Puffy Mattress Review: Is it Just Like Sleeping on a Cloud?

Summary: This unbiased Puffy Mattress review features our team of Sleeping Ninjas’ analysis and in-depth look at this popular mattress. DisclosureSleeping Ninjas has an affiliate relationship with some companies where we get a small percentage of sales if you click over from our site.


Puffy is a direct-to-consumer online mattress company that utilizes their own specially formulated patent pending adaptable foam in combination with a firm, thick, supportive base layer to provide consumers with a supposed “cloud-like” sleeping experience.

Their reviews and technical details seem to be hopeful—promising the perfect combination of cooling properties, comfort, and support, all at an affordable cost.

Here, we’ll dive into a conclusive Puffy mattress review to determine if the Puffy mattress really does deliver a heavenly sleeping experience.

Puffy Mattress Review: Key Features

Two Layer Construction

While many mattresses these days are stacked with layer upon layer of different materials, Puffy has taken a different approach when it comes to the construction of their mattress. Puffy utilizes two unique layers of patented foam that’s been specially engineered and infused with DeepSleep technology to ensure that you’re getting the best sleep possible.

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So, let’s dive into this Puffy mattress review and see just what the Puffy mattress is made of.

4” Cooling Cloud Foam Top Layer – Puffy’s Cooling Cloud top layer took four years of intense study and testing to produce the award-winning superior material. This layer has been perfectly formulated to adjust and adapt to every individual’s weight and pressure, providing softness under joints and pressure points and firm support where you need it. This special construction allows the Puffy mattress to swathe the sleeper in plush, cradling comfort that relieves pressure points, joint pain, and stiffness.

This layer of the Puffy mattress is also designed to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. The Cooling Cloud foam is designed with proficient breathability to help ensure that the mattress never causes overheating.

6” Firm Core Support Base Layer – Underneath the layer of Cooling Cloud Foam is a 6” layer of firm support foam. This layer has been fused to the top Cloud layer to help ensure the best level of firm support and stability. The Core Support base layer guarantees that you’re not left with a too-soft sleeping surface and reinforces the entire mattress to provide the best in support, stability, and durability. This layer also allows the Puffy mattress to be compatible with an array of bases.

puffy mattress reviews

Now that we know how the Puffy mattress is constructed, let’s dive a little deeper into our Puffy mattress review and see how these layers translate into the best sleep possible.

Promises A Cool Sleep

The Puffy mattress utilizes the top layer of Cooling Cloud Foam to help safeguard against excessive sweating, tossing and turning through restless nights, and waking up groggy and unfocused due to a too-hot mattress.

The top layer of the Puffy is specifically designed to mold and conform to the unique shape of your body to give you cradling and comfortable pressure and pain relief, much like memory foam. However, memory foam is often known for trapping body heat and leading to a restless night. The unique formulation of the Cooling Cloud Foam allows the Puffy mattress to still provide you with top-notch pressure relief, without sweating you out. The foam has been constructed with optimal breathability, harnessing the powers of convection and conduction, that wicks away body heat at a tested rate to ensure that your mattress never traps heat against your body and always remains temperature neutral at the surface. Puffy boasts that their gel infused top layer draws heat away and increases overall airflow at 8x the rate of standard foam mattresses.

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It’s important to note in this Puffy mattress review, that while Puffy does promise a layer of protection against heat retention, other mattresses such as the Casper utilize every layer of their mattress, from top to bottom, to wick away heat, disperse it, and leave a cooler mattress surface.

Body Adapting Comfort

Some mattresses offer “zoned support”, the Puffy mattress doesn’t allow you to customize your level of firmness or which areas of the mattress are equipped with the most firmness vs softness. However, the mattress is constructed with adaptable foam that makes it a great universal option for varying body shapes and sizes.

The top layer of the Puffy mattress has been specifically designed to adapt to every unique individual body shape, size, and position. This means that even if you’re 5’2″ and small framed, your 6’2″ large framed partner will still reap the same pressure relief and body-cradling benefits from the Puffy mattress.

So, while our Puffy mattress review has determined that you can’t necessarily cherry-pick where and how much firmness you want, the Puffy mattress still promises to adjust and adapt to every different body type and provide sleepers of all shapes and sizes to experience complete body adapting comfort and pressure relief.

Sturdy Support for Pressure Relief

To follow up the comfort category of the Puffy mattress review, let’s take a look at how well the Puffy mattress can be expected to provide firm support.

In much the same way as the top Cloud layer, the bottom core support layer is specially designed to adapt to the individual’s body and provide optimal support and firmness for every sleeper. This base layer is equipped with Insta-Firm Technology that adjusts according to the pressure placed on the mattress. It is guaranteed to provide 99% better responsiveness and 4x the amount of support than your standard foam mattress.

This technology ensures that no matter your size or weight, the Puffy mattress will adapt to your pressure points to alleviate joint pain and stiffness and help guarantee that you’re getting the optimal spine and neck alignment for a comfortable, supportive, and healthy sleep.

This unique technology works together with the top layer to ensure that the Puffy mattress will provide overall support, comfort, stability, and pressure/pain relief for every shape and size.

This exceptional combination of high-quality materials also helps guarantee top-notch durability out of the Puffy mattress. Meaning you can expect the Puffy to last you a lifetime. (see warranty category)

Best for Back and Side Sleepers

It’s important to note in the Puffy mattress review that this particular mattress is best for back and side sleepers and those that only occasionally roll onto their stomach. The special combination of adaptable foam and base support layer of the Puffy mattress makes it perfect for those that sleep on their side, as the top foam layer has been specifically constructed to mold and conform to pressure points such as the hips and shoulder, which are typically under high compression while positioned on your side.

The supportive layer topped with the adjusting foam provides an ideal surface for those that tend to sleep on their back, providing the sleeper with optimal spine and neck alignment to avoid waking up stiff and uncomfortable due to a wonky head and neck position through the night.

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While Puffy doesn’t specifically state that their mattress is incompatible with stomach sleepers, it may not provide you with the best level of comfort or support if you tend to sleep in this position often.

Now that we’ve covered the comfort amenities that the Puffy mattress has to offer, let’s dive a little deeper into the Puffy mattress review to see what sort of frame or base is best compatible with the Puffy mattress.

It’s Compatible With Any Surface

Unlike other popular mattresses, such as the Purple, that require specific frames or bases to ensure that their mattress performs correctly and their warranty is valid, the Puffy mattress is compatible with literally any surface, including the floor!

When designing the Puffy, the creators ensured that their mattress would perform perfectly on just about any surface imaginable, making it the ideal, one-size-fits-all purchase for nearly any consumer.

The Puffy mattress can be used on anything from a slatted or flat frame, to a conventional box spring, to flat on the floor, and it’s even compatible with adjustable bed frames. No matter where you decide to put your Puffy, it’s been designed to perform perfectly without voiding your warranty.

So far, we’ve covered comfort, firmness, temperature regulation, and even the surface compatibility in this Puffy mattress review. Next, we’ll dive into the customer service perks you can expect when purchasing a Puffy mattress.

Puffy Mattress Review: Customer Service Features

The Puffy mattress does a pretty great job of promising comfort, stability, support, and cooling measures. But, their amenities don’t stop there. Puffy offers some pretty out-of-this-world customer service perks as well.

101-Night Sleep Trial

The folks at Puffy believe whole-heartedly in their mattress, and they’re happy to back that up with a 101-night sleep trial. Sleep trial periods are fairly standard these days when purchasing a new mattress. The 101 nights offered by Puffy isn’t really extraordinary. The typical trial period comes in at around 100 nights for most companies. However, that doesn’t mean that Puffy’s sleep trial doesn’t still stand out in its own way in our Puffy mattress review.

If you purchase a Puffy mattress and decided that you don’t absolutely love it within the 101-night sleep trial, not only will the Puffy company provide you with a full refund, they will coordinate with you to donate your mattress to a local charity.

While most companies will make you ship your mattress back, and some will even come pick the mattress up from your home, Puffy wants to ensure that every person has a comfortable place to lay their head every night. So, even if you decide to go a different route, you can rest assured that your Puffy mattress is being put to wonderful use.

puffy mattress review

Lifetime Warranty

Virtually every mattress company offers some sort of warranty on their mattresses. The companies want you to know that they stand behind the quality and performance of their product. But, generally speaking, you can expect a fairly standard 10-year limited warranty from most companies like Leesa or Casper.

But, Puffy takes their warranty to the next level. Puffy keeps you protected for as long as you own their mattress. They will cover any defect in the materials or workmanship, replacing or repairing your mattress at their discretion. Of course, the company will not cover any damage incurred from improper use or extraordinary abuse by the owner. The warranty is also only valid for the original purchaser of the mattress.

Free Shipping

Puffy is a direct-to-customer online company that ships your mattress to your door within 2-5 business days for free.

This means no hassle of a box store or extra shipping costs tacked onto your price in the end. You add the mattress of your choice to your online cart, checkout, and expect your Puffy mattress on your doorstep before the weeks’ end.

We’ve covered the customer service perks in out Puffy mattress review, now on to one of the most important categories: What does it cost?

Puffy Mattress Pricing

The Puffy mattress comes in two different options, the Puffy and the Puffy Lux, which we’ll be covering the differences of later in out Puffy mattress review. The prices of a Puffy mattress are fairly neutral, with the Puffy Lux being a bit more expensive due to the added amenities.

A king-size Puffy comes in at $1195, with an upgrade to a California king for no additional cost. This is a bit more expensive than other competitors such as the Leesa but rings in just a bit cheaper than options like the Purple.

The pricing of the Puffy and Puffy Lux are as follows:


  • Twin – $625
  • Twin XL – $675
  • Full – $795
  • Queen – $995
  • King & California King – $1195

Puffy Lux

  • Twin – $1245
  • Twin XL – $1295
  • Full – $1395
  • Queen – $1595
  • King & California King – $1795

All in all, the Puffy and Puffy Lux aren’t the cheapest options available on the market. However, they do run sales fairly often and the amenities and benefits offered by the mattress may very well be worth the extra cost. Not to mention, their mattresses are compatible with every surface, including the floor, and you’re covered by a warranty for the entire time you own the mattress.

Meaning you may spend a little more than you would on some competitors, but the Puffy company is guaranteeing that this will be the last mattress you should ever have to buy.

What Do Customers Love About Puffy?

One of the most important categories in this Puffy mattress review is the views, opinions, and experiences of those that have already purchased and love their Puffy mattress.

Perfect Firmness vs Softness Ratio – Many customers have raved that the Puffy mattress provides them with the perfect level of comfortable softness while still remaining firm and supportive where they need it. The Puffy comes in at a 6 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest and 1 being the softest. Customers boast that the construction of the Puffy offers them a perfectly comfortable and supportive night’s sleep.

Ideal Joint Cradling And Pressure Relief for Side and Back Sleepers – Consumers have noted that they wake up with little to no joint pain, stiffness, or discomfort after sleeping through the night on their side or back. The Puffy makes good on its promise to cradle and relieve pressure from the hips and shoulders, which can be big problem areas for those that sleep primarily on their side. Some users have even noted that they occasionally sleep on their stomach, and they still feel comfortable and supported and wake up pain and discomfort free.

Performs Better Than Memory Foam – A lot of Puffy users have made the transition from memory foam or Tempurpedic mattresses to the Puffy. They claim that their Puffy mattress outperforms their former memory foam mattress in joint pain and pressure point relief and withstands regular use better than original memory foam.

Expands Quickly – The Puffy mattress is a direct-to-consumer option that will arrive on your doorstep compressed in a box. Many mattress companies warn that their product can take up to 72-hours to fully expand and be ready for use. This is not an issue with the Puffy mattress, as it is supposed to fully expand within 60 seconds upon breaking the plastic seal.

Very Minimal Motion Transference – Puffy consumers brag that the adaptable foam layer allows for couples to sleep soundly together without waking their partner with movement or when getting in and out of bed.

Puffy Mattress Review: Where Does Puffy Fall Short?

In the same way, we looked at the great reviews of the Puffy mattress, we’ll be covering the less-than-wonderful reviews in our Puffy mattress review as well.

The Puffy Mattress Is A Bit Heavy – Consumers have noted that the Puffy mattress is on the heavy side and can be difficult to maneuver and set up, especially with only one person.

Puffy Doesn’t Offer A White Glove Service – This problem coincides with the above issue. The Puffy mattress is delivered in a box directly to the customers’ doorstep. Customers have noted that the mattress is a bit heavy and difficult to maneuver. Because Puffy doesn’t offer a white glove service to assist with set up, the customer is left to their own devices to get the mattress in their house and set up properly.

It Can Take A While To Adjust To The Puffy – The Puffy utilizes its own special adaptable foam that differs from most common materials. Because of this, it can take a few weeks for your body to adjust to the new, different surface of the Puffy. Due to this adjustment period, you may experience some discomfort until your body has fully acclimated to the Puffy mattress. Thankfully, the Puffy’s 101-night trial period allows you to break through this adjustment period and determine if the mattress will actually provide you with optimal comfort before you have to make any final decisions.

It May Be A Bit Too Cool – A Handful of reviewers have actually noted that the cool get infused top layer of the Puffy mattress actually makes the surface a little too cool for their taste. Those reviewers have noted that they used an additional mattress topper to combat that issue.

What’s The Difference In the Puffy And Puffy Lux?

The Puffy company has two different options available: The Puffy mattress and the Puffy Lux. In this Puffy mattress review, we’ll highlight the differences in the two.

  • The Puffy Lux features 3 layers instead of two: A 3” top layer of Cooling Cloud memory foam, a 2” core layer of Plush Cloud Comfort Foam, and 7″ bottom layer of firm Core Support foam. This adds additional comfort and support measures as well as raises the total profile of the mattress by 2 inches.
  • The Puffy Lux features a breathable, stretchy cover to add an extra layer of temperature regulation as well as soft, plush comfort
  • The Puffy Lux versions additional layers of temperature control whereas the original Puffy only utilizes the top layer
  • The Puffy Lux is available in a range of 5.5-7 on the firmness scale
  • The Price of the Puffy Lux is notably higher than the original Puffy mattress

Now that we’ve covered the differences in the available Puffy mattresses, the next part of our Puffy mattress review will take a look at the Puffy mattress company itself.

About The Company

The Puffy mattress company was only launched in 2017, making it a relatively new company. The founders of Puffy wanted to create an affordable mattress that felt just like sleeping on a cloud. So, they set out to cut out the middleman and unnecessary, costly commissions and deliver a straightforward, comfortable, and cost-effective mattress that you could depend on for the rest of your life with their lifetime warranty.

The creators of Puffy meticulously researched and tested, sifting through multiple different designs and materials before they settled on what finally came to be known as the Puffy mattress. Every layer of their mattress is tried and tested to guarantee a cloud-like sleeping surface. Their products are proudly made in the USA with Certi-PUR US Certified Foam.

Puffy Cares About Kids

The Puffy company understands that childhood homelessness is a serious and very real problem in today’s world. More than 2 million children, 1 in every 30 children, are subjected to homelessness without a bed to lie their head on every night. Puffy wants to change that. So, they’ve started the #jumpforkids campaign. Take a photo that captures the mid-air moment of you jumping on your bed. Post the photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and include the hashtag #jumpforkids. Nominate 3 or more friends to complete the Jump For Kids Challenge within 24-hours. For every 100 Jump For Kids posts, Puffy will donate one mattress to homeless youth shelters.

Puffy is currently already working with several charities including St. Vincent De Paul, The Mission Of Hope, and Teen Challenge to donate mattresses to children and teens in need.

Conclusion of our Puffy Mattress Review—Will You Be Sleeping On A Cloud?

Puffy is a relatively new company, having only been operational since 2017. But, for being so young, Puffy definitely looks promising. They’ve specifically engineered patented adaptable foam to guarantee a comfortable, supportive sleep and have already racked up a multitude of fantastic reviews.

Current users are more than satisfied with the firmness vs softness ratio that the Puffy provides and have nothing but high praises when it comes to the Puffy mattress keeping them cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Not to mention, the Puffy comes with a lifetime warranty. Being that the company is so new, we really have no way of knowing how durable it will prove to be, or even if Puffy truly will stand behind their promises. However, their dedication to not only a wonderful, cloud-like mattress but their dedication to their communities and America’s children is astounding.

We can’t say for sure that your Puffy purchase will be around to provide you with cradling pressure relief and optimal comfort, simply because it’s just too soon to tell. But, based on our Puffy mattress review, the Puffy mattress is stacking up to be a fantastic, comfortable, supportive, and affordable option that may very well last you forever. If Puffy stays on this track, they truly can deliver a divine experience.