Purple vs Leesa: Comprehensive Comparison Guide to the Best Mattress

Summary: This in-depth, unbiased guide is a Sleeping Ninjas showdown between Purple vs Leesa to help you select the best mattress. DisclosureSleeping Ninjas has an affiliate relationship with some companies where we get a small percentage of sales if you click over from our site.


Searching for a new mattress can be a real pain in the neck sometimes. There are so many different materials, options, and companies available on the market today that it can be difficult to even know where to start. Is a plush, cradling memory foam option best for you? Or would you benefit more from the all-organic durability of natural latex? Or would your needs best be met with a hybrid option that combines all the best qualities of a few different materials?

It can all be a bit overwhelming. While we can’t choose a mattress for you, we can help! We’ve compiled a comprehensive comparison guide of two popular mattresses, Leesa vs Purple, to help you make the best well-informed decision when it comes to shopping for and purchasing the very best mattress for you.

Construction: What’s Purple and Leesa Made Of?

When you begin your search for the best mattress to suit your individual needs, one of the first things to consider is what the mattress is made of. There are dozens of different material options available on the market today, as well as hybrid mattresses that combine the best of several different materials to come together into one great mattress.

While one material isn’t necessarily superior to the other they all offer different, unique qualities. Memory foam is known for being soft and moldable to cradle joints and pressure points, where materials such as latex are known for their durability and organic options. It’s important to determine what the best material is for your specific needs and what material the mattress is made of.

Here we’ll take a look at the construction of the Leesa vs Purple.

Purple Construction

The original Purple mattress is a hybrid option, featuring four individual, scientifically-engineered layers that utilize the best qualities of a few different materials and combines them all into one great mattress.

The very top layer of the Purple mattress is the unique Purple Smart Comfort Grid. The Comfort Grid is exclusive to Purple and has been precisely engineered to offer moldable comfort under pressure points and firm support everywhere else, no matter what position you lay in.

purple vs leesa review

This Smart Grid has been scientifically-constructed to actually fold in on itself under pressure. So, areas such as the hips and shoulders that are susceptible to pressure and pain, will be cradled while the rest of the grid remains upright, providing stability and support for the rest of your body. While some mattresses are equipped with zoned firmness in specific areas, the Original Purple will perfectly mold to the shape and position of your body no matter what part of the mattress you lay on.

Directly beneath the Smart Comfort Grid is a layer of soft high-density Certi-PUR US Certified polyurethane foam. This layer allows for a soft, comfortable surface for joints and pressure points through the grid. It also boosts the overall performance of the grid and allows for extra responsiveness and an overall comfortable sleep.

purple vs leesa mattress review

The very bottom of the Purple mattress features a thick layer of high-density, medium-firm, Certi-PUR US Certified polyurethane foam. This foam layer helps to reinforce the entire mattress, enhance the performance of the above layers, and provide a stable, supportive foundation. All of these layers are then wrapped in an ultra-responsive, super-stretchy knit cover that molds and moves with the Smart Comfort Grid to ensure optimal performance as well as breathability, and a soft surface against the skin.

Leesa Construction

Leesa features 3 separate layers that provide you with the best qualities of the individual materials. The Leesa starts with a 2” layer of perforated Avena foam. This layer serves as the first level of comfort in the Leesa. The foam has been perforated to provide optimal airflow, keeping you cooler through the night.

leesa vs purple mattress review

Up next is a 2” layer of memory foam. Leesa has applied the very best qualities of memory foam, precisely designing this layer to mold around your individual shape, cradle joints and pressure points, and relieve pain and stiffness.

leesa vs purple mattress review

The bottom of the Leesa mattress features a 6” layer of core support foam. This thick bottom layer provides overall reinforcement for the entire mattress and lends a firm, supportive foundation to ensure that you don’t experience sinking or instability.

Who Wins?

When we consider the construction of the Leesa vs Purple, Purple definitely takes the win in this category. While Leesa certainly uses high-quality materials in the construction of their mattress, The Smart Comfort Gird in combination with the other high-quality layers of the Purple simply can’t be beaten.

Temperature Control: Purple vs Leesa

There is little else more miserable than a hot mattress. You’re left tossing and turning throughout the night, waking frequently, and trying to tackle your day groggy and sweaty. Most mattresses these days are equipped with some sort of temperature regulation. Whether it be breathable material or the addition of gels or other additives, some level of cooling has come to be expected in a common mattress.

However, some mattresses tackle temperature control far better than others. So, when it comes to Purple vs Leesa who hits the cooling nail on the head?

Purple Temperature Control

Two separate levels of temperature control are used in the original Purple Bed to ensure that you sleep cool and comfortable night after night.

The first layer of defense against heat retention in the Purple mattress is the Smart Comfort Grid. The Grid features a scientifically-engineered open design that remains neutral in temperature no matter the conditions. This open design allows for an optimal level of breathability, airflow, and never traps heat against the body. It has also been engineered to wick away body heat and disperse it evenly to avoid hot spots.

The knit cover that surrounds the entire Purple mattress serves as another layer of defense against a too-hot mattress. The knit cover is super-stretchy and breathable to promote even more airflow directly against the skin.

Leesa Temperature Control

The Leesa mattress is completely constructed with high-quality, light foam. This ensures that there are no dense materials to absorb body heat or trap heat within the mattress.

In addition to the use of light foams, the top layer of Avena foam is perforated. This allows for optimal breathability and airflow against the skin to keep you cool and comfortable.

Who Wins?

While the perforations in the Avena foam and the use of light materials does lend the Leesa a certain level of temperature control, when we consider Purple vs Leesa, Purple definitely has the leg up. Their Smart Comfort Grid has been precisely engineered to allow for an open construction that promotes breathability and airflow, is guaranteed to remain neutral in temperature, and cannot trap heat against the body.

Overall Comfort: Firmness vs Softness

There are several important things you should consider when shopping for a new mattress. You want it to be durable and cool, budget-friendly and covered by a decent warranty. But, above all else, it needs to be comfortable. After all, you’ll be sleeping on your new mattress night after night for years to come. As a matter of fact, we spend nearly 1/3 of our lives asleep. We don’t want to spend it on an uncomfortable mattress. But, what’s comfortable to one person may be downright miserable to another. Some sleepers prefer a super-firm mattress, while others may sleep better on a soft, plush surface.

However, for the majority of consumers, a mattress that lands somewhere in the middle of the firmness vs softness scale seems to be the best option. So, when we take a look at Purple vs Leesa, where do these mattresses land?

purple vs leesa mattress review

Purple’s Comfort

The Purple mattress is described as a medium-firm option. Thanks to the Smart Comfort Grid the Purple mattress offers a truly comfortable, yet firmly supportive sleeping surface in a way that’s not always attainable in other mattresses on the market.

Oftentimes, mattresses are constructed with specifically zoned areas of softness or firmness. While this tactic is certainly acceptable and even beneficial, it means that you’re forced to lay on a certain area of the mattress to reap the benefits. This is not the case with the Purple mattress due to the Smart Comfort Grid. The grid is specially designed to relax under pressure and it spans across the entire surface of the mattress. Meaning that no matter where you lay and no matter the position you lay in, the Purple mattress will cradle and mold to joints and pressure points to relieve pain and stiffness and still remain supportive elsewhere.

This grid performance in combination with the thick layer of high-density polyurethane base foam, allows the Purple mattress to provide sleepers with a soft, comfortable, yet stable sleeping surface.

leesa mattress vs purple comparison

Leesa Comfort

The Leesa mattress is another option described as medium-firm. On a scale of 10 being the firmest and 1 the softest, the Leesa rates at a 6, landing it nearly right in the middle of the firmness vs softness ratio.

This mattress is primarily made with memory foam and other foam materials, which are not known for their firmness, rather their ability to cradle and mold to joints and pressure points. This means that the Leesa may be a bit on the soft side for some sleepers. However, in combination with the base layer, this mattress is expected to provide soft, plush comfort, joint pressure relief, and a stable supportive foundation.

Who Wins?

While the softness of the Leesa may be perfect for some sleepers, when we weigh the overall comfort of Purple vs Leesa, Purple has the edge in this category. The Comfort Grid in combination with the high-density foam base allows the Purple mattress to provide that just-right level of plush comfort vs firm support.

Price: Leesa vs Purple

When you’re shopping for a mattress, you want to find the best bang for your buck. Of course, you want something of high-quality, that will offer optimal comfort, support, and durability. However, it always helps if it’s budget-friendly as well. No one really wants to be stuck spending a month’s worth of pay on a new mattress.

So, how does the price of Leesa vs Purple stack up?


The Original Purple Bed comes with a price tag of $899 for a full-size mattress, $999 for a queen size, and $1299 for a king or California king-size option. These are pretty neutral mattress prices, especially considering all the qualities and amenities that the Purple mattress has to offer. Not to mention, you can upgrade your mattress from a king to a California king-size at no additional cost.


The price of the Leesa mattress comes in at $730 for a full-size mattress, $845 for a queen, and $1070 for the king-size option. Once again, these prices are pretty average for a quality mattress that offers amenities such as temperature regulation, high-quality materials, and pressure point relief.

Who Wins?

Comparing the price of Leesa vs Purple, Leesa has the budget-friendlier price tag with a saving of almost $200 per upgrade. However, the Purple does allow you to upgrade from a king to a California king for the same price.

Pros & Cons Of Purple vs Leesa

While it’s certainly important to gather up all the technical details and research on your potential mattress purchases, don’t forget to take a look at those reviews as well. Reviews are posted by people who have already purchased and used the mattress you’re looking it. They can offer insight, opinions, and experience without you ever having to make a purchase. Is there anything specific that consumers absolutely love about the particular mattress? What about any downfalls? The best way to find out is through the reviews of those that have already experienced it!

Let’s take a look at some of the good and not so good reviews of the Purple vs Leesa.

What Do Reviewers Love About Purple?

The Original Purple Bed is not short on good reviews. But the biggest praise from those who have purchased and loved their Purple mattress is the amazing pressure point and joint pain relief that this mattress offers.

purple vs leesa review

According to reviews, the Purple really does make good on their promise to provide a comfortable, yet supportive surface. The Smart Comfort Grid performs perfectly for many Purple consumers, adapting and responding to each individual body, cradling joints and pressure points such as the hips, shoulders, and knees, and allowing Purple users to wake up feel fresh, rejuvenated, and pain-free every morning – no matter which area of the mattress you land on, or what position you end up sleeping in.

Tons of reviewers have even noted that they suffer from ailments such as arthritis or chronic hip, neck, and back pain and the Purple mattress has greatly reduced or even eliminated their pain and stiffness upon waking.

Overall Pros

  • Reviewers boast that the Purple mattress makes good on their promise to keep you completely cool and dry throughout the night
  • The Purple mattress comes back by a decent warranty as well as a significant sleep trial
  • No matter what position you sleep in, the Purple mattress is comfortable and supportive
  • The Original Purple Bed is durable with the Smart Comfort Grid specifically designed to withstand wear and tear with regular use
  • The combination of the Smart Comfort Grid and high-quality foam makes the Purple mattress extremely responsive and allows it to bounce back to its original shape quickly

What Are The Drawbacks Of Purple?

While most consumers love the perfect comfort and support of the Smart Comfort Grid, others have noted that it doesn’t perform well for sleepers that are lightweight or on the heavy side. Users of a smaller frame complain that the grid does not collapse under their hips or shoulders, leaving a stiff, too-firm surface to sleep on. On the other end of the spectrum, heavyweight consumers have noted that the grid does the opposite for them, collapsing completely under their body weight and the foam layers underneath the grid do not offer sufficient support. So, they’re left sinking down into the mattress.

Overall Cons

  • According to the Purple company, it can take up to 30 days for your body to adjust to the Purple mattress and become comfortable
  • For the Purple mattress to perform correctly and to guarantee the validity of your warranty, the Purple mattress must be used on a supportive foundation
  • It is not recommended to use a conventional box spring with the Purple mattress, as the springs can wear down and cause sagging
  • The Purple mattress does not offer sufficient edge support, leaving you vulnerable to rolling off the bed, especially for heavyweight sleepers

What Do Reviewers Love About Leesa?

The consumers of the Leesa mattress had a lot of great things to say. Their biggest praise was the overall comfort that the Leesa provides them. Reviewers noted that no matter the position they choose to sleep in, this mattress provided them with cradling pressure relief on pressure points and joints and kept them comfortable throughout the entire night.

Overall Pros

  • The Leesa mattress comes with a budget-friendly price tag
  • Leesa donates one mattress to a homeless shelter for every 10 purchased
  • The Leesa company is owned and operated in the US and all of their products are proudly made in the USA
  • The Leesa mattress is a great option for couples, as it is specifically designed to adapt to individual bodies
  • The Leesa company keeps you covered with a 10-year limited warranty as well as a 100-night sleep trial

What Are The Drawbacks Of Leesa?

The largest complaint made by consumers of the Leesa mattress was its inability to truly keep you cool through the night. The Leesa is equipped with a few measures of temperature control. But, according to those who have already purchased and used their Leesa mattress, it simply doesn’t perform well. Sleepers are often left tossing and turning through the night and waking up hot and sweaty because the Leesa simply didn’t keep them cool.

Overall Cons

  • Some consumers have noted that they have to use an additional mattress topper to get optimal comfort from the Leesa
  • You have to ship the Leesa mattress back yourself if you choose to return it
  • Off-gassing has been reported with this mattress and some users have noted that it can take up to several weeks for the smell to dissipate
  • Due to the lack of any sufficient edge support, you’re susceptible to rolling off and can cause additional wear and tear by sitting on the edge of the mattress

Warranty: Leesa vs Purple

A good warranty is guaranteed protection for you as a consumer. Even before you decide on a purchase, it’s smart to consider what type of warranty the company is offering. For one, a company will only stand behind a product that they believe in. So, a good warranty can help ensure that you’re getting high-quality. After you’ve settled on your decision and purchased your new mattress, a good warranty helps to guarantee that you won’t be left footing the bill for a new mattress in 6 months if your breaks down prematurely.

Also, it’s becoming fairly commonplace for mattress companies to offer some sort of sleep trial—a period of so many days to try your mattress before you have to make any final, binding decision.

Here we’ll take a look at the warranties offered by Purple vs Leesa and see who offers the best.


Purple’s Warranty

The Purple company offers a fairly standard warranty, with a 10-year limited warranty and a 100-night sleep trial. However, Purple does stand out a bit in the fact that they will personally pick up your mattress if you’re not satisfied with it during the sleep trial period.

If you decide to stick with your purchase, you’re still covered by a limited warranty for the next 10 years. Under the terms of their warranty, Purple will repair or replace, at their discretion, your mattress if, with proper use, it has an indention of 1” or greater or has any splits, cracks, or defects in the materials. The warranty will not cover any damage as a result of improper use or extraordinary abuse by the owner.

leesa vs nectar

Leesa’s Warranty

The Leesa company also offers a 100-night happiness guarantee. Meaning, you get to take your mattress home with you and use it for 100 nights to determine if you’ll be 100% happy with your Leesa purchase. If you don’t love it, you can return it with 100 days for a full refund. However, you will be responsible for shipping it back.

If you decide to keep your Leesa mattress, you are still protected by a 10-year limited warranty. This warranty promises that Leesa will repair or replace your mattress so long as it has been used in accordance with their warranty terms. The Leesa mattress is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with a supportive frame or base. Leesa company takes no responsibility for damages or ill performance of their mattresses that have not been used with an appropriate frame.

They will cover any indention of 1” or greater, any physical flaw that causes damage to the memory foam material, and any failures in the seams or zipper hardware of the cover. Do note that if the cover malfunctions, Leesa will replace only the cover, not the whole mattress, and will replace it with the current cover in use which may differ in style or color.

Leesa does not cover any damage caused by improper use, extraordinary abuse by the owner, any normal increase in softness that does not affect the pressure-relieving properties, or any mattress purchased from an unauthorized dealer or bought used or “as is”.

Who Wins?

Truthfully, the warranty with both mattresses is fairly standard. They both offer a 100-night trial period as well as a 10-year limited warranty. However, when we compare the warranties of Leesa vs Purple, Purple gets the slightest leg up due to the fact that they will pick up your mattress within the 100-night sleep trial if you’re not fully satisfied.

About The Companies

The history of a mattress company isn’t necessarily top on your list of criteria. However, it can possibly help you choose between two options if the running is close. When was the company founded? What got them started? Are they involved in any philanthropy? Has the company been recognized or have they won any awards or accreditations? Is there anything about the company that sets them apart from the rest?

Here, we’ve put together a quick history of Leesa vs Purple.

About Purple

Tony Pearce, a literal rocket scientist, and Terry Pearce, a comfort tech genius, founded the Purple mattress company in 2013. The two brothers started on the inventions that would eventually become the Purple mattress in 1989. The Pearce brothers invented a material called Floam that would be used in everything from wheelchair seats to neonatal nests in 1993.

In 2013, the brothers decided to use what they know to make comfortable, supportive mattresses. It took a few years for them to get everything together, invent a patent pending machine called Mad Max, and start producing the Purple mattress in 2016.

About Leesa

The folks that founded the Leesa mattress company thought that the mattress buying process was too complicated and mattress prices were way too high. So, they created a company that would cut out the big box stores as well as the big box prices and allows consumers to purchase budget-friendly, high-quality mattresses without all the hassle.

Leesa has remained determined from the start to leave a good imprint in the world. The company has even noted that they are just as concerned about their social and environmental impact as they are their profit and revenue. That’s why the Leesa company has always, and continues to, support their local communities with school fundraisers, plant trees to reduce their carbon footprint, and donates one mattress for every 10 sold to a homeless shelter.

What’s The Final Conclusion?

Both mattresses we’ve covered in this review are great options. They’re both constructed of high-quality materials and offer their consumers a comfortable and supportive nights rest. Both mattresses are also available at a budget-friendly price, with the Leesa actually being a bit cheaper.

However, based on the categories we’ve covered here, Purple takes the win in this comparison review. With their high-quality, scientifically-engineered construction, their unique Smart Comfort Grid, and their overall rave reviews of comfort and support, Purple offers a fantastic, reasonably priced mattress to meet all your individual needs.


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