Lucid Mattress Review: Is It Simply The Best Mattress Around?

Summary: This unbiased Lucid gel memory foam mattress review features our team of Sleeping Ninjas’ analysis and in-depth look at this popular mattress. DisclosureSleeping Ninjas has an affiliate relationship with some companies where we get a small percentage of sales if you click over from our site.


Buying a new mattress is a big decision. There are so many different options to wade through these days that it can prove difficult to even know where to start. While we can’t hand-pick your mattress for you, we can help with the decision-making process.

Lucid Mattress Highlights

  • Several different mattress options available
  • Memory foam, latex foam, and hybrid options available
  • Many of their mattress options are infused with cooling properties such as bamboo and charcoal
  • Extremely budget-friendly price point with their highest option coming in well under $1000
  • Natural allergen and dust mite resistance
  • Optimal pressure point relief and support in every available option

Here we’ve compiled a comprehensive Lucid mattress review, a popular and budget-friendly option on the market today, to help you determine if the Lucid is the best mattress for you.

Lucid Mattress Review: Key Features

The Lucid mattress has a lot of great attributes and amenities to offer. Also, unlike many other online mattress companies that only have one or two options, Lucid offers several different mattresses to ensure that you’re getting the best mattress to fit your individual needs.

In this section of our Lucid mattress review, we’ll be covering a few of the key features and benefits offered by the Lucid mattress.

lucid gel memory foam mattress review

Memory Foam Options

Many of the options available through Lucid feature a memory foam construction. These mattresses are specifically designed to offer consumers the best qualities that memory foam has to offer, such as pressure point relief and joint cradling abilities. Their memory foam is designed with a medium-firm feel and has been constructed to never cause sinking or trap body heat, which is often common with conventional memory foam.

Lucid offers a few different plush memory foam options as well as a few different gel memory foam options. You can purchase either option in varying height profiles. According to their official website, the gel memory foam is best for back sleepers and those of a larger body frame while the plush version offers an additional layer of soft comfort.

lucid gel memory foam mattress review

Latex Foam Options

Memory foam isn’t the only thing that Lucid does well. They also offer mattress options constructed of latex foam. Latex is most known for its outstanding durability, with most latex mattresses lasting upwards of 20 years.

Lucid offers a 10-inch latex foam mattress option. The Lucid latex mattress is designed to be extra springy and responsive to any movement or pressure without causing that dreaded sinking feeling. Lucid claims that their latex mattress is compatible with any sleeping position as well as all body frames and sizes. Plus, it’s built to last and guarantees the durability you expect from latex. However, their latex mattress is on the firm side. The official website suggests adding an additional mattress topper for added comfort if you find that their latex option is too stiff for your liking.

lucid latex foam mattress review

Hybrid Mattresses

Thanks to our Lucid mattress review, we know that Lucid does both memory foam and latex well, harnessing the best qualities of the individual materials. But Lucid doesn’t stop there. They also offer hybrid options. Lucid combines the very best properties of memory foam, innerspring coils, and latex into one fantastic hybrid mattress. Their hybrid option is available with or without a bamboo, charcoal, and Aloe Vera infusion. This mattress is probably the most luxurious of the Lucid mattress options. The memory foam layer offers cradling comfort while the latex underneath offers a firm, supportive surface for joints and pressure points to rest against and prevents you from sinking into the mattress.

Their hybrid options also feature an encased innerspring system between additional layers of foam to ensure optimal edge support as well as minimal motion transference and top-notch stability. It is designed specifically to perform properly no matter the sleeping position or body frame.

Cooling Infusions

Many of the Lucid mattress options are infused with cooling properties such as bamboo, charcoal, and Aloe Vera. Unlike many other mattress options that only feature levels of breathability and airflow, the Lucid mattress actually permeates their mattress materials with ingredients specifically designed to wick away sweat and body heat, leaving you cool and comfortable all throughout the night.

They also equip their covers with Tencel to promote additional breathability and airflow, and some of their latex options even feature aerated latex foam to ensure that the mattress draws in fresh air and disperses body heat. Their gel memory foam also features an open cell construction that also promotes additional airflow and prevents heat retention.

Now that we know what the Lucid mattresses are made of, let’s dive a little deeper into our Lucid mattress review and see how those materials translate into comfort.

lucid mattress review

Supportive Pressure Point Relief

No matter which Lucid mattress option you choose, Lucid guarantees that you’ll get cradling and supportive pressure point relief. Whether it be the latex option, memory foam, or a hybrid combination of both, each and every Lucid mattress promises to cradle joints and problem areas such as the hips and shoulders, relieving pressure, pain, and stiffness, while still remaining supportive in areas that need it such as the lower back and neck.

Many users have actually raved that their Lucid mattress has alleviated their pain and stiffness, even if they suffer from ailments such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. We’ll dive a bit deeper into these claims when we get to the review section of our Lucid mattress review.

Naturally Allergen And Dust Mite Resistant

One of the key benefits we’ve noted in our Lucid mattress review is the dust mite and allergen resistance that comes naturally in every Lucid mattress. Thanks to their use of high-quality materials, this guarantees that your Lucid mattress is as safe as possible. The official Lucid website does recommend that you use an additional cover for added protection, but the fact that their mattress already comes with a layer of allergen protection certainly gives them a leg up.

All of the foam materials used in the construction of their mattresses are Certi-PUR US Certified against emissions and for indoor air quality. Ensuring that you’re receiving the top-most in safety.

Different Mattress Options Allow You To Tailor To Your Needs

While most online, direct-to-consumer mattress companies such as Purple or Ghostbed only offer one or two mattress options, Lucid offers a large variety featuring different materials available in different height profiles.

Thanks to this assortment of options, you can choose a mattress that best fits your individual needs. Whether you’re a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, back sleeper, or a combination of all three, there is most likely a Lucid mattress option that will suit you almost perfectly. You can also base your choice on your body frame and weight.

Now that we’ve covered the comfort and construction aspect of our Lucid mattress review, let’s take a look at the customer service incentives offered by the company.

lucid mattress review

Lucid Mattress Review: Customer Service Perks

In this category of our Lucid mattress review, we’ll see what perks the Lucid mattress company offers with your purchase.

Fast & Free Shipping

The Lucid mattress company offers fast and free shipping of their products. You’ll notice below, in the review section of our Lucid mattress review, consumers have noted that their purchase actually does arrive quickly. All you have to do is order the mattress online, shipping is no additional cost to you, and your purchase will arrive on your doorstep within a few days.

The official Lucid website says that your order should ship within 24-48 hours. If your mattress shipment is going to be delayed, Lucid promises to notify you and/or issue a refund.

25-Year Warranty

Lucid proudly stands behind their products with a 25-year limited warranty. While we weren’t able to find many specifics about the warranty on the official website, we do know that Lucid is confident in the construction and performance of their mattresses. We also know that a 25-year warranty is fairly fantastic when compared to the average 10-year limited warranty available through other mattress companies.

We also noted in our Lucid mattress review, that there was no mention of any sort of sleep trial on Amazon or on the Lucid mattress official website. That’s not to say that there isn’t one, necessarily, just that we couldn’t find anything that pointed to one. Usually, sleep trials are fairly standard, especially from online, direct-to-consumer companies. So, it may be worth considering that we couldn’t find any evidence that Lucid offered one.

lucid gel memory foam mattress reviewLucid Runs Frequent Sales

As you’ll see in the next section of our Lucid mattress review, the price tag that comes with the Lucid mattress isn’t outrageous. However, that doesn’t stop them from running frequent sales to help you get the best deal possible on your mattress.

For example, right now you can get a couple hundred bucks off your purchase just by subscribing to their email newsletter.

Lucid Mattress Review: Pricing

We’ve already noted in our Lucid mattress review that the company offers several different mattress options. All of these options come with a different price tag. Some are on the cheaper end of the spectrum, while the price goes up with added amenities of course. However, none of the Lucid mattress options are too extreme in price, with their most expensive option, the 10-inch latex hybrid, coming in at just under $900. That means that no matter which mattress option you choose, you’ll never spend over $1000 on your Lucid mattress purchase. Considering all the qualities and amenities that you’ll be receiving from your Lucid mattress, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Since there are so many different Lucid mattress options available, below we’ll cover the price of one of the most common options.


What Do Reviewers Love About The Lucid Mattress?

When you’re shopping for a new mattress it’s important to take a good look at the reviews of the mattress you’re considering. While all the technical details are certainly important, real-life reviews can provide you with first-hand opinions and experiences without ever having to spend a dime.

In this section of our Lucid mattress review, we’ll be taking a look at a few of the best reviews of the Lucid mattress – the 16-inch hybrid with cooling infusions. This mattress is equipped with all the amenities that Lucid has to offer and can give you a starting point on price.

The prices of the 16-inch hybrid Lucid mattress are as follows:

  • Twin – $398.99
  • Twin XL – $400.88
  • Full – $549.99
  • Queen – $564
  • King – $714
  • California King – $708

We’re not exactly sure why the California king option is a bit cheaper than the king-size. However, we’re certainly not complaining. You can upgrade your size option for less money!

Just Right Firmness vs Softness Ratio – A large percentage of reviewers have claimed that the Lucid mattress provides them with a perfect balance of firm support and cradling softness. Some have noted that it can take a sufficient amount of time to adjust to the new Lucid mattress, but once their body acclimated to the different material, they found that the Lucid provided a flawless harmony of support and softness.

Relieves Back And Neck Pain – Again, several reviewers noted that it took some time to adjust to their Lucid mattress. However, once they got through the adjustment period, many noted that their chronic neck and back pain was either greatly reduced or completely eliminated. Some even mentioned that they suffer from ailments such as arthritis or fibromyalgia and the Lucid mattress allowed them to sleep comfortably throughout the night, reduced their tossing and turning, and they woke refreshed and pain-free morning after morning.

Reduces Motion Transference – Thanks to the materials used in the construction of the Lucid mattress, it’s designed to greatly reduce or eliminate motion transference throughout the night and reviews have noticed. A large majority of users rave that they can get in and out of bed or adjust their position throughout the night without disturbing their partner.

The Mattress Actually Does Ship Quickly – Most all online companies boast fast and sometimes free shipping. But, according to customer reviews, the Lucid mattress actually does arrive quickly. Most customers received their mattress at their doorstep in as little as 2-3 days.

Remains Supportive Even For Heavyweight Sleepers – A common problem, especially in foam mattresses, is a sinking feeling. This issue is even worse with sleepers of a heavier weight. Because of their larger size, many consumers have noticed that they tend to sink into the mattress and the additional layers underneath don’t offer adequate support. However, with the Lucid mattress, even sleepers with a large body frame find themselves supported and comfortable night after night.

Lucid Mattress Review: Where Does Lucid Fall Short?

When you’re considering the reviews of a mattress, it’s just as important to take a look at the complaints that consumers have had as well. This is the best way to determine if there are any common issues with the mattress and what consumers think could use some work.

In this category of our Lucid mattress review, we’ll be covering a few of the chief complaints made about the Lucid mattress.

Off-Gassing Is Noticed – The official Lucid website notes that off-gassing can be expected with the Lucid mattress due to the types of materials they use as well as the compression of the mattress for shipping. According to the website, this odor can take 1-4 days to fully dissipate. Many reviewers have also noticed the off-gassing smell and some have even reported that it took upwards of 2 weeks for the smell to go away.

It Can Take Up To 48-Hours For the Mattress To Fully Expand – The Lucid mattress will arrive at your doorstep compressed in plastic inside a box. Lucid, as well as most other popular online mattress companies, ship their mattresses this way to allow for free shipping and quick arrival. This shipping method certainly has its benefits, but it also has drawbacks, as well. In addition to the off-gassing that results from the compression, it can take a while for the mattress to fully expand. Some reviewers claimed that the Lucid puffed up pretty much instantly. However, the official website recommends allowing at least to days to fully decompress. A very small percentage of users have claimed that their mattress never fully expanded.

The Mattress Is Extremely Heavy – One of the largest complaints reviewers had was the weight of the Lucid mattress. Reviewers noted that the mattress was extremely heavy and very difficult to maneuver and set up, especially without help.

Lucid Does Not Offer A White Glove Service – This downfall correlates with the one above. The Lucid mattress is notably heavy and the Lucid company does not offer any sort of white glove service to assist in setting it up or getting the mattress into your home. The mattress is left at your doorstep upon shipping, and the purchaser is solely responsible for getting their mattress into their home and properly set up.

The Mattress Must Be Used On A Compatible Surface – While some mattresses are compatible with every surface, including the floor, the official Lucid website recommends that you only use your Lucid mattress on an approved surface such as a platform bed or slatted frame. This guarantees the best performance as well as the validity of your warranty.

lucid mattress review

Different Lucid Mattress Options: Which Is The Best?

As we’ve noted above in our Lucid mattress review, the Lucid company offers several different options. From memory foam construction to latex foam, or hybrid options that combine the best properties of the two. Some of their options are infused with cooling properties and some of them feature aerated foam to promote an extra layer of breathability and air flow. All of these options are also available in varying height profiles, anywhere from 5-16 inches, allowing you to choose the mattress that will best fit your frame.

All of the mattress options available through Lucid offer high-quality and extremely beneficial properties. But, we think that the 16-inch hybrid option is the best that Lucid has to offer, and it’s not even their most expensive! Their 16-inch hybrid combines all of the best qualities of Lucid; cradling memory foam, supportive and durable latex foam, and bamboo and Tencel infusions that ensure temperature control. All of this is available at a price tag well under $1000 for even the largest mattress option.

lucid gel memory foam mattress review

About The Lucid Company

We couldn’t find much information about the company on the official Lucid website. We did notice that the Lucid mattress company does not currently have a rating with the BBB because the company is too new to have a sufficient track record for a rating. We’ve also gathered that their products are made primarily in China, which may contribute to the low-price points.

Conclusion Of Our Lucid Mattress Review: Is Lucid Clearly A Great Mattress?

We certainly think that Lucid has an awful lot to offer their customers. Unlike most direct-to-consumer online mattress companies, Lucid offers a wide variety of mattress options with varying materials and qualities. They seem to do their best at ensuring that the mattress is cooled effectively, though we did note that a small percentage of reviewers complained that the temperature control didn’t perform well.

Each and every one of their mattresses are equipped with pressure point and joint pain relief, as well as firm support and stability. Their latex options are known to be extremely durable and sturdy and their hybrid options equipped with an innerspring system offer sufficient edge support. It is worth noting that some reviewers have complained that the options that don’t feature the coil springs lack decent edge support and leave sleepers susceptible to rolling off the mattress or wearing it down quickly if you sit on the edge of the bed regularly.

Lucid also seems to offer a stellar 25-year warranty. However, we couldn’t find any firm details on the terms of the warranties and we found nothing that pointed to any sort of sleep trial, which has come to be expected with online mattress companies. Also, note that the Lucid mattress company is fairly new, so we really have no way of knowing if they’ll actually stick to the 25-year warranty that they boast, especially considering we couldn’t locate the terms.

All in all, the Lucid mattress is a budget-friendly option that is supposed to provide extremely high-quality benefits and lets you tailor your mattress purchase to your individual needs. Just don’t get too wrapped up in the allure of the warranty, simply because it’s a bit too soon to verify it.