Lull vs Purple: A Complete Comparison Review to the Best Mattress in 2019

This in-depth, unbiased guide is a Sleeping Ninjas showdown between Lull vs Purple to help you select the best mattress. DisclosureSleeping Ninjas has an affiliate relationship with some companies where we get a small percentage of sales if you click over from our site.


Lull vs Purple Highlights

The Lull mattress offers:

  • Proper alignment and adequate support to ensure a comfortable and healthy sleep
  • Complete compatibility with any flat surface, including the floor
  • A price tag that doesn’t break the bank – with all size options under $1000
  • High-grade temperature control backed by scientific research

The Purple mattress offers:

  • Purple’s exclusive Smart Comfort Grid that offers unsurpassed contouring and support
  • Purple constructs their mattress with breathable materials and an open design in the Comfort Grid to ensure airflow and breathability
  • Guaranteed quality and performance with a scientifically-engineered construction
  • Guaranteed stability, support, and firmness with their thick base layer

Construction: What’s It Made Out Of?

To begin our Lull vs Purple comparison review, we’ll be taking a look at the overall construction of both mattresses and going over the materials they’re made of.

lull vs purple mattress comparison

Lull Construction

Lull created their mattress with 3 unique layers of high-quality materials designed to come together to provide Lull users with an overall comfortable, supportive, and healthy sleep.

Comfort Top Layer

Lull tops their mattress off with 1.5″ of a memory foam and specialty foam blend. This layer has been specifically designed to provide optimal overall body-cradling, distribute body weight evenly to reduce pressure and enhance the durability of the mattress, and ensure proper support under the neck and back so you’re never left sore and achy due to insufficient stability.

This layer also contains the Lull mattress’s cooling technology.  

Therapeutic Mid-Layer

The middle layer of the Lull mattress is comprised of 1.5” of exclusive, specialty blended premium foams that serve as the mattress’s transition layer. The combination of their transition layer with their comfort layer above ensures that your entire body is aligned properly and allows for deep relaxation in the muscles to ensure that you’re getting the best rest possible.

Lull has also designed this layer with hyperresponsiveness and bounce-back which reacts in perfect harmony with each and every movement to ensure that you never sink it the mattress surface or feel as though you’re bouncing on a trampoline.

Core Support Base Layer

The foundation of the Lull mattress is made with 7” of core support foam, designed to achieve a couple of different purposes.

This layer absorbs any movement made on the mattress surface to ensure that motion transference is kept to a minimum and you’re never left disturbed by your partner, or pets, moving around on the bed. It also adds necessary “strength, durability, and structure” to guarantee that the entire mattress is properly reinforced and will never sag or break down prematurely.

purple vs lull mattress

Purple Construction

The Purple mattress is constructed of three unique layers, made with proprietary materials and wrapped in a super soft, stretchy cover to guarantee top-notch comfort and support.

Purple Smart Comfort Grid

Purple tops their mattress with their proprietary Smart Comfort Grid. This exclusive grid promises unsurpassed joint cradling, body contouring, pressure relief, and overall support in a way that no other mattress on the market can.

This patented grid spans the entire surface of the mattress and has been specifically designed to relax under pressure. Meaning it can perfectly mold around every individual body shape and size. The rest of the grid that’s not under direct pressure remains stable and supportive.

Many other mattresses on the market offer a zoned support system. While this isn’t a bad tactic, it leaves users limited to a certain area of the mattress to reap the most benefits. The Smart Comfort Grid allows users free range across the mattress and all the best qualities and benefits no matter your preferred sleeping position.

Soft, High-Density Polyurethane Foam

The core of the Purple mattress is constructed with Certi-PUR US Certified soft, high-density polyurethane foam. This layer is perfectly designed to enhance the performance of the grid above. The top-notch responsiveness and bounce-back integrated into this layer allows for a perfect resting place for joints and pressure points through the grid.

Medium-Firm, High-Density Polyurethane Foam

The base layer of the Purple mattress is a thick layer of medium-firm, high-density polyurethane foam – which is also Certi-PUR US Certified to ensure your safety. Like most foundation layers, it’s designed to reinforce the entire mattress, enhance the performance of the layers above, and provide crucial support, stability, and firmness.

Stretch Knit Cover

Purple wraps up their entire mattress in a super-stretchy, ultra-comfy knit cover. It provides a luxuriously soft, touchable feel against the skin, allows for optimal breathability and airflow, and the stretchy design allows for optimal performance of the Smart Comfort Grid.

Who Wins?

When comparing the construction of the Purple vs Lull mattresses, Purple takes the win in the first category of our review. Both mattresses are made with high-grade materials and craftsmanship. But, Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid truly allows them to stand out.

Temperature Control

Up next, we’ll compare the temperature controlling properties of the Lull vs Purple mattresses to see which will keep you cool and dry all through the night.

lull vs purple

Lull Temperature Control

The creators of the Lull mattress understand that science has proven – 69 degrees is the optimal temperature for adequate rest. That’s why they’ve worked diligently to ensure that their mattress achieves just that.

They infuse the topmost layer of their mattress with a gel polymer. This unique infusion allows the top layer to draw heat away from your body and disperse it through the mattress to avoid any hot spots on the mattress’s surface and help ensure that you’re never left too warm or sweaty.

They also feature an open-cell foam structure and top-tick fibers that guarantee top-notch airflow and breathability. It also boosts the performance of the gel polymer injection and ensures that heat and fresh air can flow freely through the mattress.

Purple Temperature Control

Purple equips their mattress with two different safeguards against heat retention. Their Smart Comfort Grid is scientifically designed to always remain neutral in temperature no matter the conditions. Plus, it’s created with an open design to allow for adequate airflow through the layer. To top things off, their grid is designed to wick away sweat and heat quickly and efficiently.

Their knit cover is also designed to keep you cool and comfortable through the night. The fabric is super-stretchy and extremely breathable to guarantee airflow against the skin.

Who Wins?

In the temperature control section of Purple vs Lull, Purple takes the win again. Lull works hard to ensure that their mattress will remain at all optimal temperature. However, Purple equips more of their mattress with safeguards against heat retention.

Overall Comfort: Firmness vs Softness

In this section of our Lull vs Purple review, we’ll be taking a look at the overall comfort offered by each mattress as well as the firmness vs softness ratios.

Lull Comfort

The creators of the Lull mattress wanted to ensure that their customers were not only comfortable and supported, but healthy as well.

Lull equips their top layer with a blend of memory foam and specialty foams. This combination ensures that you’re getting all of the pressure relief and joint cradling you’ve come to expect from memory foam material while the specialty foams ensure that your neck and lumbar region are properly supporting – helping to avoid any soreness, stiffness, or aches due to a too-soft sleeping surface.

Their transition layer and core support layer work together to ensure that you’re getting crucial support and stability. It helps to allow for deep relaxation within the muscles and ensure proper alignment of your entire body to help you achieve the best night’s sleep possible. Lull has also designed their mattress with top-notch responsiveness and bounce-back that does away with that common sinking sensation and allows for very minimal motion transference.

purple mattress vs lull

Purple Comfort

The Purple mattress is advertised a medium-firm option – the most common firmness level among consumers or for those that aren’t yet certain on their firmness desires. Not to mention, the Purple mattress can offer their customers a level of comfort and support that’s simply not possible in any other mattress on the market.

Many companies tend to equip their products with zoned support – adding softer materials in certain places and firmer in other. It’s not a terrible approach, but it is limiting. Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid guarantees that no matter what area of the mattress you land on, or which sleeping position you prefer, you’ll get the very best in cradling and support.

The soft polyurethane foam beneath the grid ensures that joints and problem areas have a perfectly soft resting place through the grid and the high-density, medium-firm layer bringing up the bottom promises to provide crucial support and overall firmness.  

Who Wins?

When we compare the overall comfort of Purple vs Lull, Lull takes the win in this category. Reviewers rave about the comfort and pain relief that get from the mattress while some Purple users complain that the grid doesn’t perform well.

Price: Purple vs Lull

Here, we’ll be comparing the prices of the Lull vs Purple mattresses to see which option offers the most bang for your buck.

Lull Price

Lull offers every single one of their mattress sizes for under $1000. Compared to the average price of a high-quality mattress these days, Lull offers their product at a pretty stellar deal.

The prices of the Lull mattress are as follows:

  • Twin – $500
  • Twin XL – $550
  • Full – $ 700
  • Queen – $800
  • King – $ 900
  • California King – $ 900

Lull promises tons of great qualities and benefits at a price that’s attainable for the average family. You can upgrade from a king to a California king-size for the same price and Lull even offers to finance your purchase to help guarantee that virtually anyone can afford a great new mattress.

Purple Price

Purple keeps the prices of their mattress pretty average for the industry. Their queen-size option is literally just a dollar under the $1000 mark, while their larger sizes still don’t break $1500.

The prices of The Original Purple Bed are as follows:

  • Twin XL – $699
  • Full – $899
  • Queen – $999
  • King – $1299
  • California King – $1299

Considering all the great benefits that the Purple mattress has to offer, especially their exclusive Smart Comfort Grid, their price tag is pretty fair. Plus, you can upgrade from a king to a California king-size for the same price.

Who Wins?

As far as prices go, when it comes to Purple vs Lull, Lull takes the win in this category as well. Purple certainly isn’t the most expensive mattress on the market by far and they do offer some fantastic amenities. But, ultimately, Lull offers their product for a few hundred dollars cheaper.

Pros & Cons Of Lull vs Purple

Below, we’ll be going over a few of the fantastic reviews of Lull vs Purple as well as covering a few of their most common issues.

lull vs purple

What Do Reviewers Love About Lull?

It definitely wasn’t difficult to find tons of fantastic reviews on the Lull mattress. But, the biggest praise seemed to revolve around the unsurpassed comfort and pain relief that users got out of their Lull purchase.

A large percentage of reviewers noted that they made the switch from other popular mattress companies such as Serta or Tempurpedic. Based on their experience, the Lull mattress performs just as well, if not better, than their previous one.

Tons of customers have claimed that they no longer suffer from aches and pain through the night or stiffness upon waking. Some have even stated that they suffer from ailments that cause chronic pain and the Lull mattress has greatly reduced or even completely eliminated some of their symptoms.


  • The Lull mattress is expected to arrive at your doorstep in as little as 1-4 business days
  • Real-life reviews claim that the Lull’s temperature controlling technology performs properly
  • The Lull mattress is completely compatible with any flat surface and can even be used on the floor

What Are The Drawbacks Of Lull?

The Lull mattress, like many direct-to-consumer, foam options, is compressed and vacuum-sealed for quick and effective shipping at a cheaper cost. While it’s a common and safe tactic, this packaging process can cause fresh foam odors to become trapped. Upon breaking the seal, these odors are releasing and an “off-gassing” smell can be noticed.

Lull recommends giving your mattress 72 hours to fully air out with adequate ventilation. However, many reviewers have noted that the smell lingers long after the 72-hour period. But, Lull does promises that all of their materials are Certi-PUR US Certified and all smells are strictly related to the packaging and are not harmful in any way.


  • The Lull mattress features a fiberglass flame retardant directly underneath the cover that should not come in contact with skin – therefore it’s recommended that you never remove the Lull’s cover
  • The Lull mattress is designed to avoid the need to flip but it is recommended that you rotate the mattress every 3-6 months
  • You can only spot clean your mattress with cold water and a mild detergent – the cover is not removable nor washable

purple vs lull

What Do Reviewers Love About Purple?

It’s no surprise that the Purple mattress’s biggest praise lies in the performance of their proprietary Comfort Grid. According to real-life users, the grid makes good on its promise to provide top-notch, completely unsurpassed joint cradling and pressure relief while still remaining perfectly supportive.

Thanks to their grid, Purple provides the perfect balance of softness to firmness and some users have even claimed that their mattress has helped to alleviate some of their chronic pain and stiffness.


  • No matter your preferred sleeping position, Purple promises to remain comfortable and supportive
  • Purple guarantees that their mattress is stable and durable – guaranteed to last several years to come
  • The Purple mattress is extremely responsive with a perfect level of bounce-back to reduce any motion transference
  • According to real-life reviews, Purple makes good on its promise to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable
  • The Purple company protects your purchase with an industry-standard sleep trial and warranty

What Are The Drawbacks Of Purple?

It seems that Purple’s biggest compliment is also their biggest problem. Unfortunately, users that aren’t of an average size find that the Comfort Grid doesn’t perform properly under their weight.

Purple users of a heavier weight have noticed that the grid simply collapses completely underneath them and the foam layer underneath does not offer adequate support. On the other end of the spectrum, users of a small weight have determined that the grid does not relax under their weight, leaving them to lie on a too-firm, uncomfortable surface.


  • It can take up to 30 days for your body to adjust to the Smart Comfort Grid
  • Users complain that the Purple mattress is not equipped with adequate edge support
  • Purple discourages the use of a conventional box spring with their mattress as it can cause premature wear or sagging
  • To ensure proper performance as well as the validity of your warranty, your Purple mattress must be used with a supportive frame

Warranty: Purple vs Lull

In this category of our Lull vs Purple review, we’ll compare the fine details of the warranties offered by both mattress companies.

lull vs purple

Lull Warranty

The Lull company promises to keep your purchase protected with an industry-standard sleep trial period and limited warranty.

Once you receive your Lull mattress, you have 100 nights to try the product in your home to determine if it truly is the very best fit for you. If it turns out that you don’t absolutely love the product, Lull will happily and quickly issue a full refund of your purchase price. They will even arrange for pick up or return of the mattress from your home.

If you do decide to keep your Lull mattress after the trial period is over, your purchase will remain protected with a 10-year limited warranty. The terms of Lull’s warranty are pretty standard for the industry.

The Lull warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and will cover any indention greater than 1″, any manufacturing defects in the zipper mechanism, or any tears or unraveling in the cover – provided of course that the damage is not a result of improper use or abuse.

In addition to improper use or abuse, Lull also does not assume responsibility for normal wear and tear, slight cosmetic flaws, naturally occurring off-gassing odors, any discrepancies in personal comfort or sensitivities, or any mattress that’s been purchased “as is” or from an unauthorized dealer.

purple mattress vs lull

Purple Warranty

Purple protects their customers with an industry-standard sleep trial period and 10-year limited warranty.

When you receive your Purple mattress, you get 100 nights risk-free to use the product in your home – allowing you sufficient time to adjust to the Purple design and determine if the Purple mattress is the very best option for you. If it turns out you don’t love it, Purple will issue a full refund and even arrange to pick the mattress up from your home.

If you decide you want to keep the Purple mattress, you’ll remain protected for the next 10 years. If your mattress is found to have an indention of one inch or greater or any faults, failures, or defects in the material, Purple will repair or replace the product at no cost to you.

Purple is not responsible for damage incurred from improper use, or any mattress purchased “as is” or form an unauthorized dealer.

Who Wins?

In the warranty section of Purple vs Lull, neither companies truly take the win. Both offer a standard 100-night sleep trial and a limited 10-year warranty.

About The Companies

To wrap up our Lull vs Purple comparison review, we’ll take a look at a few of the important details surrounding both of the mattress companies.

Lull Company

Sven Klein and his wife found themselves shopping for a new mattress for the first time since they bought one new as a couple. Klein quickly recalled the tedious process from the last time and already wasn’t looking forward to doing it again. But, he wanted to keep his wife happy.

It turned out that his anxieties weren’t unsubstantiated. Klein and his wife were once again stuck in some big box store with pushy salesmen, outrageous prices, and awkward, ineffective 10-minutes “sleep trials”.

Sven and his wife didn’t end up leaving with a new mattress that day. But, Klein did walk away with what he describes as his “aha” moment. After this terrible shopping experience, Sven Klein set out to completely reinvent the way that we buy a new mattress.

He created the Lull mattress that would provide customers with high quality, unsurpassed comfort and support, proper alignment, and consistently low prices.

purple vs helix

Purple Company

Two brothers, Tony and Terry Pearce founded the Purple mattress company in 2013. One is a literal rocket scientist and the other a comfort tech genius, the brothers were no strangers to invention. They were the creators of a material called Floam which was used in everything from wheelchair padding to preemie nests.

They combined all of their knowledge about comfort and invention and created what the believe to be the most comfortable mattress on the market. It took them a few years to line out all the details, iron out all the kinks, and invent a mass production machine called the “Mad Max”. But, in 2016, the Pearce brothers finally started cranking out the Purple mattress we know and love today.

What’s The Final Conclusion Of Our Lull vs Purple Comparison Review?

This Purple vs Lull comparison has been a tight race. Both mattresses are constructed of high-quality materials, promise revolutionary comfort and support and work hard to keep you cool and dry.

But, in the end, we’re giving the win to Lull. They work hard to ensure that you’re getting the healthiest and most comfortable sleep possible, their temperature control performs well based on customer reviews, and their price tag is extremely budget-friendly.


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