Tuft and Needle vs Purple: Comprehensive Comparison Buyer’s Guide to the Best Mattress

Summary: This in-depth, unbiased guide is a Sleeping Ninjas showdown between Tuft and Needle vs Purple to help you select the best mattress. DisclosureSleeping Ninjas has an affiliate relationship with some companies where we get a small percentage of sales if you click over from our site.


Buying a new mattress can be a challenge. There are so many options available on the market that it can be a bit difficult to even know where to start. While we can’t hand-pick your mattress for you, we’ve taken out some of the guesswork and compiled a comprehensive comparative review of Tuft and Needle vs Purple, two popular mattress options, to help you make a well-informed decision that will best suit your individual needs.

Tuft and Needle vs Purple Highlights

The Purple mattress offers:

  • A Smart Comfort Grid construction unique to Purple
  • Optimal cooling properties with an open design and breathable cover
  • Supportive bottom layer to ensure stability
  • Scientifically-engineered materials

The Tuft and Needle mattress offers:

  • A minimalistic two-layer construction to avoid unnecessary layers
  • A budget-friendly price tag with all size options under $1000
  • Cooling property infusions in the top layer
  • Donates returned mattresses to homeless shelters

Now let’s see how these two mattresses size up …

Construction: What’s It Made Out Of?

There are tons of different mattress material options and combinations available on the market today and they all offer their own unique qualities and benefits. When you’re shopping for a new mattress for yourself and your family, you want to make sure that it’s made with high-quality materials and constructed well.

Let’s have a look at the construction of Tuft and Needle vs Purple.

Purple Construction

The Original Purple Bed is a hybrid mattress, meaning it combines the very best qualities of a few different materials to make one high-quality mattress. The Purple is constructed of four individual layers to provide you with what they believe is the best overall sleeping experience.

Purple Smart Comfort Grid – The topmost layer of the Purple mattress features Purple’s unique Smart Comfort Grid. This grid, exclusive to Purple, has been scientifically-engineered to provide the absolute best in pressure relief and joint cradling. Their Smart Comfort Grid is designed to actually fold in on itself under pressure, allowing the material to mold to the pressure points of every individual body while holding its shape and remaining supportive across the remaining surface of the mattress. It’s common for mattresses to feature areas of “zoned support” that offer firmness and support in individual areas of the mattress, but leave you forced to lie in a certain spot to reap the benefits. The Purple Smart Comfort Grid avoids this issue altogether by equipping the entire mattress surface to mold to your hips, shoulders, and individual pressure points, no matter which are of the mattress you lie on or what position you sleep in. The grid has also been specially designed to be highly responsive, bouncing back to its original shape quickly when you’re no longer placing any pressure on the mattress.

purple smart grid

Soft High-Density Polyurethane Foam – Beneath the Smart Comfort Grid, Purple is equipped with a layer of high-density yet soft polyurethane foam. This layer is made with Certi-PUR US Certified foam to safeguard against any harmful emissions and to ensure high indoor air quality. The polyurethane foam under the Comfort Grid allows joints and pressure points to rest against a soft, comfortable surface through the grid and increases the overall performance and responsiveness of the grid above.

Medium-Firm High-Density Polyurethane Foam – The bottom of The Original Purple Bed features a thick layer of medium-firm high-density polyurethane foam which is also constructed with Certi-PUR US Certified foam to ensure quality and safety. This layer provides sleepers with firm support, enhances the overall performance of the top layers, provides reinforcement throughout the entire mattress, and allows for a stable, supportive base foundation.

Stretch Knit Cover – The entire Original Purple Bed is encased in a super-stretchy, ultra-responsive soft knit cover. This cover has been specifically designed to work with the Smart Comfort Grid, molding and stretching with the pressure placed on the mattress to guarantee optimal grid performance and provide a soft, comfortable sleeping surface as well as optimal breathability.

Purple has especially combined these individual layers with unique materials and high-quality polyurethane foams to create a mattress that will best suit an array of sleepers.

Tuft and Needle Construction 

The founders of Tuft and Needle went about their mattress construction a bit differently than conventional mattress companies. Instead of filling their mattresses with multiple layers of unnecessary materials, they took a more minimalistic approach. They believe that tons of additional layers only increased the cost of the mattress without providing much if any additional qualities. So, they decided to avoid adding any materials or layers to their mattress that didn’t specifically increase the overall comfort or breathability of the Tuft and Needle mattress. Therefore, the Tuft and Needle only features two, high-quality layers in its construction.

tuft and needle vs purple mattress

Tuft and Needle Adaptive Foam – The first layer of the Tuft and Needle mattress features fresh-poured adaptive foam that is exclusive to the Tuft and Needle company. This special foam has been specially formulated to mimic some of the best qualities of memory foam, without the downfalls. It molds and conforms to each individual body shape and size, cradling joints and pressure points all without the sinking feeling or heat retention you can expect out of plain memory foam. Their adaptive foam helps to alleviate pain, pressure, and stiffness and greatly reduces any motion transference with optimal localized bounce.

Supportive Base Foam – Underneath the layer of Tuft and Needle adaptive foam is a thick, supportive layer of base foam. This layer provides optimal stability and reinforcement of the entire mattress and provides sleepers with a firm, supportive feel that’s required for optimal comfort.

The Tuft and Needle mattress is encased in a soft, breathable cover to guarantee an extra level of comfort. All materials used in the construction of the Tuft and Needle mattress are certified by Certi-PUR US, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, and GREENGUARD Gold.

Who Wins?

While we can certainly appreciate the minimalistic take of the Tuft and Needle mattress, when we compare the overall construction of Tuft and Needle vs Purple, we have to give the win to Purple. Their unique Smart Comfort Grid in combination with the specially designed layers of polyurethane foam lends Purple the leg up in optimal construction.

Temperature Control

A mattress that sleeps hot makes for restless nights, frequent waking, and groggy mornings. No one wants to be left tossing and turning, drenched in sweat because their mattress doesn’t keep them cool. You want to ensure that your mattress is adequately equipped with cooling properties to guarantee that doesn’t happen.

So, when comparing Tuft and Needle vs Purple, who takes the win in temperature control?

Purple Temperature Control

Purple utilizes two individual layers of their mattress to help safeguard against heat retention and ensure optimal temperature control.

The first cooling mechanism featured in The Original Purple Bed is the Purple Smart comfort Grid. The special grid is guaranteed to remain neutral in temperature no matter the conditions due to the scientifically-engineered open construction design. This superior design allows for ideal breathability and airflow and guarantees that heat will never be trapped against the body. It is also made to quickly and efficiently wick away any natural body heat and disperse it evenly to avoid any hot spots against the skin.

purple mattress vs tuft and needle

Their second safeguard against heat retention is the breathable knit cover that encases the entire Purple mattress. This cover is designed to be super-stretchy and provides yet another layer of breathability and airflow against the body.

Tuft and Needle Temperature Control

Much like its competitor Purple, the Tuft and Needle mattress also utilizes two areas of their mattress to fight off heat retention.

First and foremost, their topmost layer of Tuft and needle adaptive foam has been infused with graphite and cooling gel. These cooling additives are designed to draw heat away from the body and quickly wick away sweat to leave you dry, cool, and comfortable.

Again, like the Purple, Tuft and Needle also utilizes their cover as another measure of heat defense. The Tuft and Needle cover is designed with optimal breathability to promote adequate airflow and ensure that the cover and never trap heat against your body.

Who Wins?

Both mattresses use their cover and their top layer to fight off heat retention. However, when we compare the overall temperature control of Tuft and Needle vs Purple, Purple has the lead in this category. The open Comfort Grid design provides the most adequate airflow and breathability, and we noted in our review category that many consumers were not impressed with the Tuft and Needle’s cooling properties.

Overall Comfort: Softness vs Firmness

Obviously, there are several important factors to take into consideration when you’re shopping for a new mattress. But, perhaps above all else, you want to make sure that it’s going to be comfortable. A mattress that is too firm or too soft and doesn’t provide you optimal comfort is essentially just a big waste of hard-earned money.

Let’s compare the overall comfort of Purple vs Tuft and Needle and see who comes out on top.

purple vs tuft and needle

Purple Comfort

The Original Purple Bed is marketed as a medium-firm mattress, meaning it’s not too soft or too firm. This firmness level is most popular with consumers as it offers the best of both worlds. Because of the Smart Comfort Grid featured in the Purple, this mattress is truly able to provide sleepers with a comfortable, cradling feel while still providing firm support in a way that its competitors cannot.

It is most common for mattresses to be equipped with a zoned support system, providing layers of thicker materials in individual areas of the mattress. While this approach is certainly acceptable and even helpful, it forces sleepers to lie on a certain area of the mattress to achieve the correct firmness in the correct areas. Thanks to the Smart comfort Grid, this isn’t the case with the Purple mattress. The grid covers the entire surface of the mattress and has been specially designed to relax under pressure put on the mattress. This allows you to lay on any part of the Purple mattress in any position and still experience moldable, cradling comfort under joints and pressure points and firm support everywhere else.

The supportive base layer of polyurethane foam bringing up the bottom of the Purple mattress allows for a firm, supportive, and stable base.

tuft and needle vs purple mattress review

Tuft and Needle Comfort

Like the Purple mattress, the Tuft and Needle is also described as medium-firm. The special Tuft and Needle adaptive foam is designed to adjust to individual pressure points and joints, allowing for a soft, comfortable sleeping surface that is said to help alleviate joint pain, pressure, and stiffness.


The top layer of Tuft and Needle adaptive foam is a bit on the softer side to allow for optimal comfort and pressure point relief. However, the bottom layer of supportive base foam lends an extra layer of support, firmness, and stability. Due to the top layer, the Tuft and Needle mattress may be a bit too soft for some consumers and won’t satisfy the needs of those looking for a firmer surface.

Who Wins?

When we take a look at the overall comfort provided by Purple vs tuft and Needle, Purple takes the win. Their Smart Comfort Grid allows for a cradling comfort across the entire surface of the mattress, while the additional layers ensure that the mattress remains stable and supportive while the Tuft and Needle option may be too soft.

Price: Purple vs Tuft and Needle

As we noted in our comfort category, buying a new mattress can be a big purchase. With all the companies and different options available these days, it can be easy to spend thousands on a new mattress. But, who wants to? When you’re searching for your new mattress, you want to compare prices and hopefully find the mattress that will best suit your needs without breaking the bank.

Let’s compare the prices of Tuft and Needle vs Purple and see who offers you the best bang for your buck.


The Original Purple Bed offers some pretty stellar technology and amenities and all for a price that isn’t too staggering. With their queen-size and smaller options coming in at just under $1000, you can’t beat the qualities of the Smart Comfort Grid for that price.

The prices of The Original Purple Bed are as follows:

  • Twin XL – $699
  • Full – $899
  • Queen – $999
  • King – $1299
  • California King – $1299

These are fairly neutral prices, especially considering the qualities you’ll be receiving in the Purple mattress. Not to mention, you can upgrade from a king to a California king-size mattress for no additional cost.

Tuft and Needle

When compared to most mattresses available on the market today, including the Purple mattress, the Tuft and Needle is most definitely budget-friendly, with their largest mattress available for under $1000. If you opt for a queen or full-size, you can keep your cost around, or even under, $500. Of course, the Tuft and Needle does offer a much more minimal construction than their competitors, the mattress is still equipped with amenities such as cooling infusions and adaptable foam, making their price tag somewhat astonishing.

The prices of the Tuft and Needle mattress are as follows:

  • Twin – $325
  • Twin XL – $375
  • Full- $475
  • Queen – $575
  • King – $700
  • California King – $700

These prices are most definitely some of the most budget-friendly around. And, like Purple, you can upgrade to a California king for the same price, and still keep your cost under $1000.

Who Wins?

When comparing the price tags of Tuft and Needle vs Purple, Tuft and Needle takes the cake hands down. Their mattress offers adaptable comfort, cooling properties, and a decent warranty, albeit minimalistic construction, all while staying well under the thousand-dollar mark.

Pros & Cons Of Purple vs Tuft and Needle

While it’s certainly important to do plenty of research on the construction and technical details of your potential mattress purchases, one of the best ways to determine if a product is really all it’s cracked up to be is to take a look at the reviews. You can get first-hand experiences and opinions from people who have already purchased and use the mattress, all without spending a dime.

Here, we’ll dive into a few of the good and not-so-good reviews of Purple vs Tuft and Needle.

purple vs tuft and needle

What Do Consumers Love About Purple?

The Original Purple Bed most certainly has its fair share of stellar reviews. But the biggest praise with consumers is the exceptional pressure point and joint pain relief they’ve received from their Purple mattress.

Based on customer reviews, the Purple mattress really does live up to its promise to give consumers a comfortable yet supportive mattress. For many users of the Purple mattress, the Smart Comfort Grid performs exceptionally, relaxing under problem areas such as the hips and shoulders and adapting perfectly to each individual body shape – no matter which area of the mattress you lie on, or what position you sleep in.

A multitude of consumers has even pointed out that they suffer from ailments such as chronic neck and back pain or arthritis. According to their reviews, the Purple mattress has helped to greatly alleviate or even completely eliminate their pain and stiffness upon waking every morning.


  • The Purple mattress remains comfortable and supportive no matter your preferred sleeping position
  • The Smart Comfort Grid has been specially designed to withstand regular wear and tear, making the Purple mattress a fairly durable option
  • Due to the Smart Comfort Grid and the layers of high-quality polyurethane foam, the Purple mattress is highly responsive and bounces back to its original shape quickly
  • The Purple mattress company stands behind their product with a sufficient warranty and sleep trial period
  • Reviewers rave about the cooling properties of the Purple mattress, claiming that it truly does keep you cool, comfortable, and dry throughout the entire night

What Are The Downfalls Of Purple?

While many consumers are highly satisfied with the performance of the Purple Smart comfort Grid, some have noted that it doesn’t work well for those of small or large body frames. Petite users have noted that the grid does not collapse under their minimal body weight, leaving them to sleep on a somewhat hard, uncomfortable surface. On the other end of the spectrum, Purple consumers of a larger body weight have noticed that the grid collapses too much underneath their body weight, and the layer of foam underneath does not provide them with adequate support, leaving them to sink down into the mattress.


  • Because the Purple mattress is not equipped with sufficient edge support, you can be left to roll off the edge of the bed and sitting on the edge can cause premature wear and breakdown
  • The use of a conventional box spring is not recommended with a Purple mattress as the springs can wear down and cause the mattress to sag
  • According to the Purple mattress company, you should allow at least 30 days for your body to adjust to the Purple mattress and become comfortable
  • The Purple mattress must be used on a supportive frame to ensure proper performance and guarantee the validity of your warranty

tuft and needle vs purple

What Do Consumers Love About Tuft and Needle?

While the Tuft and Needle mattress can’t be expected to suit the individual needs of every person, many reviewers have raved about the perfect ratio of firmness vs softness. Several users of the Tuft and Needle have boasted that the mattress allows them to achieve the perfect neck and spine alignment, relieving pressure and pain, and even alleviating symptoms of arthritis.


  • Reviewers boast about the overall comfort of the Tuft and Needle mattress as well as the pressure point and joint pain-relieving properties
  • The Tuft and Needle mattress company ensures you’re protected with a good warranty and risk-free sleep trial period
  • Tuft and Needle cares about their communities, holding frequent school fundraisers and donating mattresses to homeless shelters
  • The Tuft and Needle mattress is available at a very budget-friendly price

What Are The Downfalls Of Tuft and Needle?

Several consumers are highly satisfied with the overall comfort and firmness to softness ratio of the Tuft and Needle. However, a percentage of consumers have noted that the mattress is simply too soft for their individual taste. They have discovered that the Tuft and Needle is not compatible with all of the various sleeping positions, and the pressure relieving properties don’t perform as well as expected.


  • A large percentage of Tuft and Needle users have complained that the cooling properties within the mattress don’t perform well
  • Many users, especially those of a larger body weight, have experienced a significant sinking feeling with their Tuft and Needle mattress
  • The Tuft and Needle mattress has a fairly strong chemical odor that can take up to several weeks to full disappear

Warranty: Tuft and Needle vs Purple

When you’re searching for a new mattress, you definitely don’t want to skimp on the warranty. Oftentimes, a good warranty equates to high-quality. You also want to guarantee that you won’t be left emptying your pockets for another new mattress is a few months if yours breaks down prematurely. Not to mention, many companies offer sleep trials nowadays, so you can test the mattress out for so many days without making any commitments.

In this category, we’ll compare the warranties of Tuft and Needle vs Purple to see who will keep you best protected.

purple mattress vs tuft and needle review


The warranty offered by the Purple mattress company is pretty standard. They offer a 100-night sleep trial as well as a 10-year limited warranty. You can take your Purple mattress home and use it for up to 100 nights before you make any ultimate decisions. If you don’t love your Purple purchase, you can return your mattress for a full refund and Purple will even pick the mattress up from your home. Considering that it can take a good amount of time for your body to adjust to the Purple mattress, this sleep trial is extra convenient.

If you fall in love with your Purple purchase and decide to keep it after your sleep trial period, you’re still covered by a 10-year limited warranty through the Purple company. Again, this warranty is pretty standard in the mattress industry. Purple will cover your investment and repair or replace your mattress if it has a noticeable indention of 1” or greater or any splits, cracks or defects in the materials.

Of course, Purple will not cover any damage incurred from improper use or extraordinary abuse.

tuft and needle vs purple

Tuft and Needle

Again, the warranty offered by Tuft and Needle is fairly standard within the mattress industry. They offer a 100-night sleep trial that allows you to determine if you love your purchase before you make any conclusive decision. If you find that you’re not completely satisfied Tuft and Needle will give you a full refund within the trial period. The Tuft and Needle company does stand out a bit in the fact that they will cover return shipping and donate your mattress to a homeless shelter.

If you decide to keep your Tuft and Needle mattress, you will remain protected for the next 10 years with a limited warranty through the company. Like most mattress warranties, they will cover any indentions greater than ¾ of an inch, any defects causing the foam to split or crack, or any failures or malfunctions of the cover. The company does reserve the right to replace on the mattress cover with the current cover in use, meaning it may differ in color or design.

The Tuft and Needle warranty does not cover any defects resulting from improper use, any discrepancies in personal preferences of softness, firmness, or comfort, any personal allergies or sensitivities, or any Tuft and Needle mattress that has been purchased “as is” or from an unauthorized dealer.

Who Wins?

Both companies offer a fairly standard warranty. But, when comparing Tuft and Needle vs Purple, Tuft and Needle have a slight leg up in this category because they cover a smaller indention and they donate mattresses returned within the sleep trial to homeless shelters.

About The Companies

Obviously, the technical details and reviews of a potential mattress purchase are the most important considerations. But, it never hurts to get an idea of what the company is all about as well. How did they get their start? What drove them to the mattress business? Have they received any awards or accreditations?

Let’s take a look at the company history of Purple vs Tuft and Needle.


The Purple mattress company was founded in 2013 by two brothers, Tony and Terry Pearce. Tony, who is literally a rocket scientist, and Terry, a comfort tech genius, started work on the inventions that would eventually become the Purple mattress we know today in 1989. The invention of Floam was used in everything from wheelchair padding to neonatal nests for premature babies. In 2013, the brothers used everything they know to come up with a comfortable and supportive mattress to suit the needs of virtually everyone. It took the brothers a few years to get everything lined out and create a machine called the Mad Max to start mass producing Purple mattresses in 2016.

tuft and needle vs purple

Tuft and Needle

In 2012 two college friends, JT Marino and Dahee Park found themselves in much the same position as other online mattress companies; they were sick and tired of the mattress buying experience. The big box stores with fluorescent lighting and pushy salesmen just didn’t scream comfort to them. So, with backgrounds in e-commerce, product and software development, and marketing, they founded the Tuft and Needle mattress company, cutting out the big box experience as well as the big box prices.

Tuft and Needle sells high-quality, budget-friendly mattresses that are proudly sourced and made in the US with fresh foam and first-rate materials to ensure that consumers can purchase a mattress they’re proud of.

What’s Our Final Conclusion?

We can certainly appreciate the minimalistic construction and budget-friendly price tag that comes with the Tuft and Needle mattress, based on our comparison of Purple vs tuft and Needle and taking all our categories into consideration, we have to give Purple the overall win.

The use of the Smart Comfort Grid allows the Purple mattress to provide consumers with cradling comfort, firm support, and optimal temperature control all at a fairly neutral price.


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