Nectar vs Purple: Complete Buyer’s Guide to the Best Mattress

This in-depth, unbiased guide is a Sleeping Ninjas showdown between Nectar vs Purple to help you select the best mattress. DisclosureSleeping Ninjas has an affiliate relationship with some companies where we get a small percentage of sales if you click over from our site.


Both the Nectar and Original Purple Bed are highly popular mattresses.

Nectar vs Purple Highlights

The Nectar mattress offers:

  • Cooling properties throughout their entire mattress
  • Individual layers of specially constructed memory foam
  • A yearlong sleep trial and forever warranty
  • Industry-leading and exclusive materials

The Purple mattress offers:

  • A unique Smart Comfort Grid that is exclusive to the Purple mattress
  • Materials that have been scientifically-engineered to ensure optimal performance and quality
  • An open grid design and breathable materials to ensure high-quality temperature control
  • Guaranteed stability and support with a thick base layer

Let’s dive into a comparison review of two popular mattress options on the market, Nectar vs Purple, to see who offers the very best, top-notch mattress to fit your needs.

Construction: What’s Each Mattress Made Out Of?

One of the first things you’ll want to consider when you begin shopping for a new mattress is the construction. These days, mattresses are made from dozens of different materials and each material offers its own specific qualities. When you start your shopping experience, you’ll want to start with the materials used in the mattress to ensure that the qualities offered will best benefit you.

In this category, we’ll be comparing the construction of Nectar vs Purple.

Nectar Construction

The Nectar mattress is a memory foam option. However, unlike many other memory foam competitors that just feature one solid memory foam mattress, the Nectar has equipped their mattress with 5 individual layers. Each layer is made of a special material, 3 of which are different types of memory foam, to provide users with a cool, comfortable, and supportive surface without all the typical drawbacks of conventional memory foam.

nectar vs purple

Tencel Cooling Cover – The entire Nectar mattress is wrapped in a custom-milled, breathable Tencel cover. This cover is specially designed to wick away sweat and heat and circulates fresh air when you move around, helping to leave you cool and comfortable all throughout the night. Their cover is also bedbug resistant, making it a healthy and potentially most cost-effective option.

Quilted Gel Memory Foam – The second layer of the Nectar mattress features plush quilted gel memory foam. The quilting process of the memory foam can be tedious and expensive, but Nectar believes that it adds an extra layer of comfort that makes it more than worth it. This layer is made to provide sleepers with extra comfort and loftiness as well as breathability.

Gel Memory Foam – Underneath the layer of quilted memory foam is a layer of gel memory foam. Nectar’s Lush Foam features a semi-open formula, currently holding five patents and is considered the most premium gel memory foam available on the market. It’s typically reserved for medical use and provides a soft comfort, outstanding cooling properties, and has a quick recovery time after pressure is released.

Adaptive Hi-Core Memory Foam – Nectar guarantees that you won’t sink into their mattress thanks to their adaptive Hi-Core memory foam. This special memory foam is not available in any other direct-to-consumer mattress. It’s expensive to ship due to it being so heavy, but Nectar insists on its use in their mattress because of the amenities it provides. Nectar believes that this specific material provides the absolute best in contouring pressure relief and joint cradling.

Breathable Base Layer – Nectar boasts the title of the densest yet most breathable baselayer available in any mattress. It features specifically molded channels that allow for fresh air to be drawn through the base layer. It reinforces the layers above and provides a stable, supportive base layer that’s guaranteed to last forever.

All materials used in the Nectar mattresses construction are made from Certi-PUR US certified foam to safeguard against emissions and guarantee high indoor air quality.

Purple Construction

The Purple mattress combines the very best qualities of a few different materials in their construction, making it a hybrid mattress. As a hybrid option, the Purple mattress is able to harness the very best qualities of varying materials and offer you one great mattress, instead of leaving you with just one material. The Purple features four, individual, high-quality layers.

purple vs nectar

Purple Smart Comfort Grid – Perhaps the very best part of the Purple mattress is the innovative Purple Smart Comfort Grid. This Comfort Grid, exclusive to Purple, allows the Purple mattress to provide its users with cradling support over every last inch of their mattress, in a way that their competitors simply cannot. This ground-breaking grid has been scientifically designed actually relax under pressure, meaning the sides of the grid squares fold in on themselves when you lie on the mattress, providing you with unsurpassed joint and pressure point cradling. And, unlike other mattresses that only offer zoned support, the Purple offers cradling comfort under pressure and firm support everywhere else, no matter what area of the mattress you’re lying on.

Soft, High-Density Polyurethane Foam – Directly under the Smart Comfort Grid, and serving as the core of the Purple mattress, is a layer of high-density, soft polyurethane foam that has been Certi-PUR US Certified to safeguard against emissions and guarantee high indoor air quality. This soft, cradling layer is designed to create a soft spot for joints and pressure points to rest through the Comfort Grid. IT is also designed with optimal bounce-back as well as responsiveness to guarantee optimal performance of the grid.

Medium-Firm, High-Density Polyurethane Foam – Bringing up the bottom, and serving as the last layer of The Original Purple Bed, is a thick layer of high-density, medium-firm polyurethane. This foam layer is also constructed of Certi-PUR US Certified foam, guaranteeing its safety. This thick bottom layer has been engineered to provide users with a firm, supportive base to ensure that you’re getting the support that they need. It also provides a layer of stability as well as enhances the performance of the above layers and provides reinforcement for the entire mattress.

Stretch Knit Cover – The entire Purple mattress features a soft, breathable, ultra-responsive and super-stretchy knit cover. This cover has been specifically engineered to mold, stretch, and move in conjunction with the Smart Comfort Grid – increasing its overall performance, allowing for utmost comfort, and providing an additional layer of breathability and softness against the skin.

Who Wins?

When we take a detailed look at the construction of Purple vs Nectar, it’s certainly a close race. The Smart Comfort Grid is highly innovative and impressive. But, we have to give the overall win to Nectar. Each layer of their mattress has been specifically designed and tested with the highest quality materials.

Temperature Control

Temperature regulation should certainly be a factor that’s high on the list of priorities when you’re shopping for a new mattress. No one wants to be left tossing and turning through a restless night and waking up sweaty and groggy because your mattress traps too much heat while you sleep.

Here, we’ll be comparing the temperature controlling properties of Purple vs Nectar to see which will keep you truly cool as a cucumber night after night.

nectar vs purple

Nectar Temperature Control

Nectar equips nearly every individual layer of their mattress with some sort of cooling property. The only layer that is not specifically noted to have cooling properties is the adaptive Hi-Core memory foam layer. Otherwise, everything from the cover to the base layer safeguards against heat retention in some way.

The Tencel cooling cover of the Nectar mattress is specifically designed to wick away sweat and heat directly against the body. Ensuring that the material closest to your skin every night is comfortable and breathable. The cover is actually designed to be motion activated, drawing in fresh air and releasing it with every move you make on the mattress.

The quilted layer of memory foam is designed to provide the utmost in breathability and increase the overall airflow of the mattress. Underneath that is the layer of premium gel memory foam, which is specifically designed to absorb and distribute heat evenly, so your mattress is guaranteed to never have hot spots or trap natural body heat throughout the night.

Even the very bottom layer of the Nectar mattress is equipped with safeguards against heat retention. This dense yet breathable layer features molded channels that absorb any heat and direct it away from the body while drawing in cooler fresh air.

purple vs nectar

Purple Temperature Control

Purple uses two of their four layers to help safeguard their Original Purple Bed against heat retention.

The first layer of heat protection is within the Purple Smart Comfort Grid. This proprietary grid has been engineered with an open to constantly remain temperature neutral, no matter the condition of the room it’s in, or your natural body temperature.

This special open design allows the top layer of the mattress to remain breathable, provide ideal airflow, and guarantees that the material will never trap heat against the body while you sleep. It has also been scientifically-engineered to wick away heat and sweat swiftly and effectively and diffuse the heat evenly to guarantee that you’re never left with hot spots in your mattress.

In addition to the cooling properties of the Smart Comfort Grid, the Purple mattress is equipped with a breathable cover. Their cover, encasing the entire mattress, is not only designed to be soft and comfortable against the skin but provides another layer of stretchy breathability and airflow directly against the body.

Who Wins?

When comparing the cooling properties of Nectar vs Purple, Nectar takes the win in our comparison review. We can certainly appreciate the open construction of the Purple Smart Comfort Grid, but Nectar utilizes more layers of their mattress with specially designed, high-quality materials to ensure that your entire mattress is working to keep you cool and comfortable.

Overall Comfort: Firmness vs Softness

There are tons of important factors that go into choosing a new mattress for yourself or your family. But, most importantly, it better be comfortable. While there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all level of firmness, the ideal mattress will provide a perfect ratio of softness vs firmness to provide its users with both optimal comfort and firm support.

Let’s take a look at how the overall comfort of Purple vs Nectar stacks up.

nectar vs purple

Nectar Comfort

The creators of the Nectar believe that they’ve created a mattress that is “just right”. It’s described as a medium-firm option, rating between 5.5 and 7.5 on the firmness scale.

Nectar has once again utilized every individual layer of their mattress to ensure that their consumers are getting plush, cradling comfort while remaining supported and stable. Their layer of quilted gel memory foam is specially designed with comfort in mind. This layer is made to provide users with top-notch loft and comfort while still perfectly contouring to each individual shape.

The layer of gel memory foam featured next is designed to absorb and evenly distribute your body weight. This guarantees that the Nectar mattress will relieve any pressure and pain exactly where you need it.

Their layer of adaptive Hi-Core memory foam guarantees that you will never sink into your Nectar mattress, providing overall support and reinforcing the contouring properties of the above layer. It also provides the crucial responsiveness and bounce-back you need in a mattress.

The bottom layer of the Nectar mattress ensures that you’re getting the correct level of stability and support. This layer is designed to reinforce the cradling properties of the mattress, providing top-notch support and guaranteeing that your Nectar mattress will last nearly forever.

purple mattress vs nectar

Purple Comfort

The Original Purple Bed is marketed as a medium-firm mattress, the most common option on the market. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of consumers, allowing it to provide users with soft, plush comfort in problem areas while remaining firm and supportive exactly where you need it. Thanks to the Purple mattresses Smart Comfort Grid, it can provide users with a level of comfort and support that other mattresses can’t.

It’s a common practice for companies to add thicker, more supportive materials is some areas of their mattresses and soft, plusher materials in other. This is called zoned support. While this practice isn’t a terrible option, it limits sleepers to a specific area of the mattress if they want to reap the benefits of support vs softness in problem areas. This issue is completely avoided in the Purple mattress due to the grid that spans the entire surface of the Purple mattress.

The Smart comfort Grid in conjunction with the layer of soft polyurethane foam underneath allows the Purple mattress to relax and mold around joints and pressure points and ensure that they lie against a soft, comfortable surface. The thick, supportive later of medium-firm polyurethane underneath guarantees that users still get the stability, support, and overall firmness that they require.

When combined all together, the individual layers of the Purple mattress allow for a nearly perfect ratio of softness to firmness and ideal overall comfort.

Who Wins?

Once again, Nectar takes the win in the overall comfort of Purple vs Nectar. While we don’t doubt that the Purple mattress will make good on its promise to provide its users with comfort and support, we feel that the Nectar best utilizes every inch of their mattress with your comfort and support in mind.

Price: Nectar vs Purple

You want a high-quality mattress. That is a given. You want it to be comfortable and cool and come with a decent warranty to back it up. But, a new mattress is a bit of a big purchase, and you don’t want it to absolutely break the bank if it doesn’t have to.

Below, we’ll compare the prices of Nectar vs Purple to see which mattress will give you the best bang for your buck.

nectar vs purple

Nectar Price

It’s pretty easy to see that the Nectar mattress offers its users top-notch quality, comfort, and construction. And with their king size option coming in at significantly under $1000, they do so at a great price as well.

The prices of the Nectar mattress are as follows:

  • Twin – $425
  • Twin XL – $475
  • Full – $595
  • Queen – $725
  • King – $825
  • California King – $825

Considering all that the Nectar mattress has to offer, their price tag is amazing. Some of the materials they use in their construction cannot be found in any other mattresses available on the market.

They guarantee cooling and comfort in nearly every single layer of their mattress, and even their largest size option is well under the $1000 mark. You can also upgrade from a king-size to a California king at no additional cost.

purple vs nectar

Purple Price

The Original Purple Bed offers some seriously ground-breaking technologies and amenities with a price tag that’s pretty budget-friendly. With their queen-size option coming in at just a hair under $1000, their prices are certainly on the lower end of the spectrum, especially for a mattress that has so much to offer.

The prices of The Original Purple Bed are as follows:

  • Twin XL – $699
  • Full – $899
  • Queen – $999
  • King – $1299
  • California King – $1299

When it comes to the average cost of a mattress, Purple’s prices are pretty neutral. When you consider the qualities that you’ll be getting out of the Purple mattress, as well as the unique Smart Comfort Grid, the prices are a real steal. Not to mention, you can upgrade your purchase from a king-size to a California king at no additional cost.

Who Wins?

When we compare the prices of Nectar vs Purple, it’s clear that Nectar takes the win. They offer a high-quality mattress with exclusive materials, all under a thousand bucks.

Pros & Cons of Nectar vs Purple

Of course, when you’re on the lookout for the best new mattress, you want to get all the technical details, such as what it’s made of or the warranty that comes with it (which we’ll be covering below).

But, one of the best ways to determine if a mattress is going to be a worthy purchase or not, is to take a look at the reviews from those that have already purchased and use their mattress. You’ll get first-hand views, opinions, and experiences before you ever have to spend a penny.

Here, we’ll cover the great, and not-so-great, reviews of Purple vs Nectar.

nectar vs purple mattress review

What Do Users Love About Nectar?

It’s clear to see that the majority of users love their Nectar mattress. But, the biggest praise it receives is the perfect ratio of softness to firmness. Customers rave that their Nectar mattress provides an ideal balance of comfort and support that they’ve never received in previous mattresses.

According to reviewers, the Nectar is perfectly soft, plush, and comfortable to lay on while somehow still remaining perfectly firm and supportive. Several users have even claimed that their back and neck pain has been completely alleviated after switching to their Nectar mattress.


  • The Nectar mattress is completely compatible with any sleeping position
  • The mattress does not have any noticeable off-gassing or odor that can be common in foam mattresses that have been compressed in plastic
  • Nectar offers their consumers an unsurpassed forever warranty
  • The Nectar cover is removable and washable
  • Nectar equips their mattress with sufficient edge support to prevent roll off and sagging

What Are Nectar’s Downfalls?

The biggest downfall reported with Nectar actually has nothing to do with the performance of the mattress, rather the shipping. A large percentage of reviewers complained that it took weeks for the mattress to be delivered. Many have reported that their orders were pushed back and it even took up to months for them to receive their order.


  • It can take a significant amount of time for your body to adjust to the Nectar mattress
  • Nectar does not currently offer replacement covers for their mattress
  • Nectar does offer financing on their mattresses, but it does come with fees

purple vs nectar

What Do Users Love About Purple?

The review section of the Purple mattress is a treasure trove of compliments. Users love everything from the stellar cooling properties to their customer service experience. But, above all else, reviewers brag about the amazing joint and pressure point relief they experience with their Purple mattress.

Evidently, Purple did not fall short on their promise to provide their customers with a supportive, comfortable sleeping surface. According to dozens of reviewers, the Purple mattress does exactly as it should – relaxes under joints and pressure points, providing outstanding pain and stiffness relief.

Some users have even reported that they suffer from ailments such as arthritis or chronic hip, neck, or back pain and the Purple mattress relieves or even completely eliminates their symptoms during the night and upon waking.


  • The Purple mattress bounces back quickly and is ultra-responsive to pressure and movement, thanks in part to the high-quality polyurethane foam and the Smart Comfort Grid
  • Reviewers claim that the Purple mattress makes good on its promise to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable throughout the entire night
  • No matter what position you sleep in, the Purple mattress remains comfortable, cradling, and supportive
  • The Purple mattress company proudly backs their product with a suitable sleep trial and warranty
  • The Purple mattress is a fairly durable option, as the Comfort Grid and polyurethane foam layers have been specially designed to withstand regular use

What Are Purple’s Downfalls?

A larger percentage of reviewers loved the performance of the Smart Comfort Grid. However, several users, especially those of a petite or large body frame, have reported that it doesn’t work well for them. Smaller framed customers have noted that the grid does not relax under their weight the way that it should, leaving them to lie on a too-firm, somewhat hard surface with no joint or pressure point support.

On the other end of the spectrum, heavier users have reported that the grid simply collapses completely under their weight and the layer of soft polyurethane foam beneath the grid does not offer their body frame sufficient support.


  • The Purple mattress company does not recommend the use of a conventional box spring with their mattress, as the springs can wear down and cause the mattress to sag
  • It can take up to 30 days for your body to acclimate to the unique construction of the Purple mattress
  • To guarantee proper performance as well as the validity of your warranty, the Purple mattress must be used on a supportive frame
  • You can be  susceptible to rolling off the bed, as well as wearing down the mattress prematurely, due to the lack of sufficient edge support in the Purple mattress

Warranty: Nectar vs Purple

Sometimes it can be easy to overlook the fine print of your warranty. But, it’s an important factor when you’re making a decision between mattresses. A good warranty means a high-quality mattress, which you certainly want. And, of course, a good warranty ensure that you won’t be left responsible for the bill if your mattress tears up or breaks down quickly.

In this category, we’ll be comparing the warranty offered by Nectar vs Purple.

nectar vs purple

Nectar Warranty

The Nectar company offers a warranty that is downright unsurpassed in the mattress industry. While most companies commonly offer a 1001-night sleep trial backed by a 10-15-year limited warranty, Nectar has truly gone the extra mile.

When you purchase your Nectar mattress you have 365 days to decide if you absolutely love it. That is a full year to use your Nectar mattress inside your home, 3x longer than the average sleep trial. Less than 3% of users actually return their mattress within the sleep trial period. However, if you do decide that it’s not the mattress for you within the trial period, Nectar will give you a full refund and remove the mattress from your home.

If you decide to keep your Nectar mattress, you are covered by a warranty forever. That’s correct. Nectar offers a forever warranty. That means that Nectar guarantees the quality, durability, construction, and materials of your mattress for as long as you own it, provided you’re the original purchaser.

For the first 10 years of your warranty, Nectar will replace your mattress at absolutely no cost to you if your problem meets the standard terms of their warranty. After the 10th year, and for the remainder of your ownership of the mattress, Nectar will repair or replace your mattress with a $50 transportation cost each way. However, if your mattress is deemed defective, the fee $50 fee will be waived.

Like most warranties, Nectar does not cover things such as improper use, extraordinary abuse, individual sensitivities or comfort preferences, and they do not cover mattresses purchased “as is” or from unauthorized dealers.

purple mattress vs nectar

Purple Warranty

The Purple mattress comes with a pretty standard warranty. First off, they offer a 100-night in-home sleep trial. This means you can take your Purple mattress home, set it up, and use it for up to 100 nights before you have to make any final decision – which definitely isn’t a bad thing considering it can take up to 30 days for your body to adjust to the Purple mattress.

If you don’t love your purchase, you can return it within the sleep trial time period for a full refund and Purple will even arrange to pick the mattress up from your home.

If you’re satisfied with your purchase and decide to keep it after the 100-night trial period, you’re still protected by a 10-year limited warranty. Purple will cover any cracks or failures in the materials of their mattress, as well as an indention of 1” or greater.

Purple is not responsible for any damage incurred from improper use, extraordinary abuse, or any Purple mattress that has been purchased “as is” or from an unauthorized dealer.

Who Wins?

When it comes to the warranty offered by Nectar vs Purple, Nectar takes the win hands down. Purple’s warranty is fairly standard in the mattress industry. But, Nectar truly goes above and beyond for their customers. Offering a sleep trial that is 3x longer than the standard trial period, and they cover your mattress purchase forever.

About The Companies

The details and history surrounding a mattress company aren’t necessarily at the top of your list of concerns. But, it’s never a bad idea to familiarize yourself with the company that you’re considering making your purchase from. Why are they in the mattress business? When did they get their start? Have they received any recognition or awards?

Let’s take a look at a bit of the company history of Purple vs Nectar.

nectar vs purple mattress


The Nectar website doesn’t give a lot of detail as to how the company got their start. However, they do have a complete FAQ section, as well as a Better Sleep blog. All in all, though, it’s evident that the founders of Nectar believe in a high-quality mattress that doesn’t break the bank.

They believe that all consumers should have access to a comfortable, supportive, and high-quality mattress at an affordable cost. It is also evident in their warranty that they care about the Earth. They offer the forever warranty in an attempt to keep mattresses and box springs out of landfills.

purple vs nectar


Tony and Terry Pearce, two brothers, founded the Purple mattress company is 2013 and started creating their products in 2016. Tony, a real-life rocket scientist, and Terry, a comfort tech genius, have been inventors since 1989. They created a material called Floam that has been used in everything from neonatal nests to wheelchair padding.

Eventually, the two took everything they knew about innovation and comfort and combined it into the Purple mattress we know today. However, it did take them a few years to work out all the kinks and invent the machine called the Mad Max that would start mass producing their mattresses in 2016.

So, What’s Our Final Conclusion?

We’re certainly impressed with the construction and qualities offered by the Purple mattress, and all things considered, it doesn’t come at a terrible price either. But, in the end, the win goes to Nectar by a landslide in this comparison review.

Nectar has constructed their mattress with the highest quality materials, equipped it with cooling properties throughout the entire mattress, and has barely any complaints pertaining to the actual performance of the mattress. Not to mention their price point is exceptionally low and they offer an industry-leading sleep trial and warranty.

Based on our comprehensive comparison, Nectar is one sweet deal.

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