ghostbed does take the win. They do begin prorating your original purchase price after the standard 10-year mark. But, in the end, they do offer some level of protection for twice as long as their Leesa counterpart.

About The Companies

In the last section of our comparison review, we’ll cover a few of the important details surrounding the companies of Ghostbed vs Leesa.

ghostbed vs leesa mattress review

Ghostbed Company

Marc Werner, the creator of the Ghostbed mattress certainly knows his way around the world of inventing. His family created the very first aluminum and fiberglass ladder in the 1900’s, started the Werner Ladder Company, and still to this day holds the title of the best ladder company in the world.

Unfortunately, Marc found himself in quite the upsetting position in 2001. After undergoing several serious operations on his neck, Werner found that he was left in a lot of pain – especially when he was trying to sleep. It seemed that no matter what he did, how hard he tried, or how much money he spent, he was never able to find a mattress and pillow combo that relieved or at least reduced his pain enough to allow him to get a decent night’s sleep.

In addition to his own unfortunate experiences, Marc found himself in much the same position as many other online mattress companies founders. Quite frankly, he felt that the typical mattress buying process was a joke. Customers were expected to choose a mattress within 10 minutes, under bright lights, and under the constant watchful eye of a pushy salesman. Not to mention, the prices were astronomical for anything of any quality.

So, while poor Marc did have to suffer, his pain led to the invention of the Ghostbed mattress that we know and love today. Werner was determined to ensure that his mattress provided proper neck and spine alignment, unmatched cooling technology, scientifically-engineered firmness, and comfort – all at a price that’s attainable for the average family and less all the hassle of a big box store.

leesa vs ghostbed

Leesa Company

Much like their Ghostbed counterpart, the founders of the Leesa mattress company found themselves extremely frustrated with the common mattress buying process. They felt that pushy salesmen under bight, fluorescent lights were ineffective and the prices were too high for the average family to be able to purchase a high-quality mattress.

So, the founders of Leesa set out to create a solution to this problem – an online, direct-to-consumer mattress company that allowed consumers to purchase a high-quality mattress, use it in their home before making any final decisions, and all at a price that didn’t break the bank.

It’s also very clear that the founders of Leesa care about the impacts they have socially and environmentally. In fact, they even note on their official website that they care just as much about their impact on the environment and society as they do their revenue and profits. That’s why the Leesa company regularly holds local school fundraisers, plants trees to reduce their carbon footprint, and donates 1 out of every 10 mattresses sold to a local charity or homeless shelter.

What’s The Final Conclusion Of Our Ghostbed vs Leesa Comparison Review?

Both of the mattresses that we’ve covered today are fantastic, high-quality, and budget-friendly options. Truthfully, we believe that either option would be a great addition to any home.

However, when it truly comes down between Leesa vs Ghostbed, the Ghostbed did take the win in more categories of our comparison review. They offer a great mattress with a high-quality construction, a decent warranty and sleep trial period, and they’re known for being the coolest mattress available on the market. We believe that the Ghostbed mattress would definitely make for one cool deal.


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